Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? – Full Review 2018


This review is constantly updated, to make sure it includes all the new features of the platform. Last update: 6 September 2018.

If you got here, it’s very likely that you’re interested in changing your lifestyle and making money online.

That’s awesome and scary at the same time, since big changes always are. And you want to make sure you’re making the right choice, right?

I’m going to explain you how Wealthy Affiliate exactly works and how it can actually help you achieve that financial freedom you’ve always wanted, while dedicating your life to doing what you really love.

At the end of this Wealthy Affiliate Review, I’ll give you my honest advice and a really interesting private information from the inside of the platform as a bonus.

So, I promise you that by the time you finish reading, you will have all the necessary information to be able to answer yourself the question: Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Are you up for that?

Let’s get right into it! 😉


What Is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate is a fast-growing community which helps people start their business online based on Affiliate Marketing, and offers all the training, resources and support they need on their way to success.

This online platform was created in 2005 by these two guys, Kyle and Carson, which decided to share their online marketing knowledge with everyone. So it has been running for more than 12 years now, thus proving its effectiveness when talking about bulding online businesses, and has more than 1 milion members all over the world in 2018.

If you’re looking for resources out there to set up your own online business, you may find forums, web design providers, web hosting and mantainance offers, random training sites for entepreneurs… So many different services that you can easily get overwhelmed and confused, and many times, even scamed 🙁

This amazing community is the only place you’re going to find on the Internet that offers all these services together on the same platform, so that you can fully control all the features of your business within an “all-in-one” scheme.

And while most of those single service providers will require a certain level of knowledge on your side to get started, Wealthy Affiliate makes no assumptions and offers you a simple and straightforward system where the step-by-step training, web building and follow-up is meant for all levels, from beginners to experts on the online business field.

Does it sound good so far? Well, it gets better 😉


How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?


It works as a community, which offers you all the training, tools and help you will need to start your business online and make it successful.

This is what your get just upon joining:

Outstanding Training

The most complete and interactive affiliate marketing and online business training available today in the Internet, which consists in:

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification: A complete 50-lesson course (split into 5 progressive levels) which walks you through a step-by-step interactive guide about how to create your own thriving business online. From setting up your first website to earning money with it, all of them with video tutorials by Kyle, so that you can see how it’s done.


13 Interactive Organized Classrooms focused on every topic you need to know to successfully run your business, like: Keyword and Niche research, creating content that engages, how to handle traffic efficiently, the best ways to monetize your site…

1-Hour Weekly Live Video Training Classes on specific online business topics by experts, where you can ask questions and get instant feedback from them and the whole community. You can also rewatch these videos anytime after their live broadcast.

Daily new Training and Tutorials, created by the members of the community, based on their experience with their own business. You’re gonna be creating tutorials as well when you feel comfortable doing so, so that others can learn from your own experience.


So, this provides you with the specific knowledge about how succesful online business are created.

Start NOW your FREE step-by-step affiliate marketing TRAINING

Now, how do you put this knowledge into work?


The Best Tools and Resources

All the means that you need to create and run your own online business, you can find them at Wealthy Affiliate as well:

Keyword Research and Google Competition Tool. So that you can look for the most searched terms on the Internet and work with them on your website. They also give you info on the amount of monthly searches and the number of sites you’ll be competing with for a specific keyword.

Keyword Lists. You can also create and save your own keyword lists, organizing them according to the different products, articles or campaigns on your sites.

WordPress-based Website Platform: SiteRubix. Where you can have your site up and running with just 3 clicks. With more than 2.400 different templates to choose from, and thousands of customizable web features so that your business is unique.

Website Manager Tool. So that you can easily control all the aspects of the websites you run at a glance.

Rapid Writer. This resource allows you to write content with just one click and evaluate its quality and effectiveness. With templates and grammar correction.


All these tools help you actually build your online business and make it profitable.

Get access to all these FREE TOOLS and start your business now

Don’t worry, you won’t be doing this alone. Not anymore…


24/7 Help and Support

You will never feel on your own at Wealthy Affiliate. And that’s one of the things that makes it unique.

The whole mindset of this community is based on the fact that everybody helps everybody in a pay-it-forward way. So, you get help, and give help to others in return.

So, from the very first moment you join Wealthy Affiliate, you’re encouraged to always be willing to help, because that’s the secret of this system: people do not compete here, they network with as much people as they can, and that’s what creates thriving and honest businesses. Everybody helps everybody in their way to success.

So, here is the kind of help and support you get at WA:

Interactive discussions on every training, classroom and activity. You will learn new things every day, since that problem you got now, somebody had it before and now they know the best way to solve it.

Private access to experts’ guidance and advice. From the thousands of members to the owners themselves, you can privately contact anyone, anytime.

24/7/365 Live chat. The good thing about a huge community is that there’s always somebody online. So, if you have a question, just ask in the the chat.

Live sessions of questions & answers. During the weekly live videos you can chat and interact with experts who will clear any doubt about whatever topic you may come up with.

Your own blog space, where you can ask any doubts or share any thoughts, and get instant feedback from the community members.

Access to the owners of Wealthy Affiliate themselves, Kyle and Carson, who are highly participative and interact daily with the community, creating new training, personally helping people with their first steps and answering questions in the classrooms.

– And I will also be helping you as well from the beginning and available anytime at my WA personal profile.



So, you will be learning and teaching others at the same time, networking within a community of like-minded people who are ready to succeed and help others do the same.

Join the Wealthy Affiliate COMMUNITY and get started online TODAY

Now you have everything you need to start your thriving business online: education, resources and experienced people’s advice and help.


How Will You Be Building Your Online Business?


If you’re still with me, you must perfectly know by now which are the aspects that make building a business online possible: outstanding training, quality tools and 24/7 support.

And those are fully covered within this community.

Now you’re gonna learn how the Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Program actually works.

The fact is that it’s pretty straightforward so that ANYBODY can follow it, you don’t even need previous knowledge on online marketing, the only thing that it requires is hard work.

So, you need to be completely commited and be willing to put work into this, because this is not some become-a-milionaire-overnight kind of stuff, this is a proven system to build yourself a long term online business, based on a training scheme which has been online for more than 12 years now and is constantly adapting to changes in the market and online trends.


Now, the Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Process is as easy as following these 4 simple steps:

This is your way to SUCCESS!


Easy, right? 😉

The idea here is that you end up making a business out of what you love to do. You have hobbies, right? Practice any sports? Master any game, activity or profession?

You can start there.

Any of those can make a successful online business when you have the proper guidance and support, did you know that?


And, How Do You Make Money Out Of Your Passion?


Let me just show you how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate:


You will start off by setting up your own niche WEBSITE.

That means a site built around that particular thing you love to do and talk about. A “niche” is just a group of people interested on a particular topic (sport, activity, game, …)


As you follow the training step by step, you will be creating relevant CONTENT.

This means articles, opinions, reviews, tips… on that topic you chose to work with.


You will start getting Internet TRAFFIC.

People will start visiting your site to read that relevant content you created, and your online business will start shaping up.


It’s precisely that traffic which will end up giving you REVENUE.

You will start earning money through affiliate marketing comissions as these people start trusting your advice and click on your affiliate links and purchase stuff.

The process is that simple.

Anyone can do that with the proper help. And you’re going to have tons of that help from the Wealthy Affiliate community.


You can check right now if the name you thought for your niche website is available by writing it on the box below and you’ll have it up and running in less than 5 minutes:

If you don’t have anything you’re passionate about, don’t even worry about it.

Wealthy Affiliate has its own affiliate program with a specific training from which you can create a business following the same process I just showed you, only based on a different niche.

Either way, you will be building up your business in an effective and honest way (which is a lot to say these days for an Internet business), you’ll be helping out people and, after completing the training, you will have a very clear idea of how the online world works, you’ll never be caught by any shady or questionable company or scam again and you’ll be making money online.


The Two Available Memberships At Wealthy Affiliate


The membership you’re going to choose to start with will only depend on what you want to get from the community.


The Starter Membership

This is the option I chose when I got in for the first time, and it’s definitely the option I suggest you to join through.

Get started here FOR FREE (no catch, no credit cards needed. Put your wallet away. It’s $0).

Try the system yourself to experience that it actually works.

I’ll be there to welcome you, and you’ll be walked through the initial steps and will be able to create your personal profile, where all the work will take place.

Then, you’re going to learn how the “online money making process” works, and you’ll set up the foundation of a thriving business.

With your Free Starter Membership, you get:

– Complete access to hundreds of training modules.

– The classrooms. Where all kind of “online” topics are discussed every day.

– Your 2 first free websites, to get your business started right away.

– The WA community, where you can chat, comment and interact with thousands of fellow members.

– Thousands of blog posts filled with valuable information about the best online strategies.

– The video training and tutorials…

And the list goes on… so, I really encourage you to make use of every resource you’re given, to set up your profile info so that you get a better response from the community, to connect with other members, network and see for yourself how awesome this is.

If you’ve looked around the Internet, you’ll realize that there’s no other online platform these days that can match the training, tools and support included in the $0 Starter Membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

And remember, from the moment you start, you won’t be alone anymore on your way to success, and that means you will be able to create solid relationships within this awesome community and a profitable long haul business you would have never imagined before.

Well, actually there is one thing which is better that this complete Starter Membership:


The Premium Membership

Whenever you’re ready to take your online business to a whole new level, this is the way to go!

If you thought the Starter Membership was awesome and nothing could beat it, you’re gonna be blown away by this one.

Let me get some things clear first, so that you have all the info here.

Behind the scenes, WA has a large team of experts working to make the platform better every day and keep it up-to-date with the online trends and requirements so that it remains the BEST Online Community there is out there.

So, to be able to maintain and constantly improve the Premium Area of Wealthy Affiliate, with all the hosting, life training, technical support, storage space and daily updated specific premium content…  there’s gotta be a cost, and as the founders of the platform know the daily struggle, they’ve kept it the same since they launched the service in 2005, so they’re offering The Most Complete Affiliate Marketing Program for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

How does it sound? You just need to give up one coffee a day, and you got your online business running and creating revenue at premium level.

Fair enough, huh?

And I don’t mean a $6 Starbucks coffee, nope, a regular one at a vending machine.

If you keep reading, you’ll start to wonder about the ridiculousness of that cost, considering what the community offers.

But don’t think maybe it’s just too good to be true since, as told you earlier, WA is about helping people, not riping them off.

So there’s your answer 🙂


You can Join the Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate either:

Monthly = $49 per month ($1.62 / day)
or Yearly =
$359 per year ($0.98 / day!!)

So, do you think giving up that one coffee a day is really worth it?

You tell me after reading what Premium means…


WA Premium Means Mastering Online Marketing


When you take this step, it will be because you want to increase the revenue you will already be getting from your websites and you really want to become an expert on online marketing.

And if you’re at that point, you won’t even have to worry about that membership fee, because it will be covered all the way by your daily revenue.

So, take Premium Membership as a MASTER’S DEGREE on Online Marketing and Internet Business Strategies, with the only difference being that you get that for way less than the hundred-thousands dollars you would be charged at any College or University.

I’ve heard many people say that they’ve learned more in 4 months at Wealthy Affiliate, than in 4 years at University, since knowledge at WA is not theoretical but pragmatic from the very first moment you get started.

So, instead of being in a massive debt due to student loans and be forced to take undesirable jobs during years until you get the appropriate knowledge to set up your business, the key here is that you’ll be making money as you move forward through the training.


Check out this table so that you can easily compare the two options:

What Do You Get With The Premium Membership?


Get ready for the real deal at Wealthy Affiliate:

– Exclusive Live Training Sessions and WA Events.


Unlimited Full Access to the Live 24/7 chat, so that you can clear out any doubt, concern or issue you may have with anything regarding Online or Affiliate Marketing.

1-on-1 Coaching, through private messaging, with the top marketers of the community, who have already stablished their thriving online business and want to give you the key to do so yourself.

50 Websites of your own, including their 24/7/365 hosting and technical support system so that everything works and you do not have to care about the technical stuff or pay extra fees for that anymore.

Web Feedback Platform, where you can ask for advice when it comes to improve the design and efficiency of your page to the community.

Web Security Package and Backup, so that your site is safe and you don’t have to worry about losing your content.

Private Access to the Owners of WA themselves, Kyle and Carson, who have been helping thousands of people make a good living online for the past 12 years. They both are very active in the community and you can direct-message them anytime. Kyle will usually respond you within a couple of days (he gets lots of emails everyday).

– Unlimited access to the most complete Keyword Tool, that allows you to perform all the searches you need to find the most relevant keywords for your marketing campaigns and articles. You also get competition data from the top search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) in real time.

– 1-hour Weekly Interactive Video Classes with online marketing experts, where you can interact with them and the rest of the members online. Q&A sessions at the end of every class so that you can have all your doubts cleared out.

Unlimited Access to the biggest online community, formed by almost a milion people, whose daily blog posts about case studies, discussions, success stories, advice and experiences will give you the widest view you could ever have about the online world within fingertips reach.

