How To Work From Home Online For Free – Legit Work Home Opportunities

Work from HomeAre you working part-time or got a minimum wage job? Are you retired or studying? Would like to make some extra cash on your spare time?

Do you want to quit a job you hate and start working on your own terms?

Or maybe you’re unemployed and tired of looking for conventional jobs and would like to work from home?

Whichever your case is, there’s good news for you, because today I’m going to show you How To Work From Home Online For Free

And don’t worry, I’m talking Legit Work Home Opportunities. No scams here, no fine print, no bullshit. Put your wallet away cause you’re not going to need your credit card for this.

Make Honest Money Online

The opportunities we’ll be discussing here are real and they can help you earn money online without paying any money up-front. You’ll just need to register, usually with your e-mail and password and start making money.

Do not expect to make a million overnight with these formulas, because you’d be disappointed.

Please, stay away from scams which try to sell you the idea that making 6 figures the first month is possible for anybody and then they ask you to pay before they explain you how to do it.

If you’re interested in making some extra cash or starting your own long-haul online thriving business, stick around, cause this is for you.

I’m going to break down some of the ways that Internet brings you to work from home and make money in a honest and legitimate way.


How To Work From Home Online For Free

Today, more than 50 million people in the United States alone, spend at least some time of their days working remotely. And this number increases every year.

That means the world is changing and the business opportunities brought by the online market are growing every day. This is the trend and it’s here to stay.

Let’s review the most used ways to make money online these days, but first let me split them into two different categories:

Ways to just make fast cash with little effort: thousands of websites allow you to make fast money online through little “jobs” they demand.

Ways to make passive income online: these are ways of creating one or more income streams which will be giving you revenue on a regular basis and, once they’re stablished, they will require a minimum effort to maintain them. This involves creating your own brand or business online and becoming an authority on your field. It requires a certain amount of work you need to put in at first, but it will turn into your own long-haul thriving business eventually.

Let’s beak the down and see which are the most used ways in each of these categories:


Make Money Fast Online Free

If you’re only looking for some extra cash to cope with the monthly bills, to save for a travel or a special occasion or so that you can give you buy you a treat every once in a while, these are some ways you can make some extra bucks online:



Companies are always trying to sell more products, thus they always need to learn more about their potential buyers, so that they can make the best fitting products for them and maximize their revenue.

That’s why they rely on surveys to get to know their potential customers better.

There are thousands of online survey pages onoline that will pay you to respond to their questions regarding specific topics you’re interested in.

You just need to register on their site and fill in their forms so that they can select the appropiate surveys according to your date and send them to you.

They usually pay cash once you’ve reached a minimum amount on your account, but sometimes you can also get Amazon or other companies’ vouchers in exchange.

Some of the best paying Survey Sites are: MySurvey, Toluna, Global Test Market.

Online Surveys



This is a special site Amazon has for people who need help from others to do micro-jobs.

When you get into the site, you need to register and then you have the HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) you’re eligible to complete given your personal data and preferences.

They don’t pay much, but they usually are quite fast and simple tasks like transcriptions of videos or audios, listing off different kinds of URLs based on given criteria, all kinds of surveys, text translation, graphic design…

Just make sure the pay is worth the amount of work before you start any of those, and you’re all set up to make some extra cash. The more HITs you do, the more you’ll make.

Create your Mechanical Turk Account here and start right now.




Fiverr is a site where you can independently offer your services to other people starting at $5.

Just use the things you’re good at that. Categories like Graphic Design, Marketing, Programming, Social Media are the most demanded, but there’s also others involving creative and funny aptitudes like singing Happy birthday to anybody, or doing impersonations, drawings… You can find the most weird demands and offers on this site.

Just check what’s being offered in certain categories you want to jump into and be different, creative and deliver exactly what people need and demand, and then, as soon as you’re getting positive reviews from your customers, you’ll gain awareness within the platform and people will demand more from you.

Get started at Fiverr today.




Are you a professional on any area of expertise?

