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The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is the all-included program from those who are absolutely commited to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing.

It gives you unlimited access to all the tools, resources, help and support that you need to take your online business to the next level and turn it into a thriving full-time income source.

If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, don’t waste your time reading this.

This venture is going to require hard work, presistance and commitment, as you’ll be building your business around your passion by doing what you love.

Do you think it is worth putting the effort to get the financial freedom you’ve been always chasing?

You tell me after you read what this is all about 😉


What is The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?

It is the all-in-one platform that will give you the access to everything you need to be successful on Affiliate Marketing.

It includes, obviously, all the training and resources that the Free Starter Membership offers you to get your online business started.

But, if you’re willing to put the effort and really want to boost your online business, the Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate gives you:



Each and every single Friday, you can join a brand new live training run by Jay (user name: magistudios), an expert on Online Marketing which has been on the community since 2008, where you’ll be able to interact with the community and ask questions and clear all kinds of doubts and concerns you may have on the specific topic that’s being taught.


Live Video Training


Weekly topics examples are: Step-by-step Mail List building and best strategies to grow it, Knowing your audience and the best techniques to convert, How to increase your website traffic, Best strategies to rank better on Google, Evergreen niches and how to make the most of them, Case Studies of different niches and successful businesses, Build a successful Niche Site from scratch (4 step-by-step live sessions)…

And other interesting subjects like trending topics that are worth knowing if you’re creating your own business online like: New Google algorithm and how it works, Landing Pages, YouTube promotion…

This is actually one of the most valuable perks of being Premium, since the videos are all about practical examples of how to implement strategies.

If you can’t watch the videos live, because your busy or out for dinner when they are released, which is usually on Friday nights PST (UTC-8), you can watch them whenever you want.

You’ll get a notification every week with a little description of the next webinar. This is what it looks like:


Webinar Notification



Jaaxy is one of the most complete Keyword tools of the market today and being a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to unlimited keyword searches so that you can find the best keyword for your posts to rank better on the Search Engines and get more visitors.

For each single keyword you search, you’ll get:

  • Avg: Average number of searches that keyword receives per month.
  • Traffic: Visitors you’ll get on your site if you make the first page on Search Engines.
  • QSR: Number of competing websites ranking in Google for that specific keyword.
  • KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator. Great, Normal or Poor (always go for the Great ones!)
  • SEO score: based on traffic and competition, from 0 to 100, how likely you are to rank for that keyword.
  • Domains: Availability of domains related to this keyword.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool


And unlimited use of these other features of Jaxxy:

  • Alphabet Soup: Google keyword autocomplete suggestions from “a” to “z” for a given keyword, based on hwat people most search online.
  • Keyword Lists: You can save up to 20 lists including unlimited keywords so that you can plan your posts and campaigns.
  • Affiliate Programs: for a specific keyword, which options are the most profitable and where to find them.
  • Brainstorm Area: where you can follow Google, Twitter, Amazon and Alexa trends for specific keywords and the top trending topics and best-sellers updated.


Jaaxy extra features


Yeah, you read that right.

You got 50 websites all for yourself. 25 of them under SiteRubix.com free domain, and 25 that you can get the comain for and own.

This will allow you to try different niches and strategies and see which one performs better, so that you can focus on whichever gives you the highest revenue.

Obviously, for each one of these 50 websites, you got these services included:

  • Site Support: 24/7 technical support.
  • Site Security and Backup: so that you’re site and its content is safe and saved.
  • Site Comments: get relevant comments on your articles that will help your rank boost.
  • Site Feedback: experts of the community help you improve your site’s enhancement and design.
  • Site Management: control the performance, security and health of your sites at a glance.
  • Site Content: write content easily and post it in any of your sites. You also got templates and tips to improve your articles.


Site Rubix Dashboard



Wealthy Affiliate has been up and running since 2005.

In more than 13 years, more than 1 million entrepreneurs have been a part of this online community, and they have asked questions, created blog posts and put together specific trainings based on their personal experience that have helped the new Premium Members work on the right direction when boosting their businesses.

The key to creating a successful long-haul online business is the continuous training, constantly adapted to the new market requirements and trends.

Every day there’s new training uploaded to the community so that you always have updated information to work with.

You only need to check your Activity Dashboard and you’ll find everything about new training, questions and interesting topics there.