Exclusive Premium Training, which is created almost daily and added to the platform, giving you the chance to improve your skills and strategies to generate new opportunities which will lead to more revenue.

Endless new and innovative projects and features that WA invests in every year so that it remains the most complete online marketing community on the Internet

The key to success

So, summarizing all these perks, The Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate is the unlimited access pass to the only “all-inclusive” online platform which will make you a trusted authority and reference on the online world, which at the same time will mean financial freedom for you!


Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Going Premium at WA involves making a real commitment and taking determined action, and not everybody is brave enough to do it.

Are you?


My Advice And The Special Bonus I Promised.


So, you got the chance to finally change your life for good: do what you love, make a living out of it and be free.

If you’ve reached this point of the review, that means that you know the numbers, you know the options, you know all the features and insights of The Best Online Marketing Platform on the Internet (you’ll understand why everybody keeps calling that to Wealthy Affiliate when you are onboard).


Change your life today!

The question now is: What do you have to lose? $0?

I’d say… TIME! And that never comes back.


So, don’t do it, don’t waste any more time on a job you don’t like, stop putting off your dreams and Join Wealthy Affiliate today for free and see all that I just told you for yourself.


Oh! I almost forget… THE BONUS!! 😉

Read here REAL WEALTHY AFFILIATE SUCCESS STORIES of real fellow members, so that you can see that the system actually works.

These are real people who once were in your situation and decided to take action. Now they are fully dedicated to help other people make it as well. As I told you at the beginning of this review, you can see how Wealthy Affiliate is totally worth it.


The only thing I ask you is to come back some time and tell me how you feel about the whole thing and how’s your life going after signing up.

Your personal opinion is very important, since it can help others make up their minds and take that leap they’ve always wanted but were afraid because they didn’t have the proper information.

And remember, I’m available anytime, here or at my Wealthy Affiliate profile.


Thank you for reading and I hope this changes you life as it did with mine! 😉


Cheers and good luck!





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  • What a great review! You have outlined everything about Wealthy Affiliate. If I wasn’t a proud member of wealthy Affiliate, I would completely join without a doubt. Wealthy Affiliate is one of a kind. To anyone thinking about joining, I suggest just try it out and see where it takes you.


    • Israel

      Hi Angela!
      You said it yourself, WA is unique.
      There’s no other place where you can learn so much about online marketing and have such amount of support. And people there are the best!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  • Great job, Israel. Thank you for the review.
    I am impressed with all the detail you have provided and how convincing you are about the validity of Wealthy Affiliate.
    I would certainly be going to their web site and checking out what you have showcased.
    Thank you!

    • Israel

      As son as I realized how awesome this community is, I just needed to share it with everybody, so that more people can benefit from the support and resources Wealthy Affiliate provides 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Susan!

  • Livia

    Great review. You’ve said what needs to be said! I also recommend this program for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a more knowledgeable person within the field. Amazing opportunity to start something anew.
    Doesn’t hurt to check it out for free as well.

    Thank you for sharing Israel!

    • Israel

      Yeah! You’re right, Livia, it’s actually for all levels of online knowledge. And even if you’re highly experienced, there’s always something to learn.

      Plus, unlike other programs, this one is completely free to access! What else can you ask for? 😉

      Thanks for your feedback!

  • Dan

    I love how this program has a free option! You outlined all the nice tools and support resources very well. Thanks for the thorough review!

    • Israel

      Yeah! The fact that WA’s got a free entry is really helpful! You can start and learn everything you need to create your online business at $0 cost.
      Thanks for stopping by, Dan!

  • Weston

    Wow! Thank you for sharing such great information! I appreciate your honest review and providing everything I need to know about Wealthy Affiliate. I like how you clearly explained why someone would take the step to go Premium. Thank you!

    • Israel

      I’m glad I cleared up that point on the review for you, Weston. The Premium Membership of WA is really the equivalent to a Master’s Degree on online marketing, but saving you up the cost of that and at the same time offering you the chance to actually make revenue as you learn.
      Plus, you get to know many interesting people on the way, who can teach you a lot from their own experience.
      What else can you ask for? 😉
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that.

  • Hi Israel,

    Great post on WA ! Now i am much more confidence with this learn and earn membership!

    • Israel

      WA is really the best place to learn everything about online marketing, plus you get to know a lot of like-minded people which will help you on the way to building your own online business. I’m really glad you’re confident since that leads to commitment and success!

      Thanks for stopping by, Wilson! All the best!

  • Phil

    Hi There,
    What else can we say about this awesome business that has’nt been said already.
    The reviews out there are all 100% positive and I have’nt yet come across one negative vibe about WA.
    You covered the basics of this online business well, when you tell your visitors that they have a free look around the biz, before they make up their minds…..where else would one get a choice like that.
    Well done on a great review,,
    Cheers and best wishes
    Phil Browne.

    • Israel

      You said that yourself, Phil! There’s not even one negative review of Wealthy Affiliate out there, so that says a lot about this awesome community.

      How would you not take the opportunity to learn everything about creating your own thriving online business when you can do it totally free from home?

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback!

      All the best!

  • jeffrey16201

    I encourage anyone who is interested in starting their own business take the Wealthy Affiliates Free starter training to test it out for yourself.

    90 % of the people who take the free starter training experience such success they become a premium member before they complete their free training.

    Even if you can’t afford to upgrade to a premium member, you will be receiving two free websites plus a great amount of free training to get you started on the right foot and maybe later you can afford to be a premium member and learn even more?

    • Israel

      You’re totally right Jeffrey. Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be if you really want to make the most of your online business.

      The Starter Membership is just the first step to see how involved you want to get. And I gotta tell you, for me it’s been very addictive. So much information and help from the community really make you feel you can achieve anything.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • John Rico

    Hello there! I really liked your full review about wealthy affiliate. I’ve been looking for a part time job online for a while now. After I read your article about wealthy affiliate, I think that I found the best job for me. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about it but I am willing to learn and I have plenty of spare time to invest. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Israel

      Hey John! You couldn’t end up on a better place! Time and hard work are the keys for online success.

      If you’re really commited, with the support of the community, you will make it for sure!

      Best of luck and remember to enjoy the ride, that’s the most important thing!

  • shrey

    Wealthy Affiliate seems like a really good option when it comes to making money online. I have seen a couple of other positive reviews that are there online on the internet.
    How much time does it require to grow a full-time online income and how long did it take you to reach that point?

    • Israel

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most options you can find on the Internet to make money online. But, so far, having tried some of them, I can surely say that it’s the one where you get the best quality of support and training for the lowest entry cost ($0).

      It’s hard to say exactly how much time it requires to make a full income at WA, since it really depends on how much time and effort you invest on it. It’s a matter of giving your best and commiting, and success will come.

      I’ve seen people making a full income in 6 months while others needed 2 years. It’s really up to you and the effort you put on it, but the system works, that I can tell you. You just need to set your goals and go for them!

      I hope to see you succeed! Best of luck and enjoy!

  • Simon Crowe in Asia

    Thank you for your direct, no-nonsense style of telling it how it is! This is definitely refreshing in the ‘make money online’ world.

    I’ve been considering Wealthy Affiliate for a while now and your full and thorough review has definitely helped clarify things for me. You recommend joining as a starter member before deciding whether or not to go to premium?

    Do you have to go to premium or is it possible to make money as a starter member?

    Many thanks, I appreciate your time!

    • Israel

      Hi Simon! Wealthy Affiliate has the Starter Membership, which allows you to stay for free forever. That gives you access to two free websites and the complete online marketing course where you learn how to create your thriving online business. From that moment, it’s really up to the effort you put on your site. If you give your best, the training will help you make money online. This is a proven system that has been working for 12 years.

      Apart from that, you have the Premium option, which you can access any time within the community once you joined through the Starter one.

      I definitely recommend you to take this one only if you’re serious about succeeding in the online world. Live video trainings, private messaging with all the community members and the owners themselves, more classrooms, live chat 24/7… if you are sure you’re gonna make the most of all this resources, go Premium!

      I wish you all the best! And, remember I’m here to help anytime.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  • Norman

    Hello and thanks for sharing, Is Wealthy affiliate worth, the answer to that question is yes. Yes Wealthy Affiliate is worth it. When you think of all the success story that comes from out of this community you know that you are in the right place for success. Wealthy Affiliate is worth it. I would encourage anyone who wants to have success to become of this community that is making a big difference in the lives of so many people.

    • Israel

      Hi Norman!

      I couldn’t agree more with you, and that’s why I did this review.

      I wanted to show everybody the best online marketing community, so that they can enjoy their lives by doing what they love.

      As you said, there’s many success stories in Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s not a matter of luck. It’s the training, the support, the tools. No hidden tricks here. Learn how to create your own business and succeed. It’s that easy.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      All the best!

  • Jen

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I would recommend it to anyone. I can vouch for the tremendous wealth of information found there and as a newbie to internet marketing it was definitely easy to learn! Great review, I hope more people see their potential in this platform.

    • Israel

      Hi Jen!

      As you pointed out, Wealthy Affiliate is made for everyone, it’s easy to learn and create a business no matter your level of knowledge on the online world, and that’s what makes this platform unique. And the support of the community makes it even easier.

      Thank you for your feedback on WA. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

  • Michel

    Awesome review on Wealthy Affiliate.

    I also recommend this program above all others on the internet. The training is awesome and the community is also very helpful.

    I have been a happy member since 2015 and will probably be here for many more years building my income through websites about what I am passionate about.

    • Israel

      Thanks Michel!

      Yeah! You can say that. This community is awesome, and the resources are endless.

      I’m glad you’re creating revenue by doing what you love. It is really what Wealthy Affiliate is all about 😉

      All the best!

  • Simon

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate about a year ago and I do think it is worth it. Their training is first class especially for a newbie like myself and the way they have designed their platform around the community is quite exceptional as everybody helps each other succeed offering help and support to each other, even the founder members are constantly around helping members accomplish their tasks.

    It’s all about delivering top quality content on a regular basis and driving traffic into your website to accomplish conversions. Wealthy Affiliate are masters at teaching how to write great quality content and how to achieve attracting visitors.

    All you have to do is go through the training and implement each step into your website and promote your business as shown. I have a particular passion and I’m determined to make this into a fully fledged business in the future.
    How long have you been a member with Wealthy Affiliate?
    Super review,

    • Israel

      Hey Simon!

      You’re so right! The amazing training, the 24/7 support and the community networking are the keys that make Wealthy Affiliate unique. Even the owners, Kyle and Carson, themselves are constantly helping out, and that’s a sign that they actually care about everybody’s success.

      And it’s so easy, anybody can do it, even if you just bought your first computer. The step-by-step guide is so complete and thorough that I’ve met people here of all ages, and all levels of Internet knowledge, who are creating thriving online businesses every day.

      I’ve just been at Wealthy Affiliate for 6 months, but the rhythm here is so high that your motivation gets boosted and your start learning and creating content so fast that it feels like you’ve been there for years.

      I’m glad you’re inspired and commited to your success!

      Thanks for commenting! All the best!

  • Simon Crowe in Asia

    Wow, thanks Israel, I don’t normally lead really long posts but this was worth it, you’ve laid out exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is and I now have a better understanding. I’m considering becoming a member.

    Just one question though, I am new to all of this and don’t if it will work for me or not, I also don’t know how to get leads or traffic, will it be worth to spend money to get full access to the training modules?

    • Israel

      Hi Simon!

      I’m glad this helped you clear things up about how Wealthy Affiliate works.

      I recommend you to do the Online Entepreneur Certification Course which is included in the free Starter Membership. There you have all you need to know to set up your online business and start making revenue.

      Then, after you follow that training step by step, you’ll have your business up and running.

      When you feel you’re ready to take your business to the next level, you can upgrade to Premium and get much more: live video training sessions with experts, 13 classrooms specialized on the most important topics of online marketing, 24/7 live chat with all the community members, 50 websites of your own to grow your online authority, your own domains with unlimited hosting and technical support, … and many more features you can take advantage of.

      I actually upgraded the third day upon joining. I just needed to make the most of it when I started seeing that the system really worked and that I was missing many more resources to grow my business.

      Here is my personal WA profile in case you need anything else. Do not hesitate contacting me anytime! 😉

      All the best, my friend!

  • Paul

    Hi Israel,
    This is an absolutely fantastic review of wealthy Affiliate.
    You really do a great job of putting across what a tremendous opportunity is on offer within the WA community. When you compare the costs of setting up independently and learning as well there is no comparison to WA.
    I am already a member of wealthy Affiliate and can vouch 100% for what you say well done.

    • Israel

      Hi Paul!

      Thanks a lot for your comment!

      I researched a lot through the Internet before joining and I can now say that I’m really happy I did, since as you said there’s no other place where you can get what Wealthy Affiliate offers.

      This community is the best choice if you want to take the reigns of your life and live it doing what you love.

      I’m glad you’re already enjoying it! 😉

      Cheers and best of luck!

  • Richard U.

    This is indeed a very comprehensive and complete review of wealthy affiliate that i have come across in a while.

    Since becoming a member myself i have never looked back and i have recommended this program to lots of folks withing my network.

