Women International Day 2018 – Why It Shouldn’t Even Exist

Women, don't hide!Hey! Hold your horses! Let me explain myself before you beat me up for the title and I promise you’ll absolutely agree with me at the end of this article 🙂

We, humans, like to commemorate special occasions, anniversaries, important dates or relevant topics. Plus, when it comes to International Days, the point is also to promote and create awareness about key issues that the world should take into consideration.

And the date of March 8 shouldn’t be an exception.

I thought that, being this site The Husband’s Corner, it was really called for to talk about this International Day.

So, I’m just going to explain my point of view on why, even though I really believe women have earned it through the years and they truly deserve it, Women International Day 2018 shouldn’t even exist at all.

I hope I’ll make myself understood in such relevant occasion.

A Little Bit of History

Women’s rights started to be acknowledged on 28 February 1909, in the United States, by The Socialist Party of America, after a women’s strike against working conditions that took place that same day but the previous year in New York.

After that protest and recognition, many different demands on women rights took place all over the world.

It was in 1917, in the former Soviet Russia, where women gained their right to vote. The day was March 8, which is the day that United Nations ended up adopting in 1975 as the Women International Day like we know it today.

This is pretty much how things went but, unfortunately, even though there have been some recognitions and things have been smoothened out when it comes to women’s civil rights, there’s a lot of work still left to do on that field.

“Like yeah… tell me about it”, right?


Why Women Deserve Their Own International Day

There’s two genders in the humans species: male and female (Welcome to Biology 101).

We’re going to rule out here the many different religions, sexual orientations and other labelling methods humanity uses to sort and judge people by in this world of ours.

Keeping it simple, we’re born either a man or a woman. And that diversity has always existed for the sake of our species perpetuation, it’s not somebodys’ whim.

So, you’re a man or a woman because you were born like that, and that’s just a fact you cannot fight with (well, some people feel the need to transition to the opposite gender because that’s what they identify with, but that’s a complete different topic we’re not going to talk about now).

Now, women have somehow been “punished” (we don’t even even need to quote that word in some countries…) for being born women through history. How fucking absurd is that?


Let me drop some facts about women:

– Women have always been considered and labelled “the weaker gender/sex”.

Actually, women are born with a super immune system. From the moment they are in the placenta they’re better built up than man.

They also can take a higher amount and intensity of problems without an emotional reaction to them and it takes less time to comfort them after an emotional breakdown. They deal much better with shock, traumatic events, accidents and difficult situations.

And, their brain is more interconnected, so they are faster at drawing conclusions and perform way better than men on IQ tests.

So, “weaker sex”… Come on. Really? Sorry, but we men need to suck it up. It is what it is 😉

– Women are in charge of perpetuation the human race.

Yeah, a man is also needed in that process, right. But who carries, nourishes and delivers the little human in the end? We, men, wouldn’t even be able to withstand one single bloody period (literally), and we’re taking that for granted?

That’s why women have, in the first place, such powerful immune system. They have to be flexible at having a foreign tissue inside of them and not attack it but nurture and grow it instead, so that makes them more flexible when facing diseases.

And when the baby is born, the job is not done. It’s just began. After 9 months of… well I don’t even want to list everything women go through during that period of time when they are creating life inside of them… They feed us, protect us, cure us. Fathers also play a part on those activities but we all know who really carries most of the weight.

So yeah, men put the seed, but woman grow and shape up the whole tree.

Women have the challenge of always being perfect.

Well, at least so it is reflected on our society behaviors and stereotypes.

They need to always be watching their weight, wearing make up, well-dressed, waxed or shaved on those specific parts of their bodies that are socially required… stop!

Men even made beards trendy so that we do not even have to do the only thing besides brushing our teeth that involved some external daily care…

Who is in charge of setting the rules for how a person should phisically look like? And why does it only apply to women?

Size, shape, color… why does it matter so much?

Young girls die every day just because they want to look like girls on magazines and stop eating or even take their own lives because society doesn’t accept them as they are.

Photoshop, are you fucking kidding me?

Women have been asking for their rights since the dawn of civilization.

Clubs just for men, jobs just for men, not having the right to vote during centuries, having to serve men and not have any other aspiration in life, being undermined and pushed into the background, not being able to develop their abilities because they weren’t worth it.

These are just some examples of what women have had to deal with through history.

Luckily, the men in power positions have made some concessions lately and, even though there are still countries which seem to be living in the 19th century in regards to women rights (we all know what I’m talking about here), the world has changed for better and men and women are “a little bit more equal” (yeah, I know, there’s still quite a gap, but we’re closer).

– Women are constantly molested, raped and sexually harassed by men.

This is a fact. If you watch the news, you’ll see how this happens on a daily basis. More than 35% of women around the world have suffered these shameful actions at some point of their lives.

Women have to put up with sexual harassment at work, fear that any moment they can be assaulted when walking on the street, stay alert for rapists… I mean, really?

We know there’s many things wrong with society these days, but women are way more exposed to this shit than men, they have always been.

I guess you already knew this, but knowing that it happens is not enough. Either your a man or a woman, if your soul is not rotten and you actually have a heart beating inside you, you will find this actions disgusting and condemnable.


Why Women International Day Should Not Even Exist

Well, now that we know the facts about what it’s been like for women during all these years, let me explain my honest opinion on why this kind of International Days shouldn’t be a thing.

When a cause has its own day, it’s like we only have to honor it or think about it during that specific date. Cancer Day, Happiness Day, Water Day, Forests Day, Down Syndrome Day… There are days for every disease and environmental or social causes you can think of, when they hold activities, protests and other events that intend to create awareness about whatever the topic of the day is.

That’s one of our problems as a society in my opinion. When we declare a day for something, we’re saying that it’s important, that it has cause, but still we give it just a day of our lives, and it’s only during that day that we try to be fully commited to that cause or problem.

If it’s so important that it deserves a Day, why is it no so important to be taken care of every single day?

Women are one of the main pillars of our society and we give them a Day? Like… “There you go, that’s your day, you’re free to protest and eveything, clean up before you leave and tomorrow, everything would be the same, deal?” Hey, you got your day, don’t complain…

I mean… Fuck it!

It’s like Valentine’s Day. Do you only love your partner that day? What about the rest of the year?

Or Christmas… Is it only mandatory to be a nice person an help others during that time?

You get the point, right?

So, when I say that there shouldn’t have to be a Women’s Day, and this is my main point here, where I hope you (man or woman) reading, are going to absolutely agree with me, I mean that every day should be women’s day.

Women give birth to us, women feed us, women protect us, women put the beauty in this world, women have suffered for us and they still are and they will…

Mothers, Grandmothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, wifes, daugthers, friends…

Men! Wake up!

We’re all equal, we need each other, we both bleed, we both cry, we both laugh and we both deserve to have the same consideration and opportunities. Well, I would even say women deserve even more, but I’d be discriminating as well, so let’s leave it in equality.

To all the men out there:

Those of you who discriminate women on job applications, or pay women less for the same job, or think less of a person because she is a woman…

Those of you who have the audacity to decide what women deserve or not….

Those of you who are such cowards that need to sexually harass, or assault or even rape a woman for the sake of your own fucking ego, because you’re nothing but scum and that is the only way you can feel alive and in control…


Let’s all take care of our women starting right now, because they having been taking care of us for so long, even when we were too busy to realize that we’re lost without them, so now it’s our time to do it.

To all the women out there:

You deserve to be yourselves, to demand what’s fair, to live your life without any gender boundaries, to be spoiled, to not be undermined, to be adored, to not have to ask permission, to do what you love, to be understood, to be helped…

You deserve to be happy every single day.


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