How To Get Rid Of Student Loans

No more counting money!Are you studying right now? Planning on starting?

Is your son or daughter going to college or university soon?

Have you thought about how you’re going to pay for those studies without having to ask for a loan and end up paying a hell lot of interests?

Well, if you keep reading this article, you’ll find how to get rid of student loans on a way that can help you change the way we’ve always managed student expenses.

And, spoiler alert, it’s not some online lottery or any other gambling stuff to become a billionaire tomorrow, nope! If you were looking for easy money, man, I don’t know about that.

I’m talking a real and legit way to make money online yourself avoiding the burden that loans mean to your daily life.

The old-fashioned way

The way we’ve all been taught about all these years is: either you got the money or you ask for the money (usually to a bank, or rich granpa if that’s the case).Say no to debt and interests!

If banks or the government is your option here, you’ll have to ask for some “charity”, but the not-so-fast kind of charity which involves having to return that amount plus their “little” cut (which always turns to be the big bucks).

So your months go by, and you’re all stressed out because you need to cope with those damn monthly dues, which force you to save money and put off stuff you really want to do.

Can you relate so far?

Our parents did it, our grandparents did it too… And you don’t want to live your life having to worry about paying all those interests for all those years, am I right?


Let me show you a new way.

Alright, let me ask you a question before we move on, so that I know we’re on the same page here.

Do you wanna pay student loans for the rest of your life?

I’m going to give you two options here:

  1. Yes, that’s how my family has always paid for their studies, and I’m keeping that tradition in my house.
  2. No, I want to be able to enjoy life with my family and friends and forget about due dates and interests.

Internet!Please, try not to choke when laughing so hard at option number 1, I just wanted to make this article more fun since banks and loans give me the chills.

Now, let’s focus on how you’re gonna forget about student loans for good.

As I told you at the beginning, there’s another way you can avoid that burden and it’s been in front of you all this time.




It’s not what you think.

Before you freak out, let me warn you that this is not about online poker or something like that. No magic tricks here to win the lottery either (I wish).

The daily money flow on the Internet is absolutely mind-blowing. There’s billions of people buying stuff every minute of every day, and that money flow is where you’re gonna get involved in a honest and fun way.

Yeah, I said HONEST, because that’s something you really need to highlight these days.Online Marketing works!

If you are an active user, you may have come across thousands of scams online which promise you the big bucks if you invest a couple of hundreds, and it’s impossible to get rid of those online bastards who try to steal your money and get away with it.

But, let me tell you, there are also many honest opportunities to make money online, and this is one of those. And it’s not just because I tell you so, you’re going to see why for yourself.

You’re going to start making money without investing a dime, and that’s your first clue to realize that this way I’m going to show you is real.


Then, what’s that new way about?

Now that we’ve made clear what it’s not about, let’s go right into it.

This way of making money online is based on commitment, hard work and people helping people, and it’s called Affiliate Marketing.

So, I’m gonna need you to be open-minded and focused so that you can learn the process and correctly put it into work, and when you do that you’ll wonder why you didn’t take this path before.


What’s Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing basically consists on companies rewarding people who redirect customers to their sites.

They give you special links so that they know that it was you who brought the customer, thus you can get comissions from what that person bought there.

And how are you going to do that?

It’s easier than you think:

– First, you’ll be creating your own free website about anything you are passionate about (do you play an instrument? Are you an amazing home-chef? Nobody beats you at the bowling alley? You know everything there is to know about electronic gadgets?) and creating articles to help people who want to know more about that topic you master.

– Then, you’ll be recommending your readers specific items on that sector, by directing them to the pages where they can buy them.

– Finally, you’ll get a comission every single time they buy something (it doesn’t even have to be the product you recommended on the first place), as long as they go to the page through your affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing

Let me give you an example

You’ve heard of Amazon, right? Well, Amazon has the biggest number of affiliate marketers in the world. And that’s because they have the widest product offer online.

So, let’s say you are awesome with the guitar and you become an Amazon affiliate.

You create your own website: and start writing articles about taking the first steps with your guitar; what’s the best guitar for beginners; 5 easy songs to blow away your public; the best portable amp; anything that you can come up with related with that topic.