    I like what you have done here and i will be looking out for more update from you. I will bookmark this now as well.


    • Israel

      Hi Richard!

      Thank you very much! I’m glad you found it helpful 😉

      I’m really enjoying this awesome community and I’ve recommended Wealthy Affiliate to a lot of people as well, since I believe it’s the best place for those who want to dedicate their lives to doing what they love.

      I hope you’re already living the dream!

      All the best!

  • igorze

    Hi Israel
    You wrote really a comprehensive review about Wealthy affiliate program and community. As the member (yearly membership) of this splendid internet marketing platform, I can confirm everything written in your review.
    But everyone who wants to start the internet business must be aware that this kind of job requires a lot of work, training and time. Success will not come over the night.

    • Israel

      Hi Igor!

      You made a very important point there.

      This is not a get-rich-overnight kind of program. This requires commitment and hard work, but you’re going to be working to turn your passion into a thriving online business which will bring you a stable income stream so that you can enjoy your life.

      Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Jim

    Excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate. You covered every base with informative, factual content. One of the best reviews that I have read and being a member of the community myself, I could relate and feel the pride that you have for your success.
    As non-members read your review, it would be difficult to not take advantage of the free offer because of the credibility that you have. When an individual writes as you have, your readers can feel the passion and pride in the words.Well done.

    • Israel

      Hi Jim!

      Thanks a lot for your words!

      Actually, when you come across such an awesome community, full of helpful information and highly supportive people, it’s easy to commit and get involved right away.

      No other platform on the Internet offers what Wealthy Affiliate does with the Free Starter Membership, and the fact that it’s free to join gives you a hint of the kind of people you’re going to be working with.

      I wish you all the best at WA!

  • Derick

    What a great review of wealthy affiliate.

    I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing over the past couple years and really wish I had heard about a program like this one.

    I really like that I can use the starter membership for free to test the waters. It’s nice to brush up on some stuff because things have changed so much over the past few years with online marketing.

    Thanks for the review

    • Israel

      Hi Derick!

      You’re right, Online Marketing has changed a lot lately, and you never know what you’re going to find when you’re on the Internet. There’s so many scams out there that you never know where you’re getting yourself into.

      That’s the main feature that made me make up my mind and give Wealthy Affiliate a go: free to join. I thought “how are they going to scam me if it’s free to join?”

      I was able to test the waters, as you say, and see for myself what was the whole thing about. And I’m really glad I did now!!

      Thanks for your feeback!

      All the best!

  • Monica Bouteiller

    Wonderful review! I joined Wealthy Affiliate in December 2015… it’s amazing how much I know now. I have no regrets… I had no experience in having an online business. It’s really easy when you have something you’re passionate about. I put a lot of long hours but it’s worth the effort for sure. Even my writing has improved immensely… I love the training and the fact that they’re 24/7 has been a real life saver for me.

    When it’s free, it sure doesn’t hurt to check it out and try it…

    • Israel

      Hi Monica!

      Same here! I had no experience online, I didn’t even know how to build a website myself!

      And WA makes you realize it’s so easy to create your own business online if you have the appropriate training and support.

      As you may have seen for yourself, hard work pays off if you know what’s the right direction and have people helping you along the way.

      I’m glad this community has helped you so much!

      I wish you the best of success!

  • IllusiozTan

    Hi Israel, I like your review about WA and in fact, I learn a lot of knowledge about internet marketing from the WA founder Kyle. The training module prepared is well organized and easy to understand. I like the culture of ‘helping each other’ that Kyle trying to promote within the WA community. Everyone can learn from each other because nobody is perfect

    • Israel

      Yeah! That’s what I love the most within the community.

      Everybody is a learner and a teacher at the same time at Wealthy Affiliate. And each person’s experience helps other improve on their way to online success.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying WA!

  • Cathy

    I have joined several ‘online training program’ in the past and never really gone far with any of them. I did learn a thing or two, but it seems after a while, I always need to pay more in order to get more. Budget is my concern here and I can’t really invest unless I am already making some money.

    What exactly does this program teach and how soon can one see a result in terms of generating a substantial income?

    Thank you for your guidance.

    • Israel

      Hi Cathy!

      Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be for those who want to live their life in their own terms and stop working for others instead of doing what they love. You learn how to create your own business around your passion, step by step, and with all the support of a huge community of like-minded people.

      This has nothing to do with those other programs you talk about which only try to hook you with constant upsells. At WA, there’s no catches, everything is clearly shown to you from the beginning. No surprises.

      The income you can generate really depends on you. If you commit and put all your effort and heart on it, you will make it work, since this program has been teaching people become their own bosses for 12 years with huge success.

      Some need 6 months, others one year, others two… but those who commit and do not quit end up with a full-time business and what’s most important, doing what they love for a living.

      When you have the proper tools and guidance, sky is the limit!

      You can join WA for free, and see how it works and how much you want to get involved.

      All the best!

  • Sharon Whyte

    Hi Israel,
    What a very thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. I joined this program 5 months ago and as far as I can say, it goes from strength to strength with the value it provides. I am amazed at the training and support that goes with it and it truly is up to anyone who wants to join, just to get busy and learn and apply what you learn.. That is all you have to do. WA supplies everything else. I wouldn’t be anywhere else. Thanks for a great article!

    • Israel

      HI Sharon!

      You’re right, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with all the tools and resources you need to create your own successful online business.

      And the fact that it’s for all levels of knowledge makes it even better. Anything you don’t know, you ask the community and there’s always somebody who went through the same or a similar issue and they help you out.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your own experience! 🙂

  • Brandon Cox

    Very good review! I’ve been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for a while now and I can attest that it’s the very best platform anywhere around for learning the basics of blogging and affiliate marketing. It boasts an amazing community and really is packed with value. Thanks for being so thorough in explaining it here!

    • Israel

      Hi Brandon!

      Thanks for your thoughts.

      It truly is the best online marketing platform. I’ve never came across a community like Wealthy Affiliate, where the training is outstanding and the members support you so selflessly.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the experience at WA too!

      All the best!

  • Martin

    Wealthy Affiliates has so much tools and training that can help you to become very successful with your online business. I’m glad I have joined this program and each day I’m learning something new. My goal is to expand my business to the very top and your website has provided many details on how this can be down. Great website and continue to stay successful at what you do.

    • Israel

      Hi Martin!

      You’re right, there’s so many things you can learn every day when you’re in a community of like-minded people.

      And, as many of them have already been there before, struggling to boost their online businesses, you can take advantage of their knowledge and learn from their mistakes, so that it becomes easier for you to do the same.

      Keep up the good work and the learning! I’m sure your motivation will soon be paying off.

      Thanks for your kind words!


  • shrey

    I have heard about Wealthy Affiliate from a few of the review websites that recommend it as one of the top affiliate training that would help you make money online.

    The wealthy affiliate does seem like a reasonable place but how long will it take for one to make money online. How easy/difficult it is to get an online business to earn a full-time income?

    • Israel

      Hi Shrey!

      Wealthy Affiliate provides you with all the training and tools you need to create your business online through affiliate marketing. You also get all the support from the community members so that you make sure you’re doing it right.

      When it comes to making money and creating a full-time income business, it entirely depends on you how fast that’s going to happen. Your commitment and the work you put into it will determine your success.

      Your business won’t grow in the same way if you dedicate 8 hours a day than if you just put 1 hour into it. Some reach a full-time income within the first year, others need 3 years, others just take it as an extra and do not put much effort into it… As I said, it only depends on what your goal is and how much you want it to happen.

      WA helps you by giving you all you need, then you need to make it happen. This is not a get-rich-overnight scheme, so it need commitment, and hard work pays off as you can see from the many success stories WA has created.

      The question here is, how badly you want to create your own success and live your life on your own terms? 😉

      I wish you all the best! And remember to enjoy the ride and do what you love. Hard work always pays off!

  • TD Bauer

    Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go if you are looking for a means to start your own business working online. It is entirely possible to generate enough revenue from blogging and being an affiliate marketer to be able to quite your job and do it part time and make a full time income, and then some.

    I know because I am almost to that very point in my affiliate marketing business career. It is an exciting time to be working online! Anybody considering do this should really go and sign up for that starter account and give it a try. You will not regret it!

    • Israel

      Hey TD!

      I’m glad you’re already making revenue from affiliate marketing!

      As you said, Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go if want to make sure your online business will be successful.

      It’s indeed a great time to be working online!

      Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts on this!

      All the best!

  • Kenny Lee

    I’ve been around at Wealthy Affiliate for more than a year. In my opinion, it’s one of the most comprehensive training program for internet marketing newbies. While no programs are perfect, I’ll say WA stands out as one of the top with its constant improvement and awesome support. At this moment, I’m still learning from its vast resources and growing from it.

    • Israel

      Hi Kenny!

      As you said, WA is really newbie-friendly, and everybody can learn from it no matter their previous knowledge.

      The support is awesome and that’s key to put into work what you’ve learned and do it the right way.

      I’m glad it’s helping you! 😉

      I wish you the best of success!

  • Amir Setoudegan

    What a perfect review about wealthy affiliate. I’m one of the members of Wealthy Affiliate. It is worth to invest in this great university. it offers a very high-level online education for fewer prices.thank you for your nice tips during the review. I pick some ideas as well.

    • Israel

      Hi Amir!

      Thanks for your kind words, I’m glad it helped you 🙂

      You’re absolutely right , my friend, the great education on online marketing you get at Wealthy Affiliate would be very expensive if you were to choose some University or Master’s Degree which taught that. Not to mention, the large amount of time you should invest on the Internet to gather all the tools and resources you can find within WA.

      I wish you all the best on your online education!

      Keep up the good work and you’ll succeed!

  • Mitch

    Great information on Wealthy Affiliate. I have looked at this program several times. I like the fact that they offer a free trial period. Can a person stay a free member or do you have to upgrade after a certain amount of time?
    It sounds like there is a lot of great training. Can I learn about keyword research at Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Israel

      Hey Mitch!

      You can stay as a free member as long as you want. That’s what makes Wealthy Affiliate the Best Online Marketing Community.

      People upgrade to Premium when they’re ready to take the next step and increase the revenue they’re already making as free members.

      The training is really outstanding and the bst thing is that it updates everyday with new topics, questions and answers from the members of the community themselves. You never stop learning! 😉

      Keyword research is very well explained in the first part of the Online Entrepreneur Certification. I suggest you Get Started with the Course, set up your website and get ready to earn money doing what you love!

      I wish you all the best!

  • Stephen

    Hi Israel,

    I want to thank you very much for this wonderful review about Wealthy Affiliate.

    Actually I have been looking for ways to earn some money online, but because of internet fraud and scammers, I always hesitate to to try anything ONLINE. And I think from this review It is now time for me to try how Wealthy Affiliate works and see things for myself.

    I like the fact that they offer a FREE STARTER membership for people who wants to try their platform and see how it works. But my question is: Is their FREE starter membership available to all countries?

    I will appreciate your reply.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Israel

      Hi Stephen!

      You’re absolutely right. These days it’s difficult to know for sure who’s going to scam you online, and that’s why Wealthy Affiliate offers the option to first try for free, and then upgrade (if you feel like it) or stay as a free member.

      That’s one of the best things WA has. It’s very newbie-friendly and everything is laid out clearly so that you always are in control.

      As far as I know there’s 8 countries in which Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership is not available:


      This policy is due to the high rate of fraud and spam happening on these countries. But you can still join the Premium membership there. They are just making sure the community is protected against people with bad intentions.

      I hope you make your dreams come true and get your financial freedom with WA! 😉

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • Dave

    Hey Israel,

    I have just gone through the bonus post offered and I was very happy to see how people are making money with the system.

    I also want to make money the same way. But the problem is, I don’t have the money to upgrade right away. I can only get the money after a month or two because of other projects. Do you think it is wise to join now without the money, or I should wait until I get it so that I can join and upgrade?

    • Israel

      Hey Dave!

      I think the best way is to join right away as a FREE member.

      You’ll have instant access to two websites of your own and the complete Online Certification Course, where you’ll learn everything about seting up your website, creating content that engages and monetizing it.

      This way, when you got the funds to upgrade to Premium you’ll already have your business up and running, and it will be easier to make the most of the Premium resources.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers you the option of starting your online business for free. Why not take it? 😉

      All the best!

  • Louise

    A really in-depth review and outlines exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. I read so many reviews of different programs and communities before I finally opted for WA – and I can honestly say it was totally the right decision. In my opinion, the quality (and quantity) of the training available and the support of the community couldn’t be better.

    • Israel

      Hi Louise!

      I totally agree with you.

      Outstanding training and 24/7 support make Wealthy Affiliate the best online community to learn the right and most efficient way of making money on the Internet.

      I’m glad you ended up there. No better place to be.

      Thanks for your feedback! 😉

  • Anthony Little

    Awesome review about wealthy affiliate. I’ve been a active member for 3 years now. and it the best investment ever. You have done a great job explaining the great benefits that wealthy affiliate offers. If someone is reading this review right now, should read every details on this article and join this program i Thanks for job well done.

