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Work from home!Early mornings, traffic jams, public transportation, stress, too cold days, too warm days, lack of spare time, only two-week vacation a year,  worrying about keeping your position in a company… STOP!

If you want to get rid of that madness, there’s never been a better time in history to work from home.

And when I say “home”, I mean working from wherever you are with the only need of a laptop and a decent WIFI connection.

Thousands of companies all over the world are changing their vision of the classic workplace given the perks of the online world, so today it’s easier than ever to find Legitimate Work Home Companies offering Jobs Home That Are Not Scams.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get onboard this fastly growing trend that seems to be here to stay, here is a list of the most demanded working home jobs and some of the companies that offer them 🙂

The Most Common Work-From-Home Job Categories

Some job positions are more likely to be offered as remote or flexible than others due to their specific features (consultancy, writing, programming…), but lately even those sectors which you might think wouldn’t have that much level of flexibilty are adapting (health, administration, engineering…).

More than 40 milion people in the U.S. alone are already somehow working remotely, so imagine the amount of people who already changed their mindsets and do not have to “go to work” in the literal sense.

The job categories that have taken the lead on this tendency are:

Internet Marketing Expert: Anything that has to do with the management, optimization and development of online marketing, sales and social media tools and resources for companies is already mostly being done remotely. Positions like: Community Managers, Web Search Analysts, Digital Content Analysts, e-Commerce Account Executives, SEO Managers, Mobile app designers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers…

Customer Services: all the activities focused on increasing client loyalty or supporting them with after-sales issues with products and services. Usual positions: Business Developers, Customer Care Representatives, Reservation Sales Agents, Consultants, Project Managers, Sales Representatives…

Photography and Videography: creation of digital images, stories, videos… Any kind of visuals to use as promotional material are highly required by milions of companies in the world every day. These are perfect jobs for travel photographers. Job Positions: Freelance Photographer, Freelance Videographer, Director of Photography, Associate Photographer, Photo Editor, Real State Photographer, Event Producer, Footage Reviewer…


Virtual Administration: tasks that include providing administrative services or support to companies such as client care, accountancy, human resources, scheduling, data processing. Common position titles: Virtual Executive Assistant, Coordinator, Business Support Specialist, Legal Secretary, Project Coordinator, Sales Appointment Setter, Accounting Specialist…

Teaching: providing learning support and materials to any type of individuals or collectives. From one-on-one tutoring to whole classes of students of any ages and subjects. Job Positions: Writing Tutor, College Instructor, Personal Teacher, SAT and ACT Tutor, Teacher Assistant, MCAT Prep Instructor, Online Language Tutor… Any subject, degree or training you can teach is an option for an online job.

Therapy: any sort of mental or physical treatments to a whole wide number of diseases and pathologies. Pharmaceutical and Health companies of all kinds, Local or State Government Services, Freelance and Independent Professionals. Most demanded Positions: School Psychologist, Occupational Therapy, TelePsychologist, Speech Language Pathologist, Counselor (teenagers, marriage, mental diseases…), Nurses, Social worker…

Writing: Creation of specialized articles, training and content of all kinds for online magazines, newspapers, blogs, research programs, TV networks. All areas of economy always need technical specialized writers. Positions: Technical Writer, Bilingual or Multilingual Writer, Freelance Writer, Legal Writer, News Writer, Content Writer, Medical Writer, Copywriter, Speech Writer…

It’s not that these are the only areas that offer remote jobs, but the ones which are taking advantage of online resources faster.

Best Work Home Companies

These are just some of the many companies in the world that allow you to work from home or even be a digital nomad with no fixed address if that’s what you’re into.

They usually ask you for certain productivity and you can distribute your time however you like the most. As long as you get the job done, the hours you put are not important to them.

Some of these companies have fully adopted the remote work way of life, completely integrating in into their philosophy and corporate vision. Others allow their employees to choose whether they want to do it or not, making it easier to find a balance between job and family.


Social Media Services and Software Development Companies

They hire employees from all over the world for jobs on Marketing, Software Engineering, Product Management, Data Analysis, Copywriting, App Architecture, Content and Community Managing and Customer Support.

100% remote and offering very interesting perks to their employees like retreats, paid vacations, and all the time they need for their family and personal matters.

BUFFER: Totally transparent worldwide company creating social media tools.

EDGAR: Saving time on your social media schedule.

AUTOMATTIC: The creators of WordPress. More than 500 employees all over the world.

GENUITEC: Tailored Streamlining Development.

GITLAB: Apps for planning and monitoring operations lifecycle.

HOW-TO GEEK: Geek online magazine for geeks, made by geeks.

TOPTAL: Freelance software developers, designers and finance experts.

ZAPIER: Automation tool integrating all your favourite apps.



Some of them have completely adapted to the online world, since it’s very easy to teach and do follow-ups through videoconference. Others still have physical classrooms for people in the area where they are located, but also give the chance of a flexible schedule.

They usually look for Teachers of all levels of education (K-12, College and University), Specialized personal tutors for special follow-ups, Assitants, Language teachers, Online Tutors.

AIM-FOR-A: In-center tutoring, online tutoring to students for all over the world and software and content licensing.

CLASS OF 1: online tutoring and homework assistance to all levels of education. Based in India.

ROSETTA STONE: specialized on teaching more than 30 different languages online all over the globe, following the natural learning we used as childs when starting to speak.

STUDY.COM: Educational portal used by more than 1 milion students every year.

PEARSON: Expert academic help for students in a wide variety of subjetcs and levels. Part-time online teaching.

TUTORVISTA.COM: Tutors from all over the world teaching Math, Science, English, Grammar… Always looking for skilled staff to bring quality services.


Corporate / IT / Administration / Consultancy

These companies include a very wide range of positions and are slowly adapting to the remote work, as a way of reducing structure costs, motivating their employees and getting higher revenue.

The positions available in this sector are endless: Assistants, Product and Project Manager and top Management positions in many areas: Marketing, IT, Customer Support, Sales, APP Development, Engineering, Finance, Logistics, Consultants.

DELL: Computer services and products. Many of their employees work from home.

SALESFORCE: Customer Relationship Management Platform offering simple cloud-based apps for any department in the company. Remote opportunities all over the world.

ORACLE: Software Development. Very flexible job options in hundreds of countries.

AMAZON: Fastly growing and innovating company. They have thousands of telework positions in specific areas.

GOOGLE: Always looking for new talents bringing value to and perspective to their teams. Positions all over the world with interesting benefits.

Work anywhere

Work Home Jobs That Are Real

Now, you’ve seen that many companies every day are betting for remote and virtual jobsa so that you have freedom of movement and can spend more time with your family and doing what you love.

When looking for this kind of jobs, if the company is not well-known, make sure to look for more information about it before you apply to a position they seem to offer.

Be 100% sure that you’re applying for Jobs Home That Are Not Scams and always go for Legitimate Work Home Companies.

If you want to know more about this topic, you can check this Forbes article on the Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs.

What do you think about this growing trend? Are you working remotely? Would you be willing to do it?


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