How To Get Paid To Travel Abroad – Nomadic Jobs

Get Paid To travel!Do you get bored, anxious and even depressed if you stay in one single location for a long period of time?

Are you always thinking that you would be happier if you travelled more?

Would you be willing to make travel your way of life?

Then you have a nomad spirit and the only way for you to find happiness and fulfillment is by travelling the world.

If you’re that person and keep wondering How To Get Paid To Travel Abroad, keep reading to discover some of the most interesting Nomadic Jobs that can help you get that lifestyle you are looking for.


How To Travel The World And Earn Money

Chances are if you’re reading this, that you’re not a milionaire and you can’t just travel around cause your account balance has a limit.

Welcome to the club! 😉

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel the world for the rest of your life if you want to.

So, let’s see which chances you have to turn travel into your lifestyle:

Get a job in a company which pays you to travel.

Offer to work and help people on the way, in exchange for money, food and/or accomodation.

Be a freelance, so that you can work from anywhere in the world offering your services to others.

Create your own business online, and make money through your website while you travel.

These are mainly the most used ways today for those who have adopted a nomad way of life and are happily homeless.

So, let’s break down these four categories, so that we can see which options offer and how your personality and skills fit in, so that you can decide which one is more suitable for you and just go for it! 😉

Jobs That Pay You To Travel

The world has gone global. Companies are not just limited to local areas or specific locations anymore, and that, plus the huge amount of them which are specifically dedicated to the travel business, makes it very easy to find a job where you get to travel a lot or even one where you’re always on the move.

You know what I’m talking about here. For sure you’ve heard about some of the job types that fit that description or maybe you know of companies that offer online work-from-home jobs which allow you to work from wherever you want but maybe you’ve never considered them as a choice.

OK then, let’s analyze them now:



Do you love the sea? Are you an extrovert people’s person? You don’t really care where the next stop in the way is?

If that’s your case, you may definitely like this one.

There are hundreds of Cruise Line Companies operating in the world, it’s a growing business that moves bilions of dollars annually. And they offer thousands of different job positions all year long that cover the whole range of people you may find working on a cruise ship: accomodation, casino, bartender, chef, entertainment, engineer, medical, customer service jobs…

The most interesting benefit you get from working in cruises is that you get free meals and accomodation while, so you can save your whole salary, how about that? 😉

For more info about Cruise Ship Jobs: All Cruise Jobs, Cruise Ship Job or Cruise Job Finder.

Cruise Ship work



If your thing is to explain stories about different places to people and show them pieces of history and landmarks, you’ll be very happy working as a tour guide, either in your own country or anywhere in the world you like.

There are thousands of international travel companies spread all over the world, always looking for people to help them guide travellers through interesting places.

You can get experienced on that field and maybe, who knows, start your own Tour Company one day if that’s what you love.

More details on Tour Guide Jobs here: Cool WorksIntrepid Travel, G Adventures, Linblad Expeditions (National Geographic Partner)

Travel Tour Guide



Do you speak english fluently? Or any other languages?

English is very demanded everywhere, either it’s a company, school or anybody who wants to learn a second language. But you will need the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certification to be able to apply for jobs on that field.

It doesn’t have to be english. Maybe you are bilingual and speak spanish, french, german, portuguese… There’s a lot of companies in the world which are global and are always in need of having their employees taught different languages to be more competitive.

For each one of those languages you’ll need the right Certification in order to be eligible as a teacher. So get informed at your local authority in this area about the legal and paperwork requirements to teach that specific language abroad.

Start teaching languages abroad: International TEFL Academy.

Teach Abroad



If you have experience in sales, marketing, logistics, computer programming, event coordination or any other corporate areas, you can look for positions in this sector that include working abroad full-time or travelling a lot due to the activity of the company on other countries.

There’s also many opportunties when it comes to any area of business consultancy. If you have experience in this field and want to travel while doing it, you can just look for companies who offer international consultancy services and start travelling all over the world.

Check this out for: corporate job opportunities that involve constant or permanent travel.



Do you master any sport or leisure activity?

Then you can continue to do what you love and make money by sharing your knowledge online with other people. Or you can also use your experience in biking, sailoring, kayaking, sky-diving, scuba-diving, tennis, golf, horseback-riding, martial arts, yoga… and apply for a job in a company that offers those kind of services.

In some countries your CV will be enough, in others you will need to get a special license to work as a professional instructor.

Job opportunities on sports: Leisure Jobs, All Abour Careers.