    • Israel

      Hey Anthony!

      I’m glad you feel the same way after three years of being at Wealthy Affiliate. People need to know that the program works, and that if they commit, it really pays off.

      Thanks for your comment!

      I wish you all the best, my friend!

  • Because of the the exceptional way in which you have explained to us the benefits offered by WA…. I only wanted to know more. You completed the circle from beginning to end. The end being our online journey on our way to our potential success. Really how could anyone fail when doing what they love and also receiving all that might be necessary to reach our previously impossible dreams. Thanks so much for your help also.

    • Israel

      I’m glad to help, Thomas! 🙂

      You said that, how can you fail when you’re doing what you love and have people around you willing to train you and give you support along your journey?

      Enjoy doing what you love, Thomas!

  • Tommy Tedesco

    Personally speaking I believe people have their greatest opportunity for success at WA not just because they are attempting what they love. In addition the combination of the abundance of well defined, clearly written courses as well as the encouragement and advise from all our caring members.

    As a novice I barely new how to do anything on the computer let alone build a web site. I found the most important thing to do at WA is to follow the courses step by step. Don’t try to skip or rush through because that would not be necessary. Everything I needed is so well done that I automatically save a tremendous amount of time; perhaps months as well as aggravation and also the possibility of just plain quitting. When I experienced some difficulty the members bailed me out. I asked a question and almost immediately I received all the help I needed. The is nothing better than getting all the help, support and resources you need to do what you love the most. For me WA is truly a one stop shop.

    For me what I like most is that I feel WA has designed all the help I need on a level that I can learn and grow with. Their level of expertise has literally reached DOWN to me and yet I can see the level has no limit for the HEIGHTS it may have to reach for the more experienced members. The training through the videos and classrooms in comparison to all others from my reviews are to me far superior. Can anyone imagine how I and others must feel when we built a web site so effortlessly? I believe it would all be so overwhelming if it wasn’t for the complete training from a to z that WA offers. I like the idea of the ONE STOP SHOP.

    Don’t you think the easiest way to pick a niche is really very simple. Just start doing whatever you LOVE. You can’t help to go premium once you experience the community and all there is to offer. It is a no brainier.

    • Israel

      Hi Tommy!

      You clearly outlined the basic principles on which this community is sustained: do what you love, follow the training step by step and ask for help whenever you feel stuck.

      If you follow them, you’ll achieve success. the system is based on the experience of the people who have already been there first, we learn from their mistakes and help the newcomers, it’s a pay-it-forward system.

      I’m really happy you’re learning so much and having a fulfilling experience at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Just keep up the hard work and it will pay off big time! 😉

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Tommy.

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • ht

    Thanks for sharing this. I just got onboard this community as well. And you are spot on to describe how helpful this group of people are. Also the website you have is a testimony of its effectiveness. One question I have in mind is how long would it take for one to be able to earn enough to sustain this long term?

    • Israel


      Welcome to the community!

      You’re right. This website has been created with the help of the training and the members at WA, and it’s just to provide help for those who really want to change their lifes. I’m glad it actually does the trick 🙂

      Regarding the time you’ll need to make a full-time income, I have to say that there’s no specific figure I can give you. It depends on how much work you put into it.

      An unemployed person investing 8 hours a day, will surely get there before another one who works part-time and can just put 4 hours into it. And this last one will reach the desired income before a person who works full time and only has 2 hours a day to dedicate to the creation of the business.

      I’ve seen people who have reached $5.000 a month within a year, real action takers, while others may have gotten there in three years. Really up to you, my friend!

      If you work on it, it will deliver, that I can tell you, this program has been up and running for more than 12 years now, and has more than 800.000 members now, so you can rely on its effectiveness.

      I wish you nothing but success, and remember to always enjoy the process, that’s the best part and the key to make it work!


  • Jackson

    As someone who has tried out Wealthy Affiliate, I can confirm that it’s definitely worth giving a try. For anybody that wants to make money online with affiliate marketing and don’t know where to start, then Wealthy Affiliate is where you should go. Their step-by-step tutorials and helpful guidance will make sure that you never run into any walls and never lose motivation. It takes a boring and scary word like “affiliate marketing” and helps you understand that it’s just building a website about something you love, adding quality content to it, and ranking it on Google!

    • Israel

      Hey Jackson!

      You really laid out the key aspects of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

      WA proves that with the right training and support, you can actually learn how to make a living out of your passion, and that’s great!

      Thanks for your comment!

      All the best!

  • Dean

    Having looked into wealthy affiliate several times I still have some nagging doubts that maybe you could answer.

    Can you really learn what you need to know for FREE?

    Can you make money with a siterubix website?

    Truthfully how has it helped you and do you get a nice earner from it?

    Sorry to be forward but most reviews are really positive but could I really do it?

    Thanks for your help,

    • Israel

      Hi Dean!

      That’s why I’m here! To solve all those doubts, so fire away, no mercy! 😉

      Let’s cut to the chase.

      When you join Wealthy Affiliate through the Starter Membership (that is for FREE), you get access to two SiteRubix websites and also full access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

      That course covers everything you need to know to make money online through Affiliate Marketing.

      What the course teaches you: how to set up your site, keyword research, how to create content that engages, how to get traffic to your site, how to leverage social media, what is an affiliate program and the different ones there are on the Internet, how to make reviews and place the affiliate links so that they work and convert…

      So, I’m pretty sure we can say: YES, You can start for free, set up your free siterubix website, and make money with it. Siterubix websites rank on Google as well of course, so if you follow the training step by step, it will deliver.

      How long will it take for you to make a full-time income? Well, that’s the eternal question. It depends on the hours you put on it, I already explained that before on this same post to another person. It’s not the same to dedicate 8 hours a day and make one daily post, than put just 2 hours and post just once a week.

      That last one is my case, I started this website barely 3 months ago, and I’m still working on growing it. I got other sites, which my wife manages, and they’ve been giving us some extra money during the last two months (they’re still starting as well, but social media have helped a lot) 😉

      Affiliate marketing success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to build a brand and an audience, but at least you’re doing what you love and if you have a long term plan and do not let your brain hurry you, you will see how your little website turns into a thriving business you’ll be proud of.

      My advice: start as free member, set up your site, learn, ask questions, engage with the other members, learn more, put some effort on adding content to your site and sharing it, and then, when you start to see the results and you can afford paying barely $1/day to be Premium, go for it! the Premium membership will give you more tools to boost your revenue.

      You can check here how WA has already helped succeed many people during the 12 years it’s been in the market. No wonder you’ve come across so many positive reviews, why would they have to be negative? 😉

      I wish you all the best. Just follow the steps that those who know how it works have laid out for you, don’t be too anxious and I can assure you that it will work out. No magic tricks, just a system that’s been proven over the years.

      I hope this helped you with your doubts.

      Thanks for commenting, Dean! I’m here anytime, or in my WA profile if you need further info 😉

      • Dean Collins

        Thanks for taking the time to respond.

        I must admit I like a try before you buy kind of deal and hopefully any last doubts I have will be answered on the inside.

        Good luck with your venture


  • Crystal Doc

    Hey Israel,

    This is a really great review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have been with them for three years and i can truly say it has been a great experience for me..

    I did not know anything about online marketing and Website and content creation. At WA I learned how to turn my passion for home remedies into a profitable online business.

    The lessons are easy to follow and the live sessions on Friday keeps me updated with the changes in the affiliate marketing world so that I can adjust properly.

    I started out as a free member and upgraded later when i saw the earning potential. I would definitely say that WA is the number 1 online platform to start your online business.

    Keep up the good work on your Website!


    • Israel

      Hi Crystal!

      I totally agree with you in everything you just said.

      I also started as a free member, and upgraded when I realized what I was missing.

      Friday live lessons with Jay are the best way to learn everything about affiliate marketing watching it work in real time, he covers so many helpful topics and you can ask him anything live and see your doubts resolved right away, I love that.

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

      Enjoy Wealthy Affiliate! 😉

      All the best!

  • Anton

    I have joined Wealthy Affiliate and I must say it is definitely worth it and beyond. The training is detailed and walks you through every step of starting an online affiliate marketing business. There is also extensive training that takes you as far as you want. You can literally type anything you want to learn in the search bar and there is either a video tutorial for it or articles written by people in the WA community that are knowledgeable. I am still growing in my business but the resources at WA makes me feel confident that it’s only a matter of time before I see success.

    I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate,


    • Israel

      Hi Anton!

      I’m glad to hear from another proud member of Wealthy Affiliate!

      It really is how you describe it. Training everywhere, in all forms imaginable (video, live sessions with experts, 24/7 chat, blogs, lessons, classrooms…) , and all by the community members who learn and teach others every day.

      Keep making the most of WA and growing your business! 😉

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • Lady-Val

    Hi Israel,

    First off as a wife myself, I love the title of your site! You have some really good information for husbands. It seems really simple. I’m going to let my husband read this article, it can provide extra income for our household. I’m so happy to have stumbled across this page. Thanks for sharing this information!

    • Israel

      Hey Lady-Val!

      Thanks for your comment! My wife actually appreciates it as well 😉

      I’m happy to help!

      All the best to both of you!

  • Ralph

    I have heard so much about wealthy affiliate while doing my research for starting an online business. It was really hard to find any negative things being said about it. I’ve been thinking about starting an online business for a while and have always been a little gun shy. I am definitely interested in learning more about this program. How is the community within the program? Are they helpful to newbies? Thanks!

    • Israel

      Hi Ralph!

      You will not be wrong if you choose Wealthy Affiliate as your training program to build your online business.

      I’ve been there for a while now, and for me it’s the Best Online Marketing Community on the Internet.

      You would not feel alone anymore, all the members welcome you and offer their help, and they actually deliver. You can ask anything (there are no stupid questions) anytime, anybody, and they will help you out through their own experience or refer you to others that can.

      It’s very newbie-friendly. WA goes by the motto: “pay it forward”, I help you, you help somebody else… and this chain never ends. Sometimes you’ll even feel overwhelmed of the amount of help you get.

      Now you know why there aren’t negative reviews out there 😉

      Good luck and go for it, my friend!

  • Carthik

    Thank you, Israel for sharing this review on WA.

    The way you’ve presented this info on WA, I would say you’ve haven’t exaggerated a bit. WA is a genuine place, that offers education to build an online business based on their vast experience. They keep updating the training, bring in new features and tools frequently. The members of WA community help each other in need and the support team offers prompt response to queries and issues.

    • Israel

      Hey Carthik,

      You said that! The best training and support, which is what anyone need to be successful in any endeavour 😉

      I hope you’re enjoying WA and making the most of it!

      Cheers and thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Jonathan

    Hi, Israel.

    Thank you for this Wealthy Affiliate review. It is very informative. There are many websites that claim to offer training to people who want to learn how to make money online.

    I have found that Wealthy Affiliate offers everything you want under one roof i.e Website building and training. No any other sites do the same and offer a free trail.

    • Israel

      Hi Jonathan!

      Yeah, the free starter membership is really what makes this program outstand from rest. You can get your business started and start earning money without paying a dime.

      As you said, the fact that you got all the resources, training and support all together in the same place makes it very easy and enjoyable. They deal with the hosting and everything so that you just care about growing your revenue.

      I’m glad you found this helpful! Thanks for commenting!

      I wish you all the best!

  • Garth Wright

    This is a really great review of Wealthy Affiliate. It looks like it’s everythign someone looking to start their online business could use.

    The tools are pretty helpful if you ask me. You’ll never grow tired of the and when you combine them with the flawless training, WA literally builds the foundation of your work form home business.

    I couldn’t say it better myself that Wealthy Affiliate is what everyone should be using.

    • Israel

      Hi Garth!

      Having a whole community supporting you is what really makes the difference here. Training is not enough if you don’t know how to use it properly 😉

      I agree with you, WA really sets a solid foundation for your online business.

      Cheers and thanks for commenting!

  • Jimmy

    This is amazing, so I get 2 free websites and training on how to run my own business online for free? This sounds promising and something I should look over.
    The yearly plan ($359 per year ($0.98 / day!)) is a good option for me though but I need to try the free version first and see first hand if what ou say is true.
    I feel excited, can’t wait.
    Thanks, man.

    • Israel

      Hey Jimmy!

      That’s exactly what I always suggest people should do. Try it for free, see it work for yourself, and when you feel ready to make the most of it, get the Premium Membership and go for it!

      To turn your passion into your lifestyle is worth a dollar a day, isn’t it? 😉

      Best of luck, man!

      And remember to always enjoy the process! That’s the real goal here!

  • Mike Mahaffey

    This is a good, and thorough Wealthy Affiliate Review that should settle the question in anyone’s mind. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth it!

    When a person reads all of the attributes of the Wealthy Affiliate University and then grasps the fact that he/she is getting the best ongoing and updated education, support, and hosting that it takes to make it in online marketing — FOR LESS THAN A DOLLAR A DAY — how could Wealthy affiliate not be worth it?

    Thanks for this review

    • Israel

      Hey Mike!

