Women International Day 2018 – Why It Shouldn’t Even Exist

Women, don't hide!Hey! Hold your horses! Let me explain myself before you beat me up for the title and I promise you’ll absolutely agree with me at the end of this article 🙂

We, humans, like to commemorate special occasions, anniversaries, important dates or relevant topics. Plus, when it comes to International Days, the point is also to promote and create awareness about key issues that the world should take into consideration.

And the date of March 8 shouldn’t be an exception.

I thought that, being this site The Husband’s Corner, it was really called for to talk about this International Day.

So, I’m just going to explain my point of view on why, even though I really believe women have earned it through the years and they truly deserve it, Women International Day 2018 shouldn’t even exist at all.

I hope I’ll make myself understood in such relevant occasion.

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