There are websites where you can sign up as an expert on specific fields where people usually need help on a daily basis, so that you can answer their questions and make money from home while you do it.

Lawyers, Consultants, Mechanics, Doctors, Nurses, Vets, Electricians, Plumbers, Programmers, Engineers, Teachers… Any sector of the economy you can think of, there’s an expert who earns money by answering questions online.

If you’re an expert as well, you just need to register on the platforms that offer this kind of services and start earning money by helping others in that specific topic you master. The more questions you answer and the more positive reviews, the higher the probabilities of getting more awareness and making more money.

People will be getting expert advice for a way lower price than if they had to go see an expert on that matter, and from the comfort of their homes. So it’s a win-win situation.

Check out these sites: Just Answer, Ask The Experts.

Become an Expert


Passive Income Online Ideas

But, on the other hand, if you don’t want just some extra bucks, but instead you would like to create a solid and stable thriving online business based on your passion, you could use some of these ideas to create residual income streams:



You’ve heard of Amazon, right? They sell more than 1 million books a day just in amazon US. So imagine the possibilities there.

Anybody can write a book about a topic they know about and sell it online. Did you know that?

Just think of what you like to do or anything you’re good at. Playing guitar, gardening, business, cooking, fitness… You can write about it, teaching people hacks or tips on that specific topic you choose, upload it to Amazon and you have a potential best-selling book.

It’s that easy. And the same happens if it’s a fiction novel.

Then, even being on Amazon you need to do a little promotion through social media, so that people can share it and your sales benefit from that. Write stuff that gives value to your readers and they would gladly do the marketing work for you.

You can start right away on their Kindle Direct Publishing Platform.

Publish your ebook



YouTube is the number one video platform today. Millions of youtubers are making a pretty decent living by uploading videos of all imaginable topics.

You can create a YouTube channel literally about anything you can come up with: tutorials, news, health, pets, cars, sports, entertainment, travel vlogging. You just need to choose a niche you’re familiar and comfortable with.

Check out the topics you like or know about and see how other people are already doing it on their channels. Be creative, be yourself and try to do things different and add some value with what you put out there so that people subscribe to your channel.

It takes time to build a following on YouTube, but the more consistently you upload quality stuff, the more likely your channel will be to be shown on the results and get views.

If you already have a gmail account, you automatically have a YouTube account as well, so just go there and start you awesome YouTube channel now.

Start your Youtube Channel



Again, this is related with your personal or professional knowledge.

You can create an educational course on any topic and upload it to a platform where they will offer it to their users, so they can learn what they were looking for at a competitive price and you can get money out of it.

As you know, Internet is getting super social these days, so there’s high competition in these places, so it may be hard at the beginning to start making money with your courses but, the more courses you have available and the better the reviews on them from the users, the higher the chances that many other people buy them and you get a stable passive income stream flowing to your account.

The most competitive and reliable online course platform is Udemy. Just look for your category, and start creating and earning.

Create online courses



It’s not like the old times, when you need a lot of cash, investors or getting into a huge debt to start building your own store.

There are thousands of ways you can create your own store if you have your own products or services to offer. I don’t know, maybe you’re a jewlery designer, make your own beer, photographer or expert drawer and you want to sell your art online. This also works for ebooks, webinars or any other kind of electronic products that people can pay to download.

Or maybe you already have a physical store and want to increase your revenue by leveraging the online market.

There’s many online platforms which give you the tools and resources to create your own online shop, and they usually charge you a monthly fee which varies depending on your need and the packages they have available.

Shopify is now the top provider in this market and its lowest package starts on $29/month. So if you are ok with that price it’s the best payment option today.

But if you want to start for free there’s another way, wich includes creating your own WordPress website/blog and install the WooCommerce plugin, so that you can have your site up and running at no cost.

At SiteRubix you get your two own free websites upon joining, plus free access to one of the best online marketing communities where you can get all the training, resources and help you need for your business to be successful.




Did you know you can turn your passion into your business?

The only thing you need to do is create your own blog and monetize it.

