How To Start A Website And Make Money

Make Money OnlineLet me guess… You’re tired of working for others and want to make money online so that you can get your financial freedom and live your life on your own terms. Am I right?

How To Start A Website And Make Money” must be one of the most frequently asked question online the moment you come to that realization.

And the very instant you discover that you can do what you love and earn money out of it, there’s no turning back. You just need to do it right now! I know the feeling.

OK, stay with me and let’s make it happen.

You’re going to realize that it’s easier than you thought and that, with the right training and support, literally anybody can do it.

Website or Blog?

A website and a blog are both Internet pages which contain information for their visitors.

If we are meticulous with the terms, a website is mostly used by companies as a way of communicating who they are and what products or services they offer. It’s usually more static and formal, and it uses one-way communication to try and get customers.

A blog, on the other hand, it’s more personal, uses two-way communication, it’s more informal, dynamic and it’s used to approach people and help them find information about specific topics online. Feedback between visitors and writers is important, actually is one of the goals when creating it. The blogs were first born as personal online diaries.

But don’t get too caught up with this two terms and the difference between them, though. Today, classic websites are starting to focus more on people and getting more “blog-style”, since it helps them be more social and connect more with their clients.

So when I talk about websites here, I’m referring to any form of Internet page used to communicate with people. Today there’s really no difference when you talk about website or blog, they’re pretty much the same thing, it’s just about what are you using them for.


How To Start A Website For Free

Years ago it was very difficult to create a website, you needed an advanced programming knowledge, but now anybody can build an Internet site using Content Manager Systems (one of the most known is WordPress), where you have templates and plugins that you can easily put together with no previous knowledge, by just following some basic instructions.

I was a newbie once in this world, and it took me a couple of guidelines and literally less than 5 minutes to have this particular website you’re reading on up and running. No kidding, it’s that easy to have your own site ready to go if you know the right place to do it (more on this later).

There are lots of platforms which will offer you the possibility of creating your own site for free, everyday there’s a new one trying to break the market offering more services like than the rest, more storage space and lower prices (Wix, Jimdo, Webs, SiteBuilder, WordPress, Webnode… the list is endless.).

Usually, all of them have a basic free version, where you can start, and then you can always upgrade by paying a monthly fee to get more storage space, more e-mail accounts, faster loading speed, your own domain name, and many other stuff they will try to sell you.


Things You Need To Start A Website

To build your own website you’re going to need some basics:

Domain name, which will be your brand name, your signtaure, your identity. The most trusted companies providing this service are GoDaddy, NameCheap, BlueHost, HostGator, 1and1… The prices go from $10 to $20 a year.

Hosting platform, where your site will be located and all the information stored. Usually the same domain name providers will give you storage space with a cost that goes from $20 to $70 a year.

Technical support, to make sure everything works at all times. Sometimes it’s included on the hosting price, sometimes it’s not. Be careful with that.

Web building software, meaning the Content Manager System (CMS) we talked about earlier, which will help you easily build your site without the need of a programmer. Some host providers provide basic website builders, but they usually don’t give you much choices if not paying a little bit more. I would suggest you go for the ones WordPress-based or WordPress itself, as it’s the most flexible CMS.

Templates. WordPress is the most competitive on this specific feature, since it usually comes with several basic templates and has thousands available when you upgrade and pay a monthly fee. And they also offer hosting and domains on several different pricing options.

Email address. If you want your business to be taken seriously, it’s good to have your domain name on your email ( instead of using free accounts like hotmail, gmail, yahoo… Some hosting companies include one to five email addresses on the hosting price, and you need to pay on others if you want that.

And that’s pretty much it for a start.

You need to take into account that there are many services providers, and it would be great to check them out and search for comparisons online so that you can save some money.

Having a basic website can cost you around $100 a year if you are patient and look for the bargains and offers. And that cost can easily scale up if you start getting more storage space, or you need a logo, or want more templates… Theres many services you can leverage to improve your website.

How Can You Have All Those Services In Just One Platform?

Well, that’s the exact question I made myself when I first learned all I needed to start my own website.

And I’m glad I did, since I wasn’t willing to waste lots of time looking around for the best prices and services. And then having every single resource managed by a different company in a different place. No way!

Maybe some of you like that, taking the time to surf the web for bargains… I’m kind of a lazy ass myself and if I can have things easier I go for it. Plus I had no idea how to get started online so I also wanted somebody to teach me the basics, since I knew nothing about domains, hostings, CMS… Nothing at that time!

So I started looking for a place where I could get all the technical stuff together and also the training to make it work. And I found several forums and comunities which offered the knowledge (some of them more organised and better explained than others), but again, they just had the training, they didn’t have the technical stuff like domain name service, support, hosting…

I was desperately looking for the All-in-one platform who helped me get started online with guarantees and, if possible, for free 🙂

“Yeah, whatever!” You may say. Well, my friends, I found it!

It exists and it’s completely free to join.

It seemed almost too good to be true at first, but it was free! So what was the harm on trying, right?

The All-In-One Online Marketing CommunityOnline Marketing!