Sports Instructor



This is the classic travel job, where you don’t travel to work. You’re actually literally working while travelling.

If you enjoy flying, love customer service positions and visit different locations around the world, and don’t care about long hours on the plane dealing with the customers’ needs, this is definitely a position for you.

The training and personal selection are usually hard in this field, mainly if you’re trying to get a job on international airlines, but it pays off if that’s what you like. Besides the travel experience, you get paid meals and hotels, so again, like in the case of cruise ships, you’re getting more from your salary.

Resources: At Flight Attendant Career you got all the info you need.



You can work as a diplomat for your government or for other international organizations.

Every country has embassies, consulates and other foreign offices spread all over the world. And there are also other types of international non-governmental organizations which are independent, but still operate on a worldwide level.

All of them are always in need for people willing to travel on a regular basis or live abroad for a determined period of time.

They look for experienced workers in many different corporate fields. A University Degree is usually required and it’s preferrable to speak as many languages as possible, so that you got more chances to be selected.

More info here: how to become a Foreign Service Officer

Foreign Office Jobs


If you’re a nurse, a doctor or any other health professional (or you’re planning on being either of those soon) you must know that you can also practice your profession abroad.

There are International Hospital franchises and Health Insurance Companies that are always in need of professionals for their foreign subsidiaries.

Besides, you can always work for Pace Corps, NGOs, UN or other humanitarian international organizations which also need to have health professionals always available to provide their services worldwide.

More on Health Jobs: CDC, UN Jobs, Global Health and other international positions.

Health Jobs


Offer Work or Help In Exchange For Services

If your case is that you don’t have a specific professional skill or education, and don’t want to start learning it now, but you still want to travel as much as you can, there’s a perfect option for you.

Over the past few years, there’s been a growing worldwide movement based on the ancient barter system. Money is out of the equation here and people just exchange products or services. It’s a win-win, since everyone gets what they wanted and it’s completely based on honesty and trust.

Did you know this was even a thing these days?

Let’s move on and see the many ways in which this trade-off works.


Do you have a helping soul and would like to dedicate your life to others?

You can do it almost anywhere in the world. There are many volunteering positions which offer free accomodation and meals in exchange for determined jobs.

The type of work will vary depending on the location and mainly the purpose of the organization. You can be teaching languages or basic education, of helping build schools or animal shelters, helping in farm activities or giving a hand to hotels in tourist locations. The list is endless.

Start here: Free VolunteeringVolunteer ForeverVolunteer HQ.

Help Others



Do you want to pay with work for your accomodation and food while travelling the world?

This kind of deal usually requires from 2 to 6 hours of work a day to get acces to meals and your own room. There can be other extra benefits depending on the host, which go from Internet access or paid local trips to all kind of courses on sports, languages, yoga…

Usually, you’ll find places like farms, hotels, homestays, Bed & Breakfasts, sailing boats, ranches, summer camps or retreats, offering this type of exchange.

This option is pretty interesting for those who like to travel away from luxuries, while helping others in the way. You can save a lot of money and make the most of the local experience.

Helpful resources for Work Exchange: Help X, Help Stay, Go Overseas, InterExchange.


Do you love animals? Then you will definitely love this one.

There’s many people who need to travel in a regular basis and they have animals at home that they don’t like to leave unattended while they’re away. See the deal here?

They let you stay for free at their houses, and you just need to take care of their animals in exchange. Sometimes they’ll ask you to water the plants, get the mail or other easy tasks like these.

They’re all over the world and the stays go from weekends to several months lenght, so you can even jump from on to another and travel the world for free by looking after animals.

Cats and dogs are the most usual animal you’ll find, but there are also farms with cattle and horses, and all types of exotic animals depending on the location you choose.

If you’re interested, check out here how house & pet sitting works.

The most known company offering it: Trusted House Sitters

Pet Sitting


Become a Freelance

Well, now you know how to travel more by getting a job which includes high mobility or exchanging work for services and save money.

There’s a third way you can use to travel the world which is even more flexible than these two. You can become a freelancer.

A freelance person is somebody who offers services to companies or other professionals in exchange for money, but without being a part of their organization.

They pay you to do certain works, usually for just a determined period of time, although it can become a long term relationship if they’re satisfied with you.

So you can be a freelancer in almost every type of work today, as the market is fastly shifting to a more remote and virtual way of doing things due to the advantages that online working offers to the companies.

One of the main advantages of being a freelance is that you only need to create your own website, where you include a list of the services your offer and their prices, and where people can contact you, and you’re all set.

