New Year’s Resolutions? Screw them! Make A True Lasting Change In Your Life!

Make Lasting Changes!It’s that time of the year again.

A year has ended, a new year has just started so… what now?

Classic! New Year’s Resolutions come into play.

It’s like a ritual, right? Let’s all think about some things we want to change about ourselves starting the 1st of January.

Maybe you want to quit smoking, do more exercise, eat healthier, read more books, save more, get out of debt, get better grades, get a promotion at work, quit your job and get a better one, spend more time with the family, travel more, lower your stress levels…

How many times have you done this? How many times have you succeeded?

You know what? I’ve decided that I’m not going to make new year’s resolutions this time. Because I really want my life to change and those so called “resolutions”, the way we face them, are weak and end up with disappointment and frustration every single time.

So, I’m taking a very different approach so that I achieve a REAL LASTING CHANGE in my life that requires no more new year’s resolutions, since I’ll be exactly where I want physically, emotionally and financially.

How does it sound to you? And I’m telling you, if I can do it, you can too.

Wanna give it a try together? 😉

How Do You Make That Lasting Change?


New year’s Resolutions don’t last. We all know that. We’ve all tried. We’ve all failed.

Why is that?

They lack the 3 necessary conditions that create a True Lasting Change:



You need to have a crystal clear vision of what you want to change in your life.

What makes you happy?

What person do you want to become?

It has to have the power to push you to go till the end. Something you desire so much it makes you vibrate and get out of bed every morning saying: oh yeah!

You need that vision to be compelling, powerful, strong enough to keep you going through those though times.

Because, there’s gonna be problems on the way… There will be days you won’t feel good, or something will happen that will cloud your mind and you will feel you can’t make it.

People quit. It’s easy to quit. The world is full of people who have lived a life they didn’t want just because they didn’t have the guts to make their dream life happen.

Remember those New Year’s resolutions we talked about earlier?

Take a minute to stop. Really stop. And picture what is it that gets you going. And make it so big in your mind, it just makes everything else insignificant. Make that vision take over your mind.

A compelling vision



Once you got a perfectly sharp image of what you want to achieve in your life (that dream job, amazing house, ideal relationship, thriving business… anything you want! The sky is the limit!), you need to start imagining how you would feel if you had it already.

You need to ACT AS IF you already were in that position.

Feel the happiness of being with that desired amazing partner you’re looking for…

Picture yourself enjoying that massive swimming-pool at the backyard of your dream house…

Sense that soft leather steering wheel of your badass car as you drive to your new job…

Imagine the sensation of traveling around the world for a living if that’s what you’re into…

See yourself signing your best-seller novel to your thousands of fans at a massive event in that city you love…

Anything you want to accomplish, anything you want to be… just picture it on your mind and feel it like it’s already happening right now.

You remember when you were a child and imagined and invented those stories in your mind? Do it again, but this time, feel they are really happening.

Feel it!



Then, when you got that feeling inside of you, remember that sensation, focus on what it makes you feel, the total bliss and happiness you are experiencing as you see that images inside your mind.

The more times you take a little time during your daily routine to do this, the higher the intensity of that pleasant feeling.

And what happens when you got that powerful feeling inside of you? Magic? No.

You know when you buy a car, that you start seeing that exact model everywhere? Is that everybody just decided to buy it all of a sudden? It wasn’t there before? Of course it was. You just weren’t vibrating with it. Your level of awareness towards that specific thing was so low you didn’t even pay attention to it.

But now, you’re all day thinking about how good is your new car and how happy it makes you feel to drive it, while listening to the amazing sound system. You’re feeling it!

When you start feeling it so badly, and you review it everyday, your brain gets more sharp and perceptive at noticing anything which helps you move forward towards your vision.

Then, you will start doing the necessary things that will bring you to that dream place you built on your mind.

And that won’t be happening for some magical reason, like a Harry Potter spell taking you wherever you want to be. No.

It will happen because your vision is so clear and powerful that you will find the way to make it happen.

You won’t take a no for an answer, you won’t listen to negative thoughts of other people telling you it can’t be done.