So, you’re going to be building an audience for your website, and getting more and more traffic.

Then, when you recommend a guitar, and amp, a microphone or effects pedal, you do it by placing an affiliate link, and people who have been reading your articles, are going to trust you and whenever somebody clicks on it and buys something at Amazon (anything! It doesn’t even have to be the item you recommended as long as they get to Amazon through one of your links), you’re gonna get a comission.

Sounds good?

How Affiliate Marketing works


Now you just need somebody to walk you through that process

Do you find this way of making money more interesting than being a slave to your bank for life?

I do. And millions of people in the world think that too.

There’s many people out there who have created a way of life out of affiliate marketing and they’re the ones who helped me out in the first place, so I’m here paying it forward.

You didn’t think I was going to just spit that out and not tell you how to do it, did you?

No, I told you at the beginning of this article that I would explain you how to get rid of student loans.

Now you know HOW…


Let me take you WHERE all the action will take place

The place where you’ll learn how to set up your free website, create relevant and engaging content and get traffic that will mean comissions and financial freedom for you and your family.

Start to worry about what’s really important in your life.

Join now The Best Online Marketing Community.

Things are easy to carry out when you have people backing you up, so it will be much easier with the help of more than 800.000 people around the world network and help each other everyday.

Of course, I’ll be there to help you out too, so feel free to contact me on my personal profile anytime.

Life is what happens while you put off things you love to do, because you need to save money for the due dates.

Stop doing that! 😉

And leave me a comment so that I know you got the message loud and clear! I’ll be happy to hear that and you could be inspiring others do the same.


Be happy!





  • gregS

    Hi Israel
    Student loans is a subject i read about all the time. Some students end up owing over $100,000 after their courses are completed. Huge debts to manage, but your idea of becoming an affiliate marketer is a great suggestion.
    Once you learn what to do, the long term rewards could be enough to pay off the loan, and have a full time job.
    Why don’t more young people learn this, BEFORE they become a student, then they won’t have to get qualified.
    A much better choice of career, and one that is expanding in the future.

    • Israel

      Hi Greg!

      I’m glad you like the idea!

      I really wish I had discovered this way of making money online before I had to actually pay for my education.

      Student loans are a huge burden for many families nowadays and they have always been, and I hate to see people having to struggle with them and putting off their lives just because they have to save to pay their debt.

      As you said, affiliate marketing is a growing trend out there, and it is so because it works, and it allows you to learn how to create your own business online while you’re earning revenue.

      I hope many other people realize they can actually make money online out of their passion and that there’s people out there willing to help them do so.

      Thanks so much for your feedback on this one, Greg!

  • Adyns68

    Hi dear
    I think this is an great idea. Student loan has always been a deal breaker for us. As in you can’t really plan a life together with it hanging on your throat and you are always looking for a better paying job or end up endless overtime to be able to pay your loan while making enough money to live on. And the greatest thing with what you are sharing is that it can be done beside a daily job.
    I will register my hubby for this opportunity !

    Thanks for sharing

    • Israel

      Hey! I’m really glad it helps. 🙂

      It’s not healthy to live with that burden, to be always depending on due dates and having to save and put off those things you really want to do.

      Life is happening while we do that. While we are worried. And that’s not living, it’s just surviving.

      And there’s many opportunities out there for us to change that, so why not take them and finally do what we love and enjoy our lives?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      All the best!

  • Phil

    Hi there,
    This is a very informative post and well done for posting. The beauty about this business is some students could be making money before they finish college, if they apply themselves to this business.
    All it takes is approx 8-10 hrs per week, which is only about an hour a day. With students being so technically savvy before they hit college, they could practically do this biz with their eyes closed.
    Great idea and well done for making those students aware that there is a solution to their financial issues.
    Best wishes
    Cheers..Phil Browne

    • Israel

      Hi Phil!

      You’re absolutely right. If somebody can do this easily are precisely the young ones, who have been raised with technology being a very important part of their lives.

      They have a unique opportunity of being finacially independent before they hit college, how awesome is that! And they can achieve it by doing what they really love. Just perfect!

      Thanks for your comment!

      All the best!

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