      You said that yourself. For less than the cost of one coffee a day you can have your own thriving business based on your passion. That’s a no-brainer! 😉

      And the good thing here is that this system has been going on for more than 12 years now, and the cost of the  Premium Membership hasn’t change. I think that says a lot about the owners Kyle and Carson. No upsells, just maintaining the community and giving a great service to the members with constant improvements.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • William

    Wow I never knew that weathly affiliate has been around over a decade. I thought that they were a new up and coming program. That gives me a different outlook on them. Over 800,000 members. They must be doing something right. Or else they wouldn’t have such a large following. I will give them a try since it’s a low risk high reward type thing in my opinion.

    • Israel

      Hi William!

      Yeah! They’ve been up and running for more than 12 years now and it’s a fast growing community so, as you say, that’s a solid proof the system works 😉

      And free membership is actually the lowest risk situation you can find on the Internet.

      I wish you all the best, my friend! I’m glad your’re taking action!

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • cbuffone

    My visit to the husbands corner was a very enjoyable one – love your spin on the wife will appreciate a husband who earns, learns and enjoys life. The saying a happy wife makes for a happy life really is true.

    I respect your undertaking to help husbands achieve that.

    • Israel

      Hey! Thanks for commenting!

      I’m glad you liked the site, and I agree with you on that saying 😉

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • Diana

    Hi Israel,

    I love the name of your site! My dad should check it out. Anyways, Wealthy Affiliate is great.

    I think what I like most is the straightforward training and and support. Unlike most MLM scams, your sole focus at Wealthy Affiliate isn’t how to promote WA, but how to build a profitable website from almost any niche.

    The fact that there’s support when you need help and encouragement is also a plus.


    • Israel

      Hey Diana!

      Yeah, that’s it, Wealthy Affiliate is a community for people to learn how to turn their passions into a profitable business and finally live their life on their own terms. And, unlike most MLM’s, you choose what you want to promote and how you want to help others, cause that’s the key of niche websites.

      I’m glad you’re happy at WA 🙂

      Cheers and thanks for sharing your view!

  • Alewishes

    I’m glad I was able to come across this review. I’ve recently heard of affiliate marketing and want to learn more, but I hear so many different takes on it. I’m not sure what’s real and what isn’t. I like how you mentioned that it takes hard work because so far I’ve come across sites where they say I could be a millionaire by the end of the week. My thought of course is why isn’t everyone doing it then? Anyways, I’ll bookmark your site and when I’m ready to go, I’ll definitely check back.

    • Israel


      You’re right, if it was getting rich in a matter of days, why is not everybody already doing it? 😉

      Affiliate Marketing means working hard, but not for somebody else’s dream, it means to work towards achieving your dreams, since you’re doing what you love. And Wealthy Affiliate puts all the tools and support to make them come true at a click distance.

      It only takes a change on your mindset to finally realize anoybody can do it.

      Cheers and go get your dreams, my friend!

  • Marty

    I love reading great reviews that give you all the facts and no fluff. Your review is very clear and concise and it is obvious that you seriously believe Wealthy Affiliate is the right choice for someone wanting to start their own online business.
    What would you say to someone who already has an online business or blog that is under a year old? Would Wealthy Affiliate be of any benefit to them?

    • Israel

      Hi Marty!

      There’s many people out there who already have their own sites. That’s great, since you already are doing what you love.

      What Wealthy Affiliate provides you is all the knowledge of more than 12 years of online marketing experience put together and the support from thousands of people, which will boost your blog’s traffic and also teach you how to earn money from that traffic.

      I think WA can only be beneficial for you. Your blog can only get better. You’re going to learn how to make your passion profitable and build a thriving online business around it. Sounds good?

      I hope I helped you out!

      Thanks for commenting 😉

  • Tiffany

    I really enjoyed reading your website. I find your writing style very engaging. I especially loved your post “How to Travel For The Rest of Your Life.” The post itself really got me thinking. It was almost as if you were providing some relaxation visualization techniques in your writing. I love your suggestions on how to make money as well. Overall, the website is a very good and entertaining need. I also really love the website name.

    • Israel

      Hi Tiffany!

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😉

      It’s all thanks to what I learned at the Wealthy Affiliate community. When I started, I never really though that building a complete and functional website would be that easy, but here I am!

      Thanks for you comment!

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • ches

    I don’t know what I would be doing now if I hadn’t come across Wealthy Affiliate nearly 2 years ago.
    This amazing platform is all you need to learn anything and everything to do with internet marketing and more.
    I knew diddly squat about websites and how to write blogs and articles but now, I have a blog website and I am in the process of doing a commercial website.
    I really enjoy producing articles of quality that help the reader and at the same time, helps me and my family.
    I still have loads to learn but WA will be all I need for every eventuality that comes my way to do with this subject. A great article! Ches

    • Israel

      Hi ches!

      I’m really happy you took action and are already making the most of this amazing community.

      Wealthy Affiliate is, at the end of the day, for those who wanna help others, that’s why the place is full of like-minded people.

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

      Cheers and enjoy it!

  • wildfind

    Yes your wife will love the monetary freedom wealthy affiliate can help you achieve!
    To free yourself and follow your true passions is what equates success. It takes time and dedication but you are not alone with WA. It is worth every cent and more and you get to try the platform for free. No excuses be free now!

  • Tyler

    I just heard about Wealthy Afiiliate from a friend so I decided to do a little research of my own and came across your review.

    So if I got it right Wealthy Affiliate is an Affilate Marketing based community?

    You build a site -> Create content -> Add links -> Get viewers -> They click your link and buy -> You get paid

    (In a nutshell that’s what it seems like)

    If so, this is GREAT! I’ve been looking for a way to earn some extra income and from all the success I hear of people making online I’ve been wanting to try it out.

    Seems like a legitimately opportunity, I’m going to look into it.

    Thanks for clarifying it for me!

    • Israel

      Hey Tyler!

      You got it right, my friend. The process is as easy as that in Affiliate Marketing.

      Wealthy Affiliate walks you through the whole process so that you master affiliate marketing and build your long run thriving online business out of your passion.

      And the “Community” aspect is what’s most important here. You’ll never be on your own anymore trying to make money online, there’s thounsands of people willing to help you out and take you step by step to success. They’ve been there, they know the right way to do it, and they will gladly show it to you, it’s a pay-it-forward community 😉

      I’m happy you’re ready to take action!

      Cheers and all the best in your journey to financial freedom!

  • Mike Jay


    I think the best part of your article is pointing out the community aspect of the business. I believe that is the #1 best resource of any business, especially an online business.

    I also like the teaching part of the learning process. That is an effective pay-it-forward approach. Thanks for the clear, easy to read layout.

    Mike Jay

    • Israel

      Hi Mike!

      True. The fact that you have all that support makes the system stronger, and that’s actually why it’s been online for more than 12 years now. It works.

      They teach you, give you all the tools and make sure you got all the support you need. These three aspects are key to make things work.

      Thanks for commenting!


  • Mason

    That’s a good review of WA. Plenty of info there. I ended up joining after stumbling across a review similar to yours. I’m only 1 week in, but feel like I’ve gained so much knowledge in that week. Great program. I really get the feel that these guys are in it to help people. I’ll visit your site again. Some good stuff for a husband like myself. Keep up the hard work.

    • Israel

      Hey Mason.

      I’m glad you joined Wealthy Affiliate, my friend. You won’t regret it.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Cheers and all the best on your journey to success!

  • Doug

    Excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate. You explain every aspect of the system. When you think of the premium membership costing less than a cup of coffee, it really puts the whole concept in perspective.
    Anyone that is wanting to start an online business and has no experience on how to do it, Wealthy Affiliate is really their only option. No one seems to offer the training that you need to succeed.
    Thanks for the time you put in to explain everything. I have joined Wealthy Affiliate and am sure we will be chatting along the way.

    • Israel

      Hey Doug!

      Thanks! I’m really glad you’re enjoying Wealthy Affiliate.

      Like you said, what other place on the Internet is going to offer you that much knowledge and support for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day? 😉


  • Barb

    I love this website. The name is perfect ‘ thehusbandscorner” . I read your page ” 5 signs your job is killing you’ and I could identify with them all, what to do now ? How do you give up your job that pays the bills? I like you’re philosophy also on living and enjoying life and being happy.That comes across in your pages that you are a happy person making the best of life with your family. Well done, it’s a great site.

    Best wishes


    • Israel

      Hi Barb!

      Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the site, cause that’s the whole point 😉

      Regarding quitting a job you hate, I really recommend you to change your mindset and try to live in the Now as much as you can, since that will give you the state of mind and inner peace you need to really learn how to focus on what you love to do.

      This post you’re commenting in here can be very useful for you, since the online community of Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools and support to take that thing you love to do and progressively turn it into your online business, so that you can leave that job you don’t like and be your own boss.

      I hope this helps!

      Cheers and go for it! 😉

  • Jaron

    Got my vote, lol of course you do because I’m already a member. If there’s a site out there similar to Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t know about it. I’ve been a member since 2009 and they’ve NEVER disappointed me! The only suggestion I have is to treat it like any other business and don’t expect over night results. You cannot expect a huge harvest from 2 days of planting.

    Great review Israel!

    • Israel

      Hey Jaron!

      That’s right, we’re talking about building a thriving business online, and that takes time and effort. But if you make it, if you don’t quit, you get complete financial freedom for life doing what you love.

      It’s worth the effort, right? 😉

      I’m glad you’re already living the dream, my friend!

      Cheers and enjoy!

      • Jaron

        I definitely wake up everyday to do what I enjoy(blog and help people.) It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s your passion it’s absolutely worth it! If it’s really your passion you won’t quit no matter what happens!

  • Steen

    Hello Israel!
    I’ve been looking for a program for learning online marketing soon.
    Over time I have come to buy more of the kind and unfortunately, before I have gained the knowledge needed to build it up,
    I met a lot of sales that have not given me the knowledge and skills I have been promised in the sales videos .
    I find it hard to believe this is different.
    So my question is what should I buy extra once I’ve become part of this?

    • Israel

      Hi Steen!

      As I outline in the review, you can join Wealthy Affiliate totally for free. And you get the complete affiliate training course, the support, the help from the community and two websites of your own so that you can start building your online business along with the training courses.

      You just need to follow the training to begin earning money with your sites. It takes a while, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but 12 years of success stories proof that it actually works.

      Then, if you want to make the best out of WA, you can upgrade to Premium and get 50 sites, live extra training, 24/7 live chat… and so much more features including personal access to the owners of this amazing community. But this is just an option for those who want to really master online marketing, you don’t need to do this, YOU CAN STAY AS A FREE MEMBER FOREVER if you want.

      No products needed to be bought, no upsells here, no scams, no MLM schemes, everything is clearly outlined since the beginning. this is an online marketing university to go from 0 to success at your own pace.

      I hope this clears out any doubts 😉

      Thanks for stopping by, my friend!


  • John

    Wealthy Affiliate is everywhere. The name is unique all over the net. The implication is that it is not a scam and it adds value to people.

    The thought of having my futures in my hands and owning my own business online trigger joys in my heart.

    I am already a serious members of WA and it has changed my life making money online is real and you can learn from the best program in the world the Wealthy Affiliate.

    If I am doing great online any dummy can



    • Israel

      Hey John!

      I’m really happy you’re already making the most of Wealthy Affiliate, my friend!

      Keep up the good work!


  • Dejan

    Hello there,
    I’ve heard a lot about affiliate marketing but never got myself into it. I think I would enjoy making my own website and trying to earn some money on the side with it. How hard is it to learn from complete beginning and do you need any extra programming skills to be able to create your own website?
    Also, is there any disadvantage of owning a siterubix domain instead of having your own domain?

    • Israel

      Hey Dejan!

      You don’t need to know anything about online marketing or how to create a website. That’s the best part!

      I didn’t know how to set up a website before joining, but with the WordPress-based sites and the help from the community and the training, it’s a piece of cake. I’ve talked to retired people in there who just got their first computer a couple of weeks ago and they have their websites up and running now. No kidding!

      The best thing you can do is see it for yourself, that’s why they set up the system with the Free Starter Membership. Don’t just trust me, try it out.

      And, regarding having a SiteRubix domain instead of one of your own, the only thing is that the title in your site’s URL will be instead of, it doesn’t make any difference in terms of Google rank of the ability of the site to attract traffic or make money. It always looks better with your own domain and it’s easier to remember for people, that’s it.

      I suggest you start with a SiteRubix site and then, when you’ve learnt and start to make money, you can get your own domain and start branding your content, no need to rush if you don’t have the money at first to acquire the domain. Step by step, the training is first 😉

      I hope this helps! 🙂

      Cheers and go for it!

  • Lucas

    Hey man this was a great and helpful review. From everything that you’ve said it seems that even a newbie like me would benefit from the training at Wealthy Affiliate yes? Since you’ve said that Wealthy Affiliate is like a all in one package, would it be safe to say that I won’t be needing any other tools? Also, are there any benefits to going for premium straight away even if I’m just a beginner?

    • Israel

      Hi Lucas!

