• roamy

    Hello there Israel
    This post could have been written for me,I love traveling, it has been one of the few luxuries I do not deny myself at least once a year last 20 years,I don`t earn much so even if I have to save hard, a foreign vacation is a must every year no exceptions.
    Over the years of my foreign travels, I`ve come to love vacationing like a local staying in little out of the way BNBs taking buses instead of taxis, visiting local markets.
    Now you mention Airbnb, it`s something I have never been tempted to try, Im not sure I will want to spend my vacation interacting so closely with my hosts, it`s something to think of.
    Having said that, my travels are mostly to Asia Philippines, Thailand, India and Africa so it will need some proper thinking if it`s something I should try.
    Very informative, thanks for sharing.

    • Israel

      Hi Roamy!

      I see you’re a travel addict like me! That’s good! 😉

      Traveling with Airbnb is very similar to staying in a Bed and Brakfast, since it’s warmer than the classical hotel or apartment. The only difference is that BnBs just offer you the accomodation and the breakfast, but with the Airbnb experience you get more involved with the hosts and the local culture if that’s what you’re looking for.

      Usually the hosts leave you the choice of deciding how much you want to interact with them, so there’s no pressure if you don’t really feel like it, but you at least have the option. I really recommend trying it if you’re a sociable person.

      The places you say you use to travel to are very exotic, so it would mean a real dive into their cultures if you were to chose this type of travel. Sounds very intense, right? 🙂

      Let me know if you try that! I’ve always been over the equator with Airbnb, so I’d love to find out how the experience would be like in those kind of countries.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences and feedback on this!


  • Asen

    Hello there,

    I love traveling.
    Enjoying this to the fullest includes feeling like a local in any city I go abroad.
    I have used airbnb experience and I must admit that I liked it very much.
    It is super easy to book and there is a huge variety in terms of prices and accommodations.
    I love it! My best airbnb experience was in Italy. Where was yours?

    • Israel

      Hey Asen!

      I’m glad you’re already enjoying traveling with Airbnb.

      You’re absolutely right, there’s a wide range of prices and types of accomodations for all kind of people. You always have something that fits your needs.

      I’ve had many experiences but the best was a couple of years ago in the South of England, were my wife and I met a lovely couple to whom we’re good friends now. We’ve been there several times and we felt like actual local people there. Amazing.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your experiences!

  • Chris

    Awesome info!! I love this idea. To me the whole point of travelling is to experience new cultures and ways of life. It’s great to see the sights and the tourist places but the true experience of travelling is living in another country. I have struggled to do this in the past. I have had extended stays in a few places where it was possible and was the best experience but on shorted holidays I found it very difficult. This idea of staying with people through Air BNB is perfect!! Thanks for the tip.
    Have you had to deal with big language barriers when you have don this? This is one of my concerns.

    • Israel

      Hi Chris!

      Yeah! That’s what I love best of this way of traveling. The chance of feeling like you actually live in the places you visit, since you’re blending in with the locals, adapting to their habits and soaking up new cultures.

      Regarding the language barriers, I guess that it depends on the place you visit. I’ve been to many places and usually you can make yourself understood in english. You can easily tell by the description of their accomodation on the site if language is going to be an issue at some specific house.

      The good thing is that people who offer their houses in this way are usually very open-minded and they try to make anybody’s stay the best they can 🙂

      I’m glad you liked the idea!

      I hope you enjoy the experience! 😉

  • Daniella

    Hi Israel,
    Great article, I’ve found it fascinating!
    I love traveling and to be honest, I am a bit fade up of hotels. I would like to change our travel style. I’ve never heard of this company before and I will surely take a look at the Airbnb today with my husband:) My dream is to travel in Vietnam. Do you think it’s possible to travel there through Airbnb? Are children welcome? Is the trip include the plane?
    Sorry for all these questions:)
    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

    • Israel

      Hi Daniella!

      I’m glad you want to make the most of your travel by sharing it with the locals. Me and my wife really don’t go much to hotels now since we prefer this other option.

      Of course you can travel to Vietnam as well. You have Airbnb houses all over the world. You just need to write down the location you want to travel to on their search bar and you will see all the available accomodations.

      I’ve seen some where they won’t admit pets but I don’t think children will be a problem. But you can always send a message to the host and ask them before booking 😉

      As far as I know, they only offer accomodations, not the plane, but they’ve lately added other services like activities you can book during your stay (curises, dinners, hikes, workshops with locals…), so who knows if they will include flights in the future…

      No problem! I’m happy to answer any questons anytime! 😉

      I hope you try it and enjoy it!


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