If you don’t want to look around for all the things we discussed earlier and have them all spread out through the Internet, and also want to learn how to build a website properly and, the most important thing, learn to create quality content on it, attract relevant traffic and make money with your website, this is the real deal.

(I just read myself and I sounded like a Cable TV Shopping Channel Host LOL, but it came out that way, don’t judge me ;))

What does this Community offer that is so amazing?

– Step-by-Step Training on Online Marketing and how to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

– Domains, Hosting, 24/7 technical support.

– WordPress-based websites (2 free websites of your own), website manager, templates and plugins.

– Live video training by experts on Online Marketing.

– Thousands of people already making money online and who were willing to help the newbies.

Look, I’m not going to list here all the features of the community cuase it’s endless and this article is already long enough.

If you are like me and would rather have it all in just one place, check out my complete review of the All-in-one Online Marketing Community.


About Making Money With A Website

Well, once you have your website up and running, you have many different ways to make money with it.

Let’s quickly check out some of the most used today:

Affiliate Marketing: once you’ve set up your site around a specific topic, you can promote products there and get a commission whenever somebody buys  something from one of your affiliate links (check out here to learn how to get started on affiliate marketing).

Pay per Click Ads: you just need to create an account on google Adsense and they will check your content and show the visitors of your website relevant ads depending on their search preferences and the topic of your website. This is efficient if you have

Ads: you can sell space to companies which want to show ads on your page. Only if you have many visitors on your page, companies would want to do this.

Create an Online Shop: you can sell your own products or services on your website and leverage your blog posts to get people to trust your advice. You can sell literally anything, from physical products to webinars, consulting services, courses of all kind…

Sell the website: Once you have built a following and your traffic has grown a big deal, you can just sell the whole site to somebody willing to continue your task.

Now, you know How To Start A Website And Make Money with it.

These are the basics to take into account when building you own website and monetizing it. The Internet is full of information about this, and there are thousands of companies involved in this website creating and maintaining business, so try not to get overwhelmed, just soak up things slowly and do not rush into things since you can also run into scams some time.

So, as I said earlier, my recommendation if you want to have everything under control when creating your own website and get all the training, tools and resources you need, you can go right to reading all about the community which will help you build a thriving business online.

You’ll be able to get started for free and become a master on online marketing.

Sounds great, huh?

Please leave a comment if you liked the article and share it with others who might need a couple of tips to start their online business.


  • Mike

    Hello Israel, I just finished reading your post How to Start a Website and Make Money. I have been searching for a way to earn a living and be able to stay at home. That lead me to affiliate marketing, which I never had heard of. However, I discovered I had actually been a customer in the past. So after doing my due diligence, like you I discovered the best training platform at Wealthy Affiliate. You post confirms that I made the right decision. Thanks for the info and I will pass it on to people that would be interested. Take care.


    • Israel

      Hi Mike!

      I’m glad you already are taking advantage of Affiliate Marketing. It’s really a very easy way to make money with your website by being informative and helpful to other people. It’s a win-win! 🙂

      Thanks for your comment.

      All the best!

  • Dave

    I did not know that starting a website was such difficult work, there seems to be alot of costs involved too.
    but thanks anyway this just got me mentally prepared even though it came as a shock, one question though what about websites where users can enter their data and store it there how do those ones work

    • Israel

      Hi Dave!

      Yeah, there are losts of costs and tools you need to look for if you want to build a website that works.

      I made this article for those who really want to know how to build a website and make money with it, so that they are aware that they don’t have to do that on their own anymore, since there’s this platform where you have all the training, tools and help your need to start your online business together all in one. And the most important thing here is that it is free to join.

      So no excuses, you can just go and get your financial freedom today.

      I don’t know exactly what you mean by websites where users can store their date and store it. Do you mean cloud storage like Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote…? Are you asking about how to build one of these?

      Thanks for commenting, my friend!

  • Kate

    Hello Israel!

    This post is exactly what a total newbie needs when he has zero knowledge on the matter and doesn’t know where to start. This all in one affiliate marketing community is the only tool someone needs if he wants to start a website or a blog. I will show your site to my best friend who is searching for an extra income. Thank you for this detailed post!

    • Israel

      Hi Kate!

      You can say that! All the training, tools and help to get started online together in one place. What else can you ask for when you are a total newbie? 😉

      Thanks for your comment!

  • ZEGU

    Thanks for this informative post you have shared about how to start a website and make money. It’s encouraging to hear your own personal story of where you started bringing you this far. What makes your post stand out is you have done enough research and put everything together for someone who doesn’t know where to start from. I am interested in making my online shop. Hopefully, you can share information on that.

    • Israel

      Hi ZEGU!

      I’m glad you find this helpful!

      If what you want to do is start your own online shop, I think the best and cheapest way to do it is through a WordPress site with the WooComerce plugin, and if you want to only sell digital products Easy Digital Downloads is also a good tool to do it.

      Then, you got Shopify, which has a free trial option and then starts at $29/months and is more complete, but I suggest you start with a free tool, and scale from there as you’re getting sales.

      All the best in your project!

      You can do this! 😉

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