      Actually Wealthy Affiliate is made for newbies: step-by-step training, 24/7 support and video training so that you can learn anything you need watching how it should be done.

      WA is, like you said, all-in-one. You got the training, the website creation palatform, the technical assistance, the domains, the hosting, the live chat for any doubts in the process, you got anything you need to create a trhiving online business and make it work smoothly. So, yes, you don’t need anything else. you got the whole package at WA. That’s the whole idea of their system, not having to wonder online looking for tools or answers.

      If you go Premium within the first 7 days, you got a 60% discount on the first month payment, but that’s just for those who are absolutely ready to take action. Do not rush into it, when you join, start the training, create your first website, talk with the members, just mingle and see for yourself, and then decide 😉

      I hope this helps and you make the most of the community!

      Cheers and good luck my friend!

  • Maxx

    Amazing review towards Wealthy Affiliate. And you point out everything without a missed. I hope more people able to read this and share it with their close one as many as they can.

    After I found Wealthy Affiliate I could confidently say this is the right program I am looking so far. And the results prove to me that’s this really work if follow their advice and training.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Israel

      Hey Maxx!

      Thanks, man. That’s why I’m here, to help others find their way to living in their own terms, so I also hope more people can discover this amazing community and see for themselves how the current members are already living their dreams.

      Cheers and enjoy it!

  • Carol

    There is no doubt in my mind that Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start an online business. Ever since I joined Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago, I have been getting better everyday building my website. Who wouldn’t want to make use of the opportunity to build 2 free websites following a step by step training? What an incentive to start an online business!

    • Israel

      Hi Carol!

      That’s exactly what I thought when I joined!

      2 websites and complete affiliate marketing training for free? And after almost a year there I couldn’t be happier with all that I’ve learned.

      And having the opportunity to help others get their financial freedom is awesome! 😉

      Thanks for commenting Carol!

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • Cristina

    Hello Israel! WA definitely worth it! Your review on this platform is excellent. The only thing I regret is not having it translated into Spanish, there are many Spanish-speaking people hungry to learn about WA, only English is their weakness. I hope that at some moment not too far away we can have at least the videos with subtitles in Spanish.Thanks for this excellent post.

    • Israel

      Hey Cristina!

      Yeah, you’re right, Wealthy Affiliate should be translated into all the languages in the world, so that everybody can have access to it. Let’s hope that happens soon 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!

      Cheers and enjoy WA!

  • Hailey

    Hey there

    thanks for your informative post!
    I have been looking online a lot lately for ways to make money and to be able to stay at home with my kids!
    I have to say I am finding nothing but wonderful comments and reviews about wealthy affiliate!
    You have put so much effort into your review so it must be an amazing thing!
    I will check it out for sure!

    • Israel

      Hi Hailey!

      I’m glad you finally found this amazing community, I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed.

      I wish you all the best of luck achieving that goal of having more quality time with your family.

      Cheers! 🙂

  • Crystal Doc

    Great review of Wealthy Affiliate!
    I am with wealthy affiliate too.
    I have been with the company for three years and my only complaint is that I get distracted by chatting in the chat option sometimes but that is my own fault!
    I have three affiliate Websites and they are all doing well.
    It is a great place to be!

    • Israel

      Hi Crystal Doc!

      I’m glad you’re already making the most of Wealthy Affiliate! 3 years and 3 affiliate websites, that sounds awesome! Keep up the good work 😉

      Thanks for sharing your experience!


  • Great review of this site. You accurately outlined all the benefits of becoming a member. I initially joined as a free member and upgraded to Premium, it is well worth it. I have joined several other sites and this is by far the best, you did a great job explaining to the newbie the benefits of joining. Your comparison of the membership levels was dead on accurate. You have reinforce my decision to maintain my membership.

    • Israel

      Hi Christine!
      I did the same thing, when I saw the benefits of the Premium Membership I didn’t think it twice 😉
      I’m glad you’re enjoying and making the most of the community already!
      Cheers and thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Chris

    I enjoyed your assessment of Wealthy Affiliate. I recently signed up with the Deadbeat superaffiliate, and from what I have seen, the information is nice but seems dated. He promotes fiverr gigs for backlinking and that is something that I am afraid to do because if Google finds out, they can and will slap you down to size.

    Does Wealthy Affiliate keep their site up to date with the latest SEO Trends? We all know Google is forever changing.

    • Israel

      Hey Chris!

      Yeah, you’re right, you need to be careful when it comes to backlinking and other techniques to attract traffic to your site.

      Wealthy Affiliate has an outstanding training on SEO and traffic generation, but everything taught there is Google-friendly. At this community people always recommend no blackhat SEO, no bridge pages, no compulsive backlinking…

      It’s all about learning to create quality content and put it out there in a very efficient way through social media, using the best long-tail keywords for each topic (“The Low-Hanging Fruit” Keyword Technique), with the purpose to help people and convert at the same time.

      As there are thousands of people in the community posting every day, you can be completely sure you’ll be up to date with the latest SEO trends and Google algorithm changes 😉

      I hope this cleared out your doubt.

      Cheers and thanks for your comment!

  • Margaret

    Your review of Wealthy Affiliate has explained the program very well. The only thing I wondered after reading your review is does it have upsells? They are my pet hate. WA seems to have everything anyone could need to succeed in their own online business and you have described the program very clearly. Thanks for the heads up on WA.

    • Israel

      Hey Margaret!

      Wealthy Affiliate has no upsells at all.

      You join for free and then you can either stay for free forever or upgrade to Premium, that’s it. No fine print, no hidden gates, everything is crystal clear there.

      The goal of WA is to help people build their thriving online business, not to sell them products. Think of this community as a Free Online Affiliate Marketing University which teaches you how to get your business started and producing revenue, and then gives you the chance to take a Master’s Degree (which would be the Premium Membership), to take your business to a whole new level learning expert online marketing techniques, so that you can boost that revenue you’re already making.

      What you just read here in my review is what you get, nothing more, nothing less 😉

      Thanks for commenting!


  • Elizabeth

    Wow, what a thorough and great review. Of course being biased I absolutely agree with the review and have actually learned so much and transferred my other sites to this. I will definitely send this to someone to let them know what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, thank you for this awesome review!

    • Israel

      Hi Elizabeth!

      Thanks for your comment!

      I’m glad you’re already enjoying this amazing community 😉


  • Bradley Boschma

    i am a new member of Wealth Affiliate and I can say it is a good business if you put the time into it. Only you can make your business grow, and if you are going to call it a business you have to treat it like a job. Wealthy Affiliate can change your life and make you rich, but you have to do the legwork first.


    • Israel

      Hi Bradley!

      That’s it! You’re going to create your own business and you gotta put all your heart and soul for it to work out, the only dfifference between this and having a regular job working for others is that you’ll be working for yourself, and you’ll be doing what you love, and this makes working on it exciting and fulfilling, don’t you think? 😉

      I’m glad you joined this awesome community!

      I wish you all the best making the most of it, my friend.

      Cheers and enjoy it!

  • Vicky

    This review clearly describes all the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate and gives a snap shot of what you get before signing up. You have clearly described the amount of support you get as well as being there for someone yourself. It is clearly a genuine opportunity as it isn’t promising to make you rich quick.

    • Israel

      Hi vicky,

      It’s important you pointed that out, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, this means working towards your dreams and making your passion your lifestyle.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • Edmunds


    Thank you for your precise review about WA. It always has been hard to find relative place where to learn about affiliate marketing and this may be the right one.
    Are you also working with WA? If yes, then how much time did it take to you to earn your first revenue?

    • Israel

      Hi Edmunds!

      If you really want to know everything about Affiliate Marketing, then Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be. 

      I joined the community about 8 months ago, and I haven’t been very active since I combine it with another job now, but I’m planning on giving it my 100% attention soon, since revenues keep growing every month.

      I started earning online at around the 4th month in the community, and that was by putting a couple of hours a day on it. The more time and effort you put into growing your business, the faster you’ll see the money coming.

      I suggest you follow the training step by step and try to make the most of it. And, also ask for help whenever you need it and enjoy the process of creating your website, that’s the best part!

      All the best, my friend! 😉

      Cheers and go for it!

  • Dustin

    Thank you for the review.

    I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for a couple months now. I’ve been pretty impressed with most of the training. Though I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a rut in their fourth module for social media training. Haven’t decided if it’s me or the content. But on the surface it just seemed like that particular section of the training is a little superficial.

    With everything else though, I’ve been thorough impressed. I love that it provides an atmosphere to gain exposure for websites that are just starting out.

    • Israel

      Hi Dustin!

      I’m glad you are already on the forth module of the training! That means you have your business up and running. Just keep up the good work, and continue the training, you’ll see in the end how it all makes sense and ends up giving you the necessary tools to make that business successful in time.

      The social media module is in this case precisely focused on helping you gain more awareness online with your website and create an audience which will convert, and you’ll see it does the trick very nicely when you put together all the modules’ knowledge.

      I suggest you also make the most of the classrooms, the live classes and the training created by the other members of the community around social media (there’s a lot of it), since you’ll be able to widen your training on that topic. Make questions, participate on the debates held in the different classrooms… that’s what in the end will give you what you need to master affiliate marketing and social engagement.

      I hope this helped you stay on track and keep pushing forward 😉

      All the best, my friend!


  • Andy

    Awesome review! I think you covered most of the high points of Wealthy Affiliate.

    Probably the thing I like the most about it is that no one reading this has to believe a word you or anyone else says because they can literally try it for free and see for themselves. How cool is that?

    Another cool thing is that there are a lot of experienced marketers at Wealthy Affiliate, and you can contact them and tap into their knowledge. Why would an experienced marketer join Wealthy Affiliate? I think with non-training related benefits (50 websites included, free SSL, website maintenance, etc.), I think a lot of experienced online marketers are discovering they can use Wealthy Affiliate as their one-stop shop for everything they need.

    • Israel

      Hey Andy!

      That’s what makes Wealthy Affiliate unique on the Internet, my friend. You said that yourself 😉

      Your all-in-one source of online tools and a whole experienced community of thousands of people willing to help you out on your journey to creating your thriving business. Cool!

      Thanks for your comment!

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • Michael

    Looks like Wealthy Affiliate is really worth it, to invest time in. Since you have probably tried this program out, how is your experience like?
    In the SiteRubix features column, there are a few different categories. What are they for? Are they really useful? How much time do I have spend to start earning money through Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Israel

      Hey Michael!

      My personal experience at Wealthy Affiliate has been great so far. Before coming across this community I knew nothing about making a website or what online marketing was all about, and now I got a couple of websites up and running, and making money, and I’m able to help other people start their online business, and that’s the best part of it! 🙂

      The categories you mention on SiteRubix are for you to specify the type of topics you’ll be covering within your niche website, they are very useful to get comments from people interested on those topics.

      And regarding the time you need to spend on your site, I can only tell you there’s no fixed rule for that, and the more effort you put on your business, the better for its growth, it’s like any other thing in life. You follow the training, give your best and make the most of the community, you’ll see how it all pays off in the end.

      Remember you’re following a 12-year-proven system to create a thriving online business. 😉

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • Maxx

    Amazing review.

    I like the review above, very simple yet and easy to digest.

    Often time I will be very cautious with these type of products when coming to making money online. I lost thousand dollars before and very upset.

    I have bought few but seems like most of the products didn’t work well and just over promising.

    Great to know Wealthy Affiliate University as solution and thanks for letting me know. Excited to giving it a try.

    I hope more and more people able to read this before wasting their hard earned money.

    well done dude

    • Israel

      Hi Maxx!

      Thanks for your comment, man!

      Yeah, there are so many scams out there it’s sometimes hard to tell where the good guys are.

      I’m very grateful I found Wealthy Affiliate and they give you the chance to join for free. If you trust your system, why wouldn’t you offer that opportunity, right?

      I’m glad you are ready to take action!

      Cheers and go for it!

      Good luck my friend 😉

  • Mo

    Wow, a really thorough review!
    I like how you concisely compared the pros and cons and included what one would expect from being a paying premium user as opposed to not paying with the starter membership!

    Would you recommend paying the one time annual salary or just testing it out for a few months at the monthly rate of $40 plus?

    • Israel

      Hi Mo!

      What I suggest you is to join for free. There’s a lot you can do to test the whole system and you do not have any time limitation to do that.

      Then, when you feel like you want to fully commit and make the most of the community, you can upgrade to Monthly Premium Membership and see how the Premium area feels like.

      If at that point you are up for full long-term commitment, it makes a lot of sense to go Yearly, since you’re going to save a lot of money, and you’re going to get everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer for less than $1 a day!

      How cool is that? 😉

      I hope this clears out any doubts!

      Cheers and all the best, my friend!

  • Ylet

    Awesome detailed review on WA! I am a premium member on the first discounted month. Everything is as expected – loads of support and information from the founders and the community.

    One just needs to be determined and focused enough to finish all lessons to the letter.

    I wonder how you are doing profit-wise?

    • Israel

      Hi Ylet!

      I’m really happy you’re taking action and making the most of the community already.

