Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or What?

Wealthy AffiliateIf you’re wondering that, it means you’ve somehow heard about Wealthy Affiliate, right?

You may have been reading reviews online and seen a lot of people praising the awesomeness of that affiliate marketing platform and telling you how lucrative it is and how much money they make doing what they love.

So, now you’re like: “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or What? Cause, damn! If it’s not, I want in!”

Am I right?

But you’re not sure, and you don’t take the leap. Cause you’re here, reading this and trying to find out if you’re gonna be ripped off or something…

Well, this uncertainty ends today, my friend.

I’ve been there too, not that long ago, and I’m going to explain you what made me realize I was wasting my time by not joining Welathy Affiliate right away.

Wanna find out?

How Can You Tell If Something Is A Scam?

OK, first thing’s first. I get it.

The Internet is full of bastards who just live to create all kinds of tricks to try to sell you anything and then run away with the money and you end up with nothing, beating youself up for having trusted them.

“Yeah, this happens all the time, so sorry for thinking anything can be a rip-off online” (I know).

What are you thinking about when you’re considering that somethinAvoid Online Scams!g can be a scam?

The Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary defines SCAM as: a dishonest way to make money by deceiving people.

So, it’s correct to state that when somebody wants to scam you, they just want your money and they don’t mean any good, right?

I know most of you already knew that, but come on, cut me some slack, I’m trying to make a point here 😉

So telling the difference between something that is a scam and something that is not is quite easy if you think about it.


  1. They ask you for money up front.
  2. They contact you out of the blue through email with a limited offer.
  3. They promise you will make a lot of money fast and easy without any work.
  4. Their system involves tricking other people into it to get your cut.
  5. You can’t tell who it is behind the curtains offering the deal. No customer support or detailed company information shown ahywhere.
  6. They can’t show proof that what they promise you is real.
  7. You can’t find any positive honest unbiased review online about it.

Now, these are pretty much all the red flags that give away any scam online.

There are scams that meet one of them, others some of them and others even all of them at once, but if you spot just one red flag, run away and don’t look back.



Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Well, that should be an easy question to answer now, right?

Let’s go through the seven clues you already know can make you suspect something is a scam and put Wealthy Affiliate to the test right now to see if it is legit.

At the end of this article, I’ll also leave you a link to my Wealthy Affiliate Full Review.


1. How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate will never ask you to put money up front.

Joining their community is abolutely FREE, since the owners state that they want people to see how the system works for themselves, so that they can see if it is what they’re really looking for.

So, when you join through the Starter Membership, you get access to the whole community and then you’re able to make an educated decision of staying or leaving.

If you choose to stay, you can be a free member for as long as you want.

They also have a Premium Membership, and that does have a cost. But you will have all the time in the world once you’re in to decide if that’s for you or not. Nobody will force you to upgrade. Starter Membership has no conditions.


2. How To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

You won’t receive any kind of spam email from Wealthy Affiliate or any of its members asking you to join with limited offers, tricks or empty promises.

Remember we said earlier that it’s completely FREE to join, so if you ever receive an email from an unknown address trying to trick you into joining by paying, it’s for sure a scam from somebody who is trying to get your data and steal your money and has no relation with Wealthy Affiliate whatsoever.

The only way you can join is by going to Wealthy Affiliate’s website and create a free account.

You will only need your NAME, E-MAIL, PASSWORD and USER NAME. Just like when you set up an email account or sign up for a newsletter online. No credit card or bank account needed.

You can see it on this screenshot of the main page:

Wealthy Affiliate Main Page


3. What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Affiliate Marketing Training Platform.

Basically, they teach you how to create your own business online and make money out of it through Affiliate Marketing.

The Online Entrepreneur Certificate Course is a step-by-step program included in the Starter MemberStart here!ship, that starts off by helping you build your own website (you got your 2 own sites with the free membership), learning how to create quality content and then monetizing it through the most effective and updated techniques so that you end up with a long haul thriving business that gives you stable revenue.

The first warning they give you is that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-overnight scheme. You will need to learn and work hard. So if you expect to make a milion in the next couple of months, you better play the lotto.

But if you’re willing to work hard, you will be creating the solid foundation of a successful long haul business, and you will start making money progressively as you learn.

Together with this complete course (the pic shows the 1st level, there’s 4 more), you will have all the necessary tools to create an authority website with quality content (hosting and technical support, keyword tools and lists, WordPress themes and plugins) and 24/7 help from the community to make sure you’re doing it right along the way.