Activity Dashboard



You can direct-message any premium member of the community anytime, to ask them about concerns, strategies or whatever topic you think they can help you with.

This is a Pay-it-forward based community, so everybody who’s Premium will be able to help you, since that’s what Wealthy Affiliate promotes and vouches for.

Networking is the key to building successful alliances and thriving businesses.

In this community, everybody is learning and teaching at the same time, because the only way you can be the best at what you do is with constant learning and helping others.

So build your own network with like-minded people so that you can share each other’s knowledge and experience and help each other.


Build your own network



Kyle and Carson are the creators and owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you’re a Premium Member of the community, you’re commited to take action and take your business to the next level, you can private message them anytime.

They usually respon in a couple of days, since they get a lot of messages, as you can understand. But they always answer.

Keep in mind that they have more than 30 years experience on Online and Affiliate Marketing combined, so be sure to make the most of that asset.

They are both very active in the community, so you can find them writing posts of helping people out on the 24/7 live chat every day.






Hundreds of people are live every day at all times, as there’s members from all over the world.

That means that whenever you may find an issue, technical problem or any other concern, you will always find somebody live at the chat willing to help you out.

Plus, whenever you create a question in the chat, it will ask you if you want to also post it in the activity board so that it’s always available for people that are not live in that moment and they can answer it when they check their feed.

Kyle is very active in the chat, so there you have a very interesting live source of information.


24/7 Live Chat



The Premium Membership also gives out full and unlimited access to 13 specific classrooms where different topics related with Online Marketing are daily discussed by the members of the community.

From How To Get Started Online to complex Pay Per Click Marketing strategies, going through Keyword, Niche and Market Research, Writing Content, SEO, SEM, Website Development, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Local Marketing, Everything about WordPress..

Whatever the topic, it’s all in there. Everything you want to know, tutorials, solved problems, frequently asked questions, courses, video tutorials… All the information you need to avoid getting stuck and be able to make your business successful.

Remember I told you when you ask something in the live chat you can create a question post as well. That question goes to the related classroom which is more appropiate to be answered there.

The Classrooms



If you don’t have a hobbie or passion, or you do but do not want to promote it for whatever reason. You can also create your own business with Wealthy Affiliate.

With your Premium Membership you got full access to a 7 level advanced course on how to build your own online business around Wealthy Affiliate so that you can teach others take advantage of this community.

If your ultimate goal is to help others get their financial freedom, you’ll learn everything so that you can teach others hot to make their dreams come true.

There are many ways to earn money at Wealthy Affiliate: creating training, commenting on people’s websites, helping others buy their domains, promoting the platform itself,…


Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp


How Much Does The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Cost?

This online community was built with the sole purpose of helping people make honest money online by helping others, either in their own niches, or in the money-making niche itself.

So what do you think this all-inclusive platform costs?

What would be an accurate and fair membership cost taking into account all the training, tools and help that I’ve shown you that you’re going to get when you join?

Think no more, you can join The Premium Membership:

Monthly = $49 per month ($1.62 / day)
or Yearly =
$359 per year ($0.98 / day!!)

But, let me tell you one thing before you just dive into it and start making money online…

My Personal Advice

I suggest you first JOIN FOR FREE through the Free Starter Membership (which is also very complete to start with).


– You’ll get 7 days of all the Premium features, so that you can get the hang of the whole community and start the Training and building your website without putting any money up front (I think it’s fair that you see what it is all about before paying).

– Then, if you think you want to make the most of it and want to take the online business you’ll already have up and running, you can take the 60% discount, so that the first month you’re a Premium Member you’ll ony pay $19. (if you join the Premium Membership right away you won’t get this first month discount).

This is a better way to start, don’t you think?

Slowly and getting used to everything, since it can be a bit overwhelming at first if it’s your first time dealing with this kind of online stuff.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership, I’ll be the one who personally will guide you through your first steps in the community and show you around so that you can make the most of it. You can contact me at my personal profile anytime 😉

Full disclousure: I’m promoting this platform here because I believe in it, it’s helped me get started in the online world and fully understand how it works and I’ve seen so many people succeed within all these years, that I believe it’s the best platform to those like you who want to be financially free. And I’ll get a commission if you join through me.

Check out here Real Success Stories of Real People that’s already making the most of the Wealthy Affiliate community.


Now it’s up to you to decide if this is the way you want to take to create your passive income source and be finally free.

Thanks for stopping by.

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