      I’ve not been at Wealthy Affiliate for a long time, but my profits keep increasing every month. I’m planning to dedicate full-time to it soon, so that I boost my earnings.

      I suggest you follow the step-by-step program and you’ll see how your effort pays off. The system has been up and running for more than 12 years and there’s a lot of people involved, so keep up the good work and it won’t disappoint you 😉

      Remember, the more you work on it, the faster you’ll reach your goal.

      Thanks for sharing your first steps at the community, so others can see what it’s like.

      Cheers and enjoy it!

  • Amit Misal

    hi Isreal,
    I just read your review about Wealthy Affiliate,
    I myself am a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate since last year and I have found this program very helpful.It’s all about how to succeed in online business.I would definitely suggest this program to your readers from my own experience.

  • Ron Kirby

    Great breakdown of Wealthy Affiliates. This article explains the entire operation in simple to understand terms, making it easy for anyone to see why WA is a perfect no cost opportunity to earn money online.
    I’d certainly give serious consideration to joining WA based on this info. Regretfully I’ve been a member for almost six weeks and am learning like crazy., otherwise you’d be signing me up.

  • Chris

    I quite fancy taking on a bit of internet marketing but I’ve always been put off by the list of tools availbale to use. You mention here that this platform will provide you with all the tools needed to succeed – will they also provide in depth training for each one? I’m a newbie at this and I’d love some direction with the software available!

    • Israel

      Hi Chris!

      That’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate does. This community provides you with:

      – Outstanding training on online marketing (affiliate marketing, email marketing, video marketing, social media, web development…)

      – All the resources you need to turn that training into a thriving business (website and blogging platform, hosting, domain management, technical support, keyword tools, …)

      – 24/7 help from thousands of members who already are succeeding online and are willing to share their knowledge with you.

      The only thing you need to do is follow the training step by step, start building your online business and ask whenever you feel stuck. It’s an easy process but it takes effort and commitment 😉

      It pays off in the end though, check out here how it’s already working for many people at WA.

      Cheers and go for it!

  • Crystal Doc

    Hey Isreal!
    So I was just talking to a colleague about my progress at Wealthy affiliate with my new Website and my rankings and she was saying it sounds like a dream world. I wasn’t even trying to get her to sign up. I was just very excited about being ranked one article away from first page after three weeks into my Website.
    I also mentioned to her that they have an affiliate program that pays almost 50% commissions monthly recurring for referring new members and she just flipped lol.
    I am going to give her the link to your Website. Maybe then she will understand the sheer excellence of being a Wealthy Affiliate member. Your Website looks great by the way. Keep up the good work!

    • Israel

      Hey Crystal Doc!

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked it 😉

      Yeah, people can’t believe they can actually do what they love and create a thriving business out of it, and that’s because they are so caught up in their daily routine that it gets hard to imagine there’s a way to escape it and be financially free.

      Keep up the good work with your website!

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • Piscesian Lady

    What a wonderful review! I am so proud to take part in WA community. There is no regret in joining WA. I found it help me learn a lot of new things, and finding great people inside. Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching. That is what i feel in WA, learning and also helping others.


    • Israel

      Hey Piscesian Lady!

      So true, those are some wise words 😉

      I’m glad you already are enjoying the community.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.


  • Chris

    I’ve spent the last few days researching this wealthy affiliate opportunity and all I find is good news – got to be a positive sign there right?
    I’m just wondering how often there are price hikes – do the charges for the premium account change at all and if so…are past members locked into the old price they were paying?

    • Israel

      Hi Chris!

      There are no upsells at Wealth Affiliate. When you become a Premium Member, you are either going to pay $49/month or $359/year (this deal makes it less than $1/day).

      And this price hasn’t changed since they started 12 years ago. At WA they only want to make sure you get the best quality of training and resources, and they know the daily struggle, so they tried to set this up as low as possible and make it crystal clear for you. There’s no fine print you may regret later like in other platforms.

      I hope this clears out your doubt 😉


  • Kirsty Pea


    Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed and comprehensive review of WA. I have to say it sounds great, I’ve been thinking of starting my own blog and I would love to know how to turn it into a profitable business. I will definitely be checking Wealthy Affiliate out.


    • Israel

      Hi Kristy!

      I wish you all the best with that blog! I’m sure you’ll make it work! 😉

      Cheers and remember to enjoy the process!

  • Warren

    Hi, Israel. This is one of the most thorough and in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate that I have ever read. You take us through the initial thought in your head that maybe I want to do this to where you become a Master of internet marketing. I really like your cost comparison to a cup of coffee being more expensive on a daily basis. You touched on some really great tools like the starter program where you can take Wealthy Affiliate and all it has to offer for a spin to see if you are compatible with it. Good info. Well done.

  • Linda

    The scripture says that the Lord left the male responsible for income. Therefore, when a man looses a job r has nt enough to pay bills, it’s like stepping and squishing him to the ground. I am glad to see this affiliate university program with such legit founders. Extra income never hurts!

  • Excelle

    I Like the title of your site, The Husband’s Corner, I thought it was a site that dishes out advice for husbands. But after reading your blog post, I realized that there is no better advice to give husbands than how to build up their finances.
    The Wealthy Affiliate program is loaded with a lot of info on starting out on the internet marketing journey and with help and support, I don’t see why men and women, boys and girls can’t succeed.
    Thanks for the detail review.

    • Israel

      Hi Excelle!

      I’m glad you like the page 😉 Actually what you thought is the point of the page, since I’m a husband and I want to help others do what they love.

      And you’re absolutely right, anybody can succeed with Wealthy Affiliate program!

      Thanks for commenting!

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • Alyssa

    I can always tell that I’m reading a good review when my hands curl into little fists of excitement! Wealthy Affiliates sounds like the real deal, not some fly-by-night company. The training and access to 24/7/365 support is really appealing. It’s not easy to try to pull together all of that knowledge from various blogs on the internet. Plus, training videos and being able to ask experts and forming a supportive network from other members sounds amazing. How long have you been a member?


    • Israel

      Hi Alyssa!

      You really made an interesting point there: Wealty Affiliate is the all-in-one marketing online platform, saving you a lot of time and money looking for all the resources you need to build your online business out there.

      I’ve been a memeber for more than 6 months now, and I’m amazed of how much I’ve learned in this short amount of time. I’m really looking forward to growing my business and being able to help others do the same.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  • Andrew Williams

    Thank you for your review! Just like you have said, this is something that everyone should really give it a try. I have joined WA about a year ago and took a break because I was not in the correct mindset to push on. Now that I am back, I really support what you believe in as well. To anyone who is really considering, they should really give it a go!

    • Israel

      Hey Andrew!

      You said that well, it’s important to have the correct mindset so that this works for you. It’s like buying a bike to lose weight and then not use it at all because you don’t feel like it.

      You need to focus on what you love and let Wealthy Affiliate Community help you achieve the goal of turning that into a successful business 😉

      I hope now you’re ready to take action and go all in!

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • shaunell

    Hi there,

    Have to start off with the Title. Love it! I agree their wife will definitely appreciate more income. I like the fact that for each step in explaining about Wealth Affiliate that you Incorporated pictures to guide them better. I’m a visual person so that would definitely help me. You went really in dept with the process and why people should join which is really good. I feel as though its a one stop shop, they wouldn’t need to look anywhere else as everything is handed to them there. Also great that you actually have real people success included in the article so people know that this is for real! Awesome!

    • Israel

      Hi Shaunell!

      I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s very important for people to know that this is not a platform that just popped up out of nowhere, this has been going on for more than 12 years now, and there’s many people who are already making a solid income by using this simple system.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  • Alice

    Thank you for this thorough review of the Wealthy Affiliate. And yes I agree 100% that it is definitely and absolutely worth it! Joining WA is one of the best career decisions I’ve ever made. As a happy and satisfied premium member, I’d say that it is the best place to learn everything you need to know to be successful online.

    I personally recommend this to anyone who wants to learn the basics of online marketing and to those who want to make a living out of their passion and interest.

  • Brendon

    Hello Israel,
    I have just finished reading your review of the Wealthy Affiliate program, great job!
    I am new to affiliate marketing and I am very interested in the training that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.
    I have one question, can you really make a living writing about your passions, I love fishing, but where would I find products that I can offer?

    • Israel

      Hey Brendon!

      Actually, you can. Whatever it is you’re passionate about, there’s a lot of people on the Internet searching for that same topic. And that means, you can build a business through affiliate marketing, based on helping those people out.

      Fishing is great niche. For instance, if you search “fishing apparel” on Amazon, you come up with more than 60.000 products related with that topic you can promote. And, that’s just one website in the whole online world!

      I suggest you start off with the training, create your website and enjoy helping others around what you love to do. It’s the best job you can go for, don’t you think? 😉

      Cheers and go for it my friend!

  • Susan

    I am new to Wealthy Affiliate but certainly feel that it is a great platform! Truly appreciate all the training material here and is slowly building my way up! To all newbies out there, I wish you the best of luck in your journey and will certainly advise you to take this chance to try out wealthy affiliate and see where it can take you!
    Cheers, Susan

    • Israel

      Hi Susan!

      Thanks for commenting and welcome to The Best Online Marketing Community 😉

      I wish you all the best at WA, and do not hesitate asking if you ever feel stuck!

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • freddy

    Hi Israel,

    Firstly, thank you for such a comprehensive review. I was wandering if wealthy affiliate was really worth it. I like the was there is so much training and not only that, but daily training as well. I don’t think I have seen this offered anywhere else. I really think that the live webinars is another great feature. I really like the business model and it makes sense. I think I will try the starter membership since its free – you really cant go wrong and im glad wealthy affiliate offers a free trial -sign of a trustworthy company.

    • Israel

      Hi Freddy!

      When you believe in your system, there’s no need to drag people into it.

      Wealthy Affiliate’s success speaks for itself. You join because it’s free, and you’ll stay because it’s awesome!

      Cheers and good luck! 🙂

  • Mat A.

    Hello Israel,
    Thank you for sharing your in depth review of WA. I can tell you have been a member at WA for a little more than a year than I have and have learned and mastered much.

    I’ve been part of the WA community for about 2 months and something in your review resonated with me very much – the sense of community. I would say the main reason I just recently decided to go for the year long membership all at once was the sense of community. I am now WordPress master by anyone’s stretch of the imagination and the support and community sense at WA makes all the difference in the world to me – I absolutely love it.

    Secondly the training and direction is so good. It is truly a one stop shop chock full of great wisdom and direction from 2 guys that obviously love sharing their knowledge with others. Thanks for the review!

    Mat A.

    • Israel

      Hi Mat!

      I would have said that better, my friend. Paying it forward is the motto at WA, and that’s great!

      I’m happy the WA experience is being so fulfilling for you!

      Keep it up and enjoy the process!


  • Mei Scarlet

    Wow! This really looks like the real deal! Even checking out the many positive reviews on Wealthy Affiliate… I think I’ve finally come to a decision that it’s worth it. Plus, what do I have to lose?! You can start off with a free membership… which I have just done a few hours ago, and I think I love it already. I’m not quite sure about Premium yet… but seeing how awesome the free membership is – I think I will eventually be making my way over to Premium! What I’m really curious about is the free live webinars every week…. sometimes listening to someone else talk is the best way I learn!

    Thanks for the well organised review, mate!! Cheers! 🙂

    • Israel

      Hey Mei!

      I’m really glad you’re ready to take action, that’s the key moment to change your life!

      Like you say, you got nothing to lose. Check the Free Starter Membership out, see for yourself, and then you decide if you want to take your business to a whole new level with all the knowledge and resources you have.

      I can tell you the webinars are the best of the Premium Membership. Experts talking about the best ways to boost your online business every week, while you can interact live with them and the rest of the members of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for your feedback!

      Cheers and enjoy your new life doing what you love! 😉

  • Years ago I used to worry that I needed to go out of the house to find a job, commute for a couple of hours to earn a minimum wage.
    Now I realise that there’s no real need for global unemployment levels to be as high as they are.
    Millions of people unemployed who are just not aware of the potential available to them for working online.
    My business in the MMO niche works perfectly for me with 3 products, each very individual, but very lucrative in their own right.
    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best place to LEARN how to earn money online

    • Israel

      Hi Dave!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

      You’re absolutely right, jobs have changed, every day there’s more digital nomads doing what they love and less people at the office working for others. That’s what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. Learning how to make a living out of your passion.

      I’m glad you are already earning money thanks to WA. Keep it up, my friend!

      Cheers and all the best! Enjoy!

  • Kari

    Hi 🙂 Hope your day is well.

    This review is very thorough and gives a great highlight of the whole experience. I don’t think I would add anything else because you’ve pretty much covered it all. Thank you for the review that makes me excited to be a part of a great community.

    • Israel

      Hey Kari!

      I’m glad you’re already taking action at WA.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Enjoy the community and your new life doing what you love 😉

  • Matt T

    I’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate member for a few years now and I can say firsthand that it’s well worth it. In fact, it’s extremely cheap in my opinion. It’s funny how before I started, I thought $360 per year was a lot, but it’s really negligible in the grand scheme of things. What you receive in terms of training, support, and tons of other features is worth hundreds, maybe even thousands more. I highly recommend it.

