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Travel and Pet Sit!

Do you love to travel?

Do you love animals?

Would you like to stay at people’s houses for free and take care of their pets while the homeowners are away?

If your answer is YES, do not stop reading this post, cause you can actually do it 😉

Let me explain you how this deal works, so that you know more about How To Travel And Pet Sit.

How House And Pet Sitting Works


House sitting and pet sitting have been trending practices all over the world during the last years.Dog sitting!

They consist in people who do not want their houses to be disoccupied, their pets to be alone and unattended or both at the same time, when they’re away on business, vacation or any other reason involving leaving their houses for a determined period of time.

What these people do then is join one of the many companies that exist in the world who dedicate their business to advertise their houses as available for sitting during the period of time that the homeowners decide.

On the other hand, we have many people who love to travel and want to save some money when it comes to accomodation, which usually is a big cut of the travel budget.

So, these House&Pet Sitting companies’ business is to put these sitters and homeowners in constact so that the first ones can apply for the sitting and the second ones can decide which applicant fits them better.


Which Are Your Responsibilities When House&Pet Sitting?


Usually, the responsibilities involved are just taking care of the pets by feeding them, playing with them and waking them a couple of times a day in case of the dogs.

Sometimes, they will alCat Sittingso ask you to water some plants or pick up the mail… But mainly you need to clean up before your stay is over and leave things like you found them when you arrived.

It’s all just a mater of respect to the people and place you’ll be staying in.

You need to understand that these people are leaving your house and your pets to somebody they don’t know, so it’s a big deal for them. Think about it.

They let you stay for free and they trust you to look after their beloved animals, which the most of the times we consider one more member of the family 🙂


Who Is This Way Of Travel For?


Bond with animals

If you’re not a responsible person, respectful with other peoples’ property and the only thing you look for is to Travel for free at other’s expenses, this is definitely not for you.

This is for those who want to save money in their accomodation and in return are willing to assume the responsibility of taking care of the house and the animals they are trusted with during their stay.

The more respectful and trustworthy you are in your stays, the higher the possibilites you’ll have to be chosen again when you apply for a sit.

So, to rule out people whose only motivation is to take advantage of others, these companies always charge a yearly fee, which usually is around $100-$150

If you think about it, this fee is quite low, taking into account that if you go away just for a weekend, a stay in a hotel, apartment of bed&breakfast will cost you more than that for sure, and this fee covers a whole year and most of the sits are usually for a week-period or even include a whole month sometimes.

Think about how many sit you can do during a year. Weekends, bank holidays, spring break, summer vacation, Christmas holidays…

If you’re really into traveling and that’s what you want to do, you could even go jumping from one sit to another for as long as you want. You only need to create your digital nomad way of life and you’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world.

Sounds like a deal, right? 😉

Which Is The Best House&Pet Sitting Company?


Trusted-sittersI haven’t tried all of them, but I can tell all the companies that do this are usually legitimate (you can always check the Internet reviews), but the most common way of getting to this sites is because some friend or relative told you about it (or a really nice “husband” like me ;)).

I’m going to talk you about the one I know and trust, and which happens to be one of the most known and well-considered in the sector.

It is called Trusted House Sitters.

These people been connecting home & pet owners and sitters all over the world for more than 7 years, and offer 24/7 vet service and a very intensive and personal customer service.

They also have several levels of verification to make sure people joining is trustworthy. So when you configure you account you can have Basic level (email, phone number and external references), Standard level (including criminal record) and Enhanced level (when you already completed one or more sits and have references from the pet owners).

They charge a yearly fee of $119, but you will have a 20% discount if you go through my personal referral link.

And when you’re already a member, you can also refer friends, relatives and whoever you want, who will also get this 20% discount, and you’ll get 2 months free, like I’ll do if you join through me 🙂

It’s all about creating a community of people involved with this kind of respectful, animal lover and social way of traveling.

I leave you now with the video of my YouTube Channel where I explain how the site of Trusted House Sitters works.

Leave a comment if you already travel this way, telling others how your first time pet sitting was, so that other people can see how awesome it is to travel and pet sit, sharing your life with animals while helping other people 🙂






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