FreelanceYou just need to target those companies or areas of economy you want to work for through social media, their own websites, LinkedIn or even on specific forum websites related to your area of expertise, and offer them your services in a creative and professional way so that they consider you as a service provider.

Just take into account that at first you’ll need to struggle to get the first clients and you’ll need a decent portfolio of services to convince your clients that you’re the right person to cover their needs. And also, until you have a consolidated client list, you’ll have irregular earnings. It just takes time and commitment to build a steady customer base.

Today, there’s unlimited areas and services where freelancing services are used: programming, social media management, web design, consultancy, sales, marketing, photography, writing, advertising, journalism…

So you only need to set up your website and become a freelancer so that you can start traveling and working from wherever you want. Just make sure you stay up to date with the market you’re targeting and work hard to be the first pick when somebody in that market need a service provider.

Check out here 79 websites where you can find freelance jobs.


Create Your Own Business Online

If what you want to do is be financially independent by creating your own online business and not depending on anybody to make money, you’re living in the best moment to make it happen.

You just need a website, but this time you don’t need to offer your services to a company to make money. You’re going to be making money out of the wesbite itself.

The advantages of this type of nomadic job are the best for those adventurous and independent:

– You only need a laptop and a WIFI connection.

– You’ll be working from anywhere you want as many hours as you want.

– You won’t have to rely on just one income source, since the online world allows you to have as many as you want since the possibilities are endless.

– You’ll be making passive income, which means you’ll be earning money while you sleep or have quality time with your family (this one is the best perk) once your business is set up and running.

– You can take vacation whenever you like, since you don’t have a schedule or boss to report to.


Sounds good to you?

Do you want to be your own boss and financially independent?

If your answer is “Hell yeah!”, here are some resources to start doing it today:

– Learn here How to build your own website and make money.

Join for free the best online community that gives you all the training, tools, resources and help to create a thriving business online from your website.

– Discover How to make money through Affiliate Marketing: the best way to get unlimited comissions from companies like Amazon, Apple, Ebay, just by promoting their products on your wesbite.


Final Piece of Advice

So, now you know How To Get Paid To Travel Abroad.

You can choose to work for international companies or others which are within the travel industry itself; work in exchange for accomodation or food as you travel; become a freelance and offer your own services to others or be completely free and become a digital nomad by making money online with your own business not depending on anybody else.

So, if you really want to spend the most of the time travelling, it’s just a matter of which of these Nomadic Jobs fits you better.

Be a digital nomad

If you choose the last one and want to become a digital nomad by creating a website and monetize it, keep in mind that it’s the way I use to make money on my own terms, so you can reach me at my personal profile of the free online community where I learn and manage my business and I’ll be glad to help you out anytime 😉

If you want to be a full-time traveller you can do it, so no more excuses and go for it!

I hope you like the post and you’re ready to take action and change you life today so that you can live on your won terms.

Please, leave your comment on which of these ways you like the best or which one you’re actually using to travel so that others can have the opportuniy to do it as well.


  • cw

    I like your take in this post. You have separated yourself from the usual work from home jobs post and have suggested some different and interesting resources. I appreciate the links for more exploration. The foreign service agent sounds appealing. I have always assumed you had to have some high level connection for a job/career like that. Do you have any experience in this field yourself?

    • Israel


      Well, there are some cases in which you need some requirements and qualifications to get the specific job.

      The important thing here is to evaluate your priorities, skills and what you love to do and if what you want to do is live a nomadic life while you travel, the options are endless 😉

      I’ve worked with several diplomats actually during my career and they travel a lot. Usually they spend a couple of years in a location and then get moved to another one, and so on… If you like that kind of life, and have the proper education it’s a quite nice option.

      I hope this article was helpful! 😉

      Thanks for your comment!

  • Roberto Moran

    Israel your page had me going, In my mind, I was already traveling the world in my own online business, These are my real intentions and your site has inspired me even more.You have a great way to convey your story and I’m sure it will get better, have you thought about being some type of coach in the business? If I ever run across anything to inspire us more I can keep you informed and vice-versa
    Keep killing it!!
    By the way, if you can comment on my page

    Best of luck.

    • Israel

      Hey Roberto!

      Actually The Husband’s Corner is my way to help others motivate and take life in their own terms. I just use my own experience to tell people what works to make money out of their passion.

      So, I’m really happy this inspired you.

      Thanks for your insights on this topic my friend, keep in touch! 😉

      All the best!

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