Done Better Than Perfect – How To Stop Procrastinating And Start Living

Start living!Maybe you’ve heard or read this sentence somewhere: “Done is Better Than Perfect“…

What about about this other one: “Move fast and break things“…?

They both are powerful and inspiring business mottos in which Facebook‘s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg based his company’s strategy at the very first stages of it.

But, the thing is that they can perfectly be applied to many other aspects of life, since they involve the concept of taking action and being innovative and successful.

If you’re having problems getting things done and reaching your goals since you’re always putting things off, let me give you a couple of hints on How To Stop Procrastinating and Start Living.

Stop For A Second And Think

First, before you do anything, you need to stop for a moment and think why you are actually not doing the things you would want to.

Do you recognize yourself in one of the following scenarios?

– Is it that you’re just lazy and would rather watch Netflix than start that project you’ve always wanted, and always find an excuse that you’re waiting for the perfect moment.

– Or you got a problem focusing on the things you want to get done because you’ve got too many things on your plate and you can’t find time to do what you would really love to…

– Maybe you’re insecure and feel that you’re not capable of succeeding on making that idea on your mind real and you don’t even give it a try…

It is important that you figure out the reason that makes you a compulsive procrastinator, since that will set the foundation to help you find the solution.

Not every person who procrastinates does it for the same reason.

Some don’t even know what it is. By the way, if you’ve heard the term but are not quite familiar with the actual meaning and its implications:

The Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary defines to procrastinate as: to put off intentionally and habitually something that should be done.


There’s No Perfect Moment

When you keep putting things off by making excuses like I’ll do it when I’m ready, or when the circumstances are easier or when it’s the perfect timing, it will never happen.

There’s no such thing as the perfect moment.

If you always find excuses not to do what you really love deep inside, it’s either because you really don’t want to do it, and that may be because you’re influenced by the world telling you what you should do or how your life should be, but you don’t see you there. Or, maybe you’re afraid you’re going to fail in the attempt, and nodoby wants to fail, it’s frustrating, right?

So you choose not to do anything instead.

And it also becomes frustrating, doesn’t it?

But there’s a difference between those frustration feelings.

If you don’t try at all, you’ll always wonder how it may have been if you had tried. And that thought in your head can be very annoying and self-destructing, since it will make you doubt yourself forever, about anything you may be involved in your life.

On the other side, if you try and fail, you learn. At least you discovered there’s a way that doesn’t work, but also that there are thousands of ways you can go for.

And spoiler alert: you got a whole life to try, and if that’s really what you want, it should be worth the effort.

So, you know what? There actually is a perfect moment to do something: NOW!

Past is gone and future doesn’t exist, so the only thing you got is now.

No More Excuses!

It’s happened to me many times in my life. I’m a perfectionist, and I always tried to make sure it was going to be perfect before I even tried. What happened? I ended up putting off an insane amount of stuff just because I kept thinking what the best approach was in my mind instead of just taking action.

If you really want to start doing something, just do it now. Better done than perfect, remember?

I know what you’re thinking: “Easier said than done”, right?

I’m not going to give you an awesome list like “The 5 things you can do today to stop procrastinating”, since there’s just one easy and effective thing you can do to stop putting off your life and dreams today.

This is what I’ve learnt by studying how the most inspiring and successful people in the world do it: The First Step To Success Is Picturing It In Your Mind Until It Gets Real.


The Visualization Technique

Ok, this is what works for me anytime I find myself kinda stuck: VISUALIZATION.

Let’s do this. Close your eyes for a moment (ok first finish reading the whole thing LOL) and just picture the scenario where you already accomplished what you want to happen in your life.

It can be anything. A new car, a promotion at work, you being the lead guitarrist of a rock band playing at the Emmy’s, or living in an amazing house in the Swiss Alps, making the summit of the Everest…

I don’t know, you got your own dreams, I’m just making examples up… Imagine they’re real, be a kid again and pretend you made it. Make it real in your mind and try feeling the whole thing, how you would act if you were in that situation, what you would say, who is there with you, how you’re feeling now that you have what you always wanted…

Now close your eyes for a few minutes and do it.

Come on, try it now, visualization can make a real difference in your life, promised.

How did it go? Did it feel good? Were you smiling?

You didn’t do it?! Come on… It’s fun! Give it a try!

You may feel a little dumb at first, like: “What am I doing?” It’s ok, it happens to everybody the first time, but as you get the hang of it it becomes an exercise you want to do several things every day.


What’s The Point Of Visualizing?

This technique is a very effective to accomplish your goals, believe it or not.

It’s based on the Law of Attraction. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

The Law of Attraction states that when you are positive, you attract good things in your life. And, on the contrary, if you’re always talking and thinking negatively, bad things are very much likely to happen for you.

So, what you believe, think, speak and do, that’s what you attract in your life.

For example: Let’s say you want a new fancy car. Instead of whinning in your old piece of junk, just picture yourself riding it. Listening to your favorite song, while you drive smoothly through the most beautiful road, sense the soft leather steering-wheel in your hands and a nice warm breeze coming through the window as the sun goes down. Be specific. The more detailed, the better. Imagine the whole picture till you feel it.

And that doesn’t happen just because there’s magical elves there that grant wishes (at least not that I know of…). It is SCIENCE, my friend. Yes, it’s all been scientifically proven.

It looks like the neurons in your brain, those that send orders to your body by electrical impulses, cannot tell the difference between something you imagine and something that’s really happening, so when you keep picturing, repeating and strongly feeling a specific thing in your mind every single day, your brain gets more aware and focused on that and it creates mental pathways that trigger behaviors and actions for you to find out the way to get there.

Fake it till you make it!

Long story short: FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT.

“Act as if” you’ve already accomplished that goal.

That’s what visualization does to your life. It makes you feel you already have it, thus your mind finds the way to make that happen, as it’s real for it already.

Do you want to be successful in your life? Act like you’re already at the top. Feel it. And you will eventually make it happen. Every step will lead you to the next one, and that to the next, and you’ll see how it all starts to make sense and you find yourself where you pictured.

I told you, it’s not magic, it’s real and has scientific evidence and it’s been proven though the years. Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Kanye West, Will Smith… Do you know them? They all use the law of attraction, they visualized their success before it was even real.

It didn’t turn out bad for them, did it?

So what’s the harm in trying?

It can only make things better.


How To Beat Procrastination Today

You only need one thing: Visualize.

Start doing it. The moment it becomes a routine for you like eating or brushing your teeth and you do it every single day, you’ll want to find more moments to do it.

You know why? Because it feels good to see your dreams come true. You’ll start to feel happier and more motivated. Less frustrated.

You’ll start doing more things focused on your goals without even realizing, since in your head you’re already that person. And doing more of what you love feels good.

Just do me a favor, start visualizing today and come back to tell me how your life has changed so that others can see that it works.

It won’t be an overnight change, do not expect it to be magic, you need to take action.

Visualize. Belive It. Do More Of What You Love Every Day. Make Your Dreams Come True.

Everything that’s worth it requires hard work and persistance, so do it everyday and belive it’s real and you’ll see what you think, say and do takes you right to where you want to be and makes you the person you want to become.

Stop Procrastinating And Start Living Now.

You owe it to youself, don’t you think?

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