How To Find My Life Purpose – Live Your Life With Intention

Live with intention!Are you living your life with intention or you’re just going with the flow?

If you’re reading this, chances are you are precisely looking for something that gives meaning to your life, because you find it empty right now.

I can relate to that feeling, since How To Find My Life Purpose has been a deep concern, almost an obsession, in my life for the past two years.

We’re so distracted by routine that it usually takes an attention call in a form of a traumatic event to make us realize we’re actually not living but just existing.

Luckily, not everyone has to go through such serious episode to figure it out, since we can learn from other people’s experiences to help us get inspired and awaken our true inner self, so that we can figure out what it is that really drives us.

Why Do I Need A Purpose?

Think about all the things you’ve done in life, even the smallest ones.

Playing a game, going to school, taking your driver’s license exam, going on a trip, having a dinner at home with friends…

Everything we do, we do it with an objective, right?

You want to win that game, pass the exams and get that degree in the end, be able to legally drive, make the most of that trip, have a really nice time with your friends…

We normally do stuff for a reson and we have a desired outcome in our minds that, if the result turns out to not being what we thought in the end, makes us sad, angry or even miserable.

We deal with uncertainty every day of our lives, there are many things out of our control, since there are lots of people out there who also are doing things and their paths eventually interact with ours and their goals may also interfere with ours.

So, we fight for those little things, we fight to achieve our purpose so that it makes us fulfilled and happy. Even if it’s for a single second, it was worth the effort.


How To Find My Life Purpose

So, if we have intention and determination on those little things, usually, why are we constantly evaluating our life’s terms and conditions?

Why are we always wondering what our life purpose is and how can we decipher it so that we can actually start working towards that specific goal?

Most of the people in the world live on autopilot.

They have many little objectives along their way, some of them end up accomplished, others end up creating stress and frustration because they are not met.

The moment you start to realize that you’re not meeting your short-terms goals, you ask yourself questions like: Why am I doing this or that anyway? What’s the point? Where’s my life going? What is the purpose of being alive if I’m not meeting my goals?

Well, the first step to finding your life purpose and actually reaching it and be fulfilled and happy with yourself is to take a moment and be aware of what it is that excites you.

We do many things that we dislike on a daily basis and, well, accomplishing goals related with things we don’t really like doing feels good because you actually did something right, but it can eventually be counterproductive because you get really busy on things you dislike (your job is the one which takes up most of the time) and you can’t find time to do the stuff you really love to do.

That turns into routine and you get to a point where it becomes normal and you end up telling yourself that “it is what it is and there’s nothing I can do about it”.

Well, actually there’s something you can do about it.

Stop. Breathe. Revise your life. What you do, who you’re with, how you feel on a daily basis.

Finding your life purpose is quite easy the moment you’re aware of everything that’s taking up your time every single day.

Just ask yourself: If this was the last day of my life would I be happy doing what I’m about to do?

If the answer to the question is “HELL NO”, then: What is it that you would be happy doing every single day for the rest of your life?

The answer to that question is going to change your life.

When you actually realize what you love to do and are brave enough to go get it, is when you become free and alive.

From that moment on, your life is not going to be the same anymore.

You know what you want, now it’s time to start doing the things that will take you to get what you realle desire and you will finally be living with intention.

No more autopilot, no more doing what others tell you to, no more following other’s path.

Like I said earlier, this breakthrough usually hapens when you find yourself in a critical situation (sometimes life-or-death scenario like on Brendon Burchard’s video below) or after a traumatic experience, but it can also occur when you’re so fed up with a life you don’t fit in and you are brave enough to stop and analyze it, so that you can change it.


Are You Motivated To Find Your Life Purpose?

Now, are you brave enough to live your life with intention?

Or will you keep living on autopilot and come to realize it when it’s too late?

If you’re asking yourself How To Find My Life Purpose? you’re actually on the right way to find it.

So, don’t give up on it because, trust me, it can really change your life for good. You already saw how it actually changed Brendon’s life, right?

What do you think? Are you ready to start living on your own terms?

Please leave a comment if you are and this video motivated you to to do it!

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