5 Signs Your Job Is Killing You And How To Save Yourself

Stressed at work?Unfortunately, money makes the world go around and almost everything in this world requires it. And, as money doesn’t grow on trees, everybody needs a job to be able to eat, afford a place to live, buy stuff and move around.

So, to that effect, we get jobs, sometimes you love them, sometimes they’re just fine and on some occasions they suck and they slowly and silently kill you.


Extreme as that may seem, many of us have at least once been on that last one situation.

If you haven’t, congratulations! Maybe you’ve got a vocational job or just enjoy working where you are. Good for you!

But if you’re like many people, who have their dreams, aspirations and hobbies, and their jobs are just a way to get money to fund those, you need to be aware that, your job, convenient as it may be in your life, may be draining your vital energy.

Sometimes you don’t realize, or don’t want to, because you’re kind of in a comfort zone that, even if it’s bad for you, gives you just what you need in a daily basis, so you end up coping with it.

On the long run though, this can take a toll on you any minute, so let’s find out which are the signs that tell you your job might be killing you.

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