4. How to Make Money From Wealthy Affiliate?

As we talked about earlier, the Wealthy Affiliate Program is based on Affiliate Marketing, which consists on getting comissions from companies, every time somebody buys stuff at their sites through one of your affiliate links.

You choose an interest or something you’re passionate about and create your website around it. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to write relevant content and bring relevant traffic to your site, which will eventually be your source of revenue.

It's that easy!

On the other hand, if you have no interest or hobbies, you can learn everything about Online Marketing on their Affiliate Bootcamp Course and get money from Wealthy Affiliate by referring people to their platform.

Either way, you’ll be making honest money online by helping people. Either giving them advice on the topic you’ve decided to create your website around or helping them make a living through affiliate marketing. You don’t need to trick anybody into it.


5. Who Runs Wealthy Affiliate?

The first thing you notice when you join Wealthy Affiliate is that everything is transparent there. People update pictures to their profiles and write about their personal story and progress in the community, so you can see who’s behind the user name.Kyle and Carson

And this also applies to the owners of the platform, Kyle and Carson (right pic).

Within the first hour upon joining, you’ll get a private message from Kyle, welcoming you into the community and giving your the first steps you need to follow to getting started online.

He is very active in the community. It’s himself who records the training videos you’ll be following along the free training course, he’s constantly helping people in the live chat and also answering questions in the classrooms.

Carson and him created Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 and have been totally involved on helping the members since then. So, as you can see, nobody hiddes there and you will always see your questions and problems solved right away.


6. Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

The members of Wealthy Affiliate have been sharing their successful progress since 2005 with all the community. And this is not to brag about them, it’s just to motivate the newcomers to work harder as they can see that work will pay off.

Everybody starts off in the same situation when they join and it’s a proven thing that if you persist and do not give up, results start to show for anybody. You don’t even need a previous online education. The training is dummy-proof (I can asure you that myself ;)).

The community is always encouraging people to share not only their doubts or problems, but also their progress and success, and explain how they achieved it, so that the rest can learn from their advice and improve their business.

Get inspired with some of those Wealthy Affiliate success testimonials from real people of the community.


7. Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

If you search on the Internet (I’m sure you have already, and that’s why you are reading this) you’ll find many positive reviews of Wealthy Affiliate.

You may have also noticed that all those reviews have been made by real people on their personal websites, where you can leave a comment or get in touch with them to ask them about their personal experiences.

So, it’s no strange you’re bumping into just praising words to this community since, like you’ve seen, it has nothing to hide and it only exists to help people get started online and do what they love for a living, how nice is that?

Now you have a little more information to answer your question: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam of What?

And do you want to know where I learned everything about how to tell if something is a scam? Yeah, you guessed right, in Wealthy Affiliate.

So you can get started online right now! And learn everything to master the Internet Marketing so that nobody is able to scam you again anymore 😉


If you’re interested on a deep analysis of all the tools, resources and possibilites that this online platform can offer, you can always check out my personal complete Wealthy Affiliate Review.

And, following the “pay-it-forward” motto of the community, if you have any question, doubt or anything you may need, please do not hesitate leaving a comment here, emailing me or contacting me at my personal Wealthy Affiliate profile.


  • Jordan

    Great review!

    I have actually had some experience with Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s definitely excellent.

    You make a good point about the nature of scams. If you know what to look for it’s actually pretty easy to spot those red flags when you’re being hit with the pitch for a scam. Wealthy Affiliate was very straightforward from the start, and that’s what won me over.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Israel

      Hey Jordan!

      I’m happy you’re already a part of the Wealthy Affiliate family! The bigger it is, the more knowledge we can all share and benefit from.

      Thanks for commenting and keep it up! 🙂

  • jeremy

    Thanks for the info. The specifics on what to look for are key. I just came across a program that wanted $28 a month and a one-time fee of $12,000. Crazy but people will pay it to try to get a leg up on the competition. Are there any suggestions you have to someone looking to get into a work from home business?

    • Israel

      Hey Jeremy!

      Yeah, it’s sad the amount of scammers there are out there trying to take advantage of people who are in a desperate situation or just have some money to spend and make no previous research.

      Regarding your question, there are lots of different options to work online on your own terms today, you just need to find the one which suits you the best. Check them out here: Free Legit Opportunities to Work From Home.

      I hope that helps you find your way to financial freedom!

      Thanks for your comment! 😉

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