    • Israel

      Hey Matt!

      That’s what I though when I joined. Man! Can you imagine having to look for all those courses, training, resources and people who are able to help you at any time, through the Internet? Having all of them together is awesome!

      And compared to the cost of an Online Marketing Degree… really worth it! 😉

      You earn money as you learn, and you’re doing what you love. What else can you ask for?

      Thanks for sharing your experience, my friend!

      Keep it up!


  • Joshua

    Great article! This is the best review of WA that I’ve personally come across. There’s a great lot of detail about all the benefits and why it suits certain people.

    What is so great about WA is how affordable it is for what you get. There is basically no excuse to follow your passion and build a business you’ll truly love working on – what they provide is phenomenal!

    • Israel

      Hi Joshua!

      Thanks for commenting!

      You said that! There’s no excuse now to follow your dreams! 😉

      Cheers and go for it!

  • Jason

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “it’s so easy to make money online”. It’s not. Like any business, it requires hard work and dedication…no matter how you choose to stake a claim to your fortune. I can speak from experience and say that Wealthy Affiliate is a great gateway to added financial freedom. It is by no means a get rich quick scheme (and if you believe in those, I have some oceanside property in Iowa I’d like to sell you). It’s a great community powered by fantastic support that offers all you need to run a successful online business. If I wasn’t already a member, your review would definitely have me clicking to find out more!

    By the way, I’m really liking your website, Israel. The tagline “Your Wife Will Appreciate This” is brilliant. I’m looking forward to visiting again and reading more here.

    • Israel

      Hey Jason!

      That’s right, my friend, there’s no easy money online, you have to work your way to financial freedom, and what could be better than doing that through something you love?

      Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you liked THC and that you’re already a proud WA member 🙂

      By the way, that oceanside property in Iowa got me thinking for a sec… LOL

  • Gomer Magtibay

    Wealthy Affiliate seemed to be a great deal, and I’ve been watching the company for many years now. The members and the affiliates are all reporting good things, with screenshots of their earnings. Right now, I am confused of which team to join, as I understand that there are many teams competing inside Wealthy Affiliate. If I join your team, what would be the difference than joining others?

    Also, I’d like to ask, that if I take the Starter Membership instead of going directly to Premium, will I also receive your promised bonus?

    • Israel

      Hey Gomer!

      Wealthy Affiliate is not about competition with others, you don’t need to join any team.

      It’s a community for all those who want to learn how to create a successful online business out of their passion. You learn, help others and earn money at the same time.

      I suggest you join for free through the Starter Membership and follow the training step by step. You’ll see the results pretty soon. You’ll be creating your site, content, traffic and then money will come.

      The important thing here is that you enjoy this process and you’ll be earning money doing what you love.

      I hope it’s clear for you now what WA means, my friend 😉

      Cheers and go for it!

  • RichPersonality

    At the start i thought that wealthy affiliate is a scam, because there are so many scams on the internet and i simply thought that it’s just too good to be true, however i tried and now i can assure everyone that it’s not a scam, yes it will take time, work and dedication, but your financial goals can be achieved with wealthy affiliate. Great constructive review, i really liked your article, thanks for sharing.

  • Jim

    Hi Israel, this is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate. It appears that you’ve got it all covered and I must agree, it’s been a great platform for me especially being a beginner when it comes to website building and the techy stuff. This may be the best review I’ve read yet about WA. I especially appreciate how helpful the entire community is. Thanks for the added insight, Jim M

    • Israel

      Hi Jim!

      Actually, that great help from the whole community you talked about and the beginner-friendly tools are the key of Wealthy Affiliate’s success.

      Thanks for your comment 😉

      Cheers and keep it up!

  • Jonathan

    Wealthy affiliate seems to be the hot topic for making a success online.
    After reading your review it convinced my to take a look inside and join for free to check it out.

    I did find it overwhelming with a lot going on!

    The members are so welcoming and made me feel at home instantly.

    I am just a bit confused about what I should do, as there seem to be 2 free courses, which one should I do first? or do I do both of them?

    • Israel

      Hi Jonathan,

      Yeah, it can be a bit overwhelming once you first join, since there’s a lot of information. But you’ll get the hang of it very fast, you’ll see.

      I suggest you go straight to the green button which says “Get Started Here” at the top left menu of the main page. That’s the Online Entepreneur Certification Course which will teach you everything you need to know to build a thriving business online step by step.

      I also encourage you do all the tasks presented in the lessons and to ask anything if you feel stuck.

      You’ll do great, my friend!

      Cheers and success! 😉

  • Bobby

    Great information site. You covered it all with WA. I like the fact there is so much help on WA it makes it so easy if you have a question about anything. What is the thing you like best about WA? Thanks for the education information about a wonderful company.

    • Israel

      Hey Bobby!

      Actually you said that. The great sense of community and the fact that you get all the help you need at any time is what makes Wealthy Affiliate great!

      Thanks for commenting!

      All the best! 😉

  • Gomer Magtibay

    I know this WA thing is about creating niche websites. I’ve been hearing a lot of things about WA online, and it seems most people involved as saying good things about the company.

    Now, my question is, if a loved one decides to join WA, what do you recommend the new member to focus on? Referring people to WA or just concentrate on building niche websites?

    • Israel

      Hi Gomer!

      I always recommend any newcomer to Wealthy Affiliate to get started by doing the Online Entepreneur Certification, which is the base to understanding how to create your business, attract traffic and earn revenue.

      It’s easier at the beginning to start promoting something you are passionate about, since your knowledge of the topic makes it easier to write posts and come up with ideas to help people.

      But, in case the new member doesn’t have a clue of which niche to promote, you always have the option to help others by explaining them how to create an online business with all the tools WA offers.

      If you’ve read about the community, you might have realized it’s based on helping people, so that’s the point here. How do you feel more comfortable helping others? Is there any area of expertise you master and want to give people a hand?

      I hope this helps you with your questions 😉

      I’m here anytime or you can also contact me in my Wealthy Affiliate personal profile.

      Take care, my friend!

  • HappyB

    This appears to be just what I have been looking for.
    I am a relative newcomer to the world of internet business and I have looked at various ways to get the knowledge and experience I need to make money with an online business.
    I had felt wary and disbelieving that there was anything real out there to help me on my way. This looks like it is a good place to start.
    I have already joined with the free membership but confess, I did very little to make things happen.
    Then I read your review and “Bang!” it all clicked in my head.
    I need to do some work and study and my opportunity is here at last.
    Thanks for laying things out clearly.

    • Israel

      Hi HappyB!

      I’m glad this helped you realize you need to take action.

      At Wealthy Affiliate you have al the resources you need to create a thriving online business, the only thing you need to do is put the effort to make that happen. Remember you’ll be creating a lifestyle out of your passion, so the key is to have fun and help people in the way.

      I wish you all the best in your new adventure! 🙂

      Take care and be happy!

  • Greg Cook

    What a fantastic review of Wealthy Affiliate. You have covered everything in detail and made me want to join again. I have just recently joined and must say I have never seen a single negative review anywhere. I love the ‘Pay It Forward’ way of helping others. They have really created something special here, and it’s great that you can get going for free and get as far as you want, and if you want to step in up to Premium, it is entirely up to you. Thanks for your informative review.

    • Israel

      Hey Greg!

      Yeah! that’s why I joined. This is a community and it’s all about helping others.

      Why shouldn’t it be free to join so that you can see for yourself? Amazing, right? 😉

      I’m glad you’re already taking action, my friend!

      Cheers and success!

  • Michael

    Great review about Wealthy Affiliate. Being a member myself I would say the top 3 things I really enjoy about it are:

    1. Easy step by step training to help you build a real online business
    2. Direct access to Kyle, Carson, and the thousands of people who are part of this community that you can share ideas with.
    3. Support 24/7 helping you with everything and anything.

    This really is a great program for anyone that is willing to work hard and learn to build a business.

    Thanks again for your review.

    • Israel

      Hey Michael!

      I’m with you! The amazing sopport from all the comunity, including the founders themselves, and step-by-step training are basically what make Wealthy Affiliate one of the best online marketing communities.

      And if you add it’s free to join, what else can you ask for when it comes to build your own thriving onlin business? 😉

      I’m glad you’re already taking action, my friend!

      Cheers and success!

  • Wow what an extensive review, i often find people just posting reviews outlining the basics and most of the time they haven’t even tried out the product, they just want you to buy.
    But this review really covers all bases and explains everything, you can see that you know your stuff and it is presented in a way that is easy to understand.
    I love that you have put in success stories, this really motivates me and makes me feel like this product is worth my while, the idea of making a full time income from something you love is just the best feeling ever, particularly if you have a young family.
    Great site idea and even better review!

    • Israel

      Hi Colleen!
      People look for honesty out there, specially since the Internet is full of scams and people who only want you to buy stuff so that they can cash out some comissions. That’s why I put this review together, so that they can see there’s still good people who want to see you succeed and are willing to help you out in the process 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words.
      All the best!

  • DorcasW

    Iscoo178; This is powerful stuff. You did it much better than I could.
    The banners that you have shown is good information about the product. It is called “sell off”, who could ever doubt your promotion?
    One of the most important things that people need to understand about this amazing platform is that it’s offers cannot be doubted because it is giving you the opportunity to do good business like on a platter. Would you call Wealthy Affiliate a more organised edition Social Media?

    • Israel

      Hi DorcasW!

      Wealthy Affiliate really sells itself, like you said. And, yeah, I’d say if there was an Affiliate Marketing Facebook, that would be Wealthy Affiliate, for sure.

      The key of the great success of this awesome community has always been the social side of it and the pay-it-forward motto. People who already are being successful with their online business helping others who are just starting so that they do not have to go through all the mistakes they made.

      It’s really the place to be today if you want to learn everything about how the online world works and be up-to-date with all the trends and changes.

      Thanks for sharing your point of view with us! 🙂

      All the best!

  • Hilary Bassakaropoulos

    Hi Israel Thank you for sharing this very thorough and thoughtful review. It makes it so easy to understand why so many people have chosen to join WA.
    I am sure this will help not only people who are thinking about joining but also WA members who are not too sure about exactly what their membership includes.
    It has certainly reminded me of the benefits which we can sometimes take for granted.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the recent updates that have been added recently.

    • Israel

      Hi Hilary,

      I’m glad you’re confident you made the right choice by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

      These guys really put together an awesome platform that’s changing everyday towards helping people succeed online. The recent integration of Jaxxy as the main keyword tool for the community is a great step. And the constant updates on website management and community usability are the thing that make a difference in an online platform.

      There was also a recent update on the Premium Revenue Management, where you can better check and manage your numbers, I really like that one, it helps get the most of the Premium Membership.

      Thanks for commenting! And sharing your point of view and I wish you all the best in your journey to build your thriving online business!

      Cheers! 😉

  • Tadeusz Przechodzki

    Hello Israel,
    This is a stellar review of Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Business, the most comprehensive I have ever read. The use of images enhances markedly the description of the business. If I would not have been a Premium member of WA I would not hesitate to try it because of your stellar detailed description and I had nothing to lose. I feel most people are fearful signing up because they are either afraid that it’s a scam or they don’t believe they can do it.

    • Israel

      Hi Tadeusz!

      You’re right. Many people are afraid of being scammed. There’s too many shady stuff out there, and it’s understandable.

      But, how can you get scammed when it’s completely free to join and nobody asks you money in advance? 😉

      Thanks for your comment!

      I hope you make the most of this awesome community 😉

  • David Hurley

    Hi Israel,

    I think you covered all the bases with this review! I totally agree that WA is well worth joining. There’s a lot for free members, but Premium membership takes the biscuit. I’ve been a Premium member for over two years now and get a lot of value from my membership.

    I’d like to expand on your statement, “If you don’t have anything you’re passionate about, don’t even worry about it.”

    I’d suggest that if someone wants to start and online business doesn’t have a specific passion, they can **develop** a passion by researching various markets and finding something that interests them and that has a lot of profit potential.

    For Premium members, the Jaaxy keyword and niche research service that’s built into the membership site is an excellent place to start.

    All the best,

    David Hurley

    • Israel

      Hi David!

      You’re absolutely right. There’s never been a better time to find a passion you didn’t even know you had.

      Also, if you’re submerged into a daily routine that kills your creativity and inspiration, Wealthy Affiliate can easily help you find that passion you may have left behind and you didn’t remember you once had.

      As you very well pointed out, Jaaxy is the best keyword tool than can help you find those interests that can make a stable and thriving online business 😉

      Thanks a lot for your insights on this.

  • Ganardineroporcjc

    Hello Israel,
    I must congratulate you for your review of Wealthy Affiliate. The truth is all the content very well explained. Being also a WA member, I can certify the veracity of everything expressed in this excellent review. With images and comparative tables that show the difference between free and premium members.

    • Israel


      Thanks for your comment.

      I’m glad you’re already taking action and making the most of the community.

      All the best! 😉

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