You will work for it because that’s what you want!

That’s where you want to be!

That’s who your are!

How Bad Do You Want It?



This is like a Bonus Tip you can add to the three conditions you just read.

But do not underestimate it. It’s as important, maybe more, to help you achieve your dreams.

If you have a clear vision of what you want, revise it everyday and you persist and do not let anything on the way stop you, you’ll find the way to make it happen.

But, what if, along that journey, there’s people helping you out, people on the same journey to chasing their dreams, or people who also had a dream and already made it come true and can help you avoid their mistakes saving you a lot of wasted time?

Don’t you think that journey to happiness is going to be easier and more fun if you’re in constant contact with those kind of positive and focused people who encourage you and help rather than with those who do not believe you’re going to make it and are trying to talk you out of it?

I encourage you to look for this kind of people and stay close to them. Surround yourself with people willing to give you a hand along the way.

And keep the toxic ones very far.

It’s easy today, to do this, with the Internet. There’s many communities online where like-minded people get together and share their goals, their strategies, their motivations, where you can learn and teach at the same time.

I chose to join a Honest Online Marketing Community since my goal is to learn how to help others do what they love in live and create a lifestyle around that passion.

You choose your own depending on what you want to get from life.

But make sure it’s a positive and honest environment where your vision can grow and get stronger so that nothing can stop you from achieving it.

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People


Find The Way!


So, remember, New Year’s resolutions are SHOULDS. I should do lose weight, I should exercise more, I shoud quit smoking, I should work more… They are doomed to failure! Since if you don’t accomplish them, it’s alright, there’s more years to try… right?

Lasting Changes are MUSTS. When you convince yourself that you MUST do this or that because that’s who you really are, there’s power in you to accomplish it and you won’t take a no for an answer. You have the necessary vision and energy to make it happen.

Make it Happen!

If you want to take the island, you burn the boats. There’s no turning back. You need to do it.

Make it work! It’s your life, nobody is going to do it for you.

Time goes by… very fast.

So don’t leave it for tomorrow, in the end, we’re talking about your life.

You only got one to live. So make it your way!

Makes sense?

Then, please, promise me you’re going to take control of your own life right now and live it your way.

I’m also here for you. You can e-mail me anytime, leave a comment here or contact me on my profile at the online marketing community I told you before.

I want you to come back and tell me how your journey was so that others can also be inspired.

And remember, it’s not going to be easy, but I’m telling you it’ll be worth it!

Go for it NOW! 😉


  • GF

    I agree completely with this article. I have never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions, my personal belief is that if you want to make a real change in your life, you should start immediately. There is no need to wait for a pre-defined moment in time.

    I myself have recently gone on a big journey of self-improvement. I particularly think surrounding yourself with positive people is extremely important.

    I am curious, do you have any other interesting personal goals apart from the one you mention in the article?

    • Israel

      Hey GF!

      I’m happy to hear about your incredible journey. Actually I’m also in a moment of self-discovery and self-improvement myself. Feels good, right?

      The big goal that I have is to help as many people as I can to do what they love and make a living out of it, because, why are you here if not to turn your passion into your lifestyle?

      I hope your life is awesome from now on.

      Take care and be happy! 🙂

  • Jojo

    Last year I did not make any New Years resolutions simply because I have done it soooo many times and it is never worked out. Like you say, a change in your life must something long term, something that last and that you live by.
    However, the new year can be a good period for making important changes of your life. The thing is that you need a plan for how to do them and you also need to follow up the resolutions you have made. Soo if you decide to loose 10 kilos of weight before the end of 2018, check how much you have lost after 2 months and if the results are not satisfactory then make changes to your original plan.
    You are soo right when you say that we need to visualize, feel what it will be like when we achieve what we desire. This is really what gives us the energy to continue.

    Thanks for a great post.


    • Israel

      Hi Jojo!

      That’s absolutely right, you need to revise that goal, and make adjustments so that it doesn’t get sidetracked and you never lose focus.

      Thanks for your comment!

      I hope this is also a year of lasting changes for you 😉


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