Do you have a passion? A hobby? Something you love to do, any topic you’re interested in and you could be hours talking about? It can really be anything. Cooking, playing an instrument or any sport, books, hand-made stuff, clothing, art, videogames, home decor, photography, cell phones… Literally: anything!

It just takes 4 steps to start making money with your blog:

1. Create the site.

2. Start writing content about the topic you choose (informative articles, comparisons, reviews…)

3. Get traffic to your blog in the form of visitors interested on the topic you’re writing about.

4. Earn money thanks to those visitors, who will trust your advice.

Make Money With Your Blog


Ways you can choose to make money with your blog the moment you start getting traffic:

Affiliate Marketing: promoting products/services on your blog through affiliate links to the vendor page, who will pay you a comission each time somebody clicks on your link and buys stuff from them.

Google Ads: placing banners on your site which will display ads related with your content and your customers’ preferences, so that you get a comission every time they click on them.

Ecommerce: you can set up a shop on your blog to sell your own products (as discussed earlier in this article).

Email Marketing: you can offer a freebie in exchange of your visitros email address, so you can send them offers you think they may be interested in (remember not to spam).

It really is that easy today to make money out of a website, but it takes time and hard work. You need to commit to the long haul, and if you do, you’ll have a thriving business of your own.


Which is The Best Way To Make Money From Home

It depends on what your goal is and how much time adn effort you’re willing to put into it.

Do you want to make some extra cash? Well, then you can just do surveys, micro-jobs and all the other Legit Work Home Opportunities we just talked about in your spare time, and that really works well if you just need some extra bucks to treat yourself every now and then.

But if you really want to ditch the 9-to-5, be your own boss, and achieve that financial freedom everybody dreams of, then I suggest you start off by creating your own blog and build a business around your passion.

It’s the best way to make money working for yourself these days, and you only need your laptop and a WIFI connection. So you can really do it anywhere you like.

So, now you know How To Work From Home Online For Free.

If you’re not confident to start by yourself, there’s an online community of like-minded people that you can join for free and start learning everything about online and affiliate marketing. They will give you all the tools and help you need to start your own thriving online business.

You can contact me on my personal profile anytime and I’ll be happy to walk you show you around and walk you through the first steps of the way 😉


What do you think about these ways of making money from home?

Have you tried any? Do you know others that work?

Thanks for stopping by and all the best! 😉



  • GiuliaB

    Thank you ever so much, Israel, for proposing to us so many different ways to make money working from home.
    It’ particularly interesting how you have created a differential between those brief tasks you can perform online for small monetary rewards, and the more complex online work of building your own online business.
    I am a fellow online entrepreneur myself, and I must say the rewards given by online passive income are incomparable – rewarding financially, but also fulfilling from a personal and professional point of view.
    Like you, I would personally advise to try creating your own online business for an ongoing generous income, but also to gain that freedom and flexibility in your every day life, which I have found you definitely loose when working for an employer.

    • Israel

      Hi Giulia!

      There are really many ways of making cash online today. Too many, actually, you can easily find yourself in a “paralysis-by-analysis” kind of situation with so many information and options available out there.

      I really think that if your final goal is work for yourself, you need to go for long term opportunities like affiliate marketing and creating your own online business.

      Like you say, that’s what in the end would be most rewarding since passive income allows you to be financially independent and that makes you free.

      Thanks so much for sharing your opinion with us! 🙂

      I wish you the best on your projects as an entrepreneur!

  • Hilary Bassakaropoulos

    Hi Giulia I love how you have described so clearly the different opportunities for making money online for everyone – not just those who are online to make their first million. Whether someone wants to fire their boss or just make some extra cash you have provided the best options without creating the overwhelm that puts many people off online marketing. I have tried quite a few of these methods but I must admit that building a business around a passion is the one that most appeals to me. You have also tempted me to write an ebook – so thank you for that. I look forward to seeing more of this type of post in the future.

    • Israel

      Hey Hilary!

      I’m glad you find the article helpful!

      Anybody can make money online, you just need to find the way that suits you the best.

      Good luck with that ebook! You got it! 😉

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