How To Find My Life Purpose – Live Your Life With Intention

Live with intention!Are you living your life with intention or you’re just going with the flow?

If you’re reading this, chances are you are precisely looking for something that gives meaning to your life, because you find it empty right now.

I can relate to that feeling, since How To Find My Life Purpose has been a deep concern, almost an obsession, in my life for the past two years.

We’re so distracted by routine that it usually takes an attention call in a form of a traumatic event to make us realize we’re actually not living but just existing.

Luckily, not everyone has to go through such serious episode to figure it out, since we can learn from other people’s experiences to help us get inspired and awaken our true inner self, so that we can figure out what it is that really drives us.

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13 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful – And How You Can Change That Today

If you’re like most human beings, you’re constantly chasing success.

In your personal life, in business, in relationships… Every time we embark on a new life challenge, we strive to do our best and try to succeed at it, right?

Otherwise, what’s the point on even getting started?

But success doesn’t always happen to everyone. And if that’s your case, you may be repeatedly asking yourself Why You’re Not Successful.

There are many reasons why you might not be getting what you want out of your life.

Let me show you some of the most typical behaviours and thoughts that are the main success-stoppers and how you can deal with them.

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Why You Should Not Go To College – Live Your Life in Your Own Terms

Ask yourself this question: Why would I want to go to college and get a university degree?

Is it because you really want to and your goal is to be a Lawyer, Psycologist, Scientific, Doctor or any other professional activity which requires a certification and a specific education?

The reason is your dad went to college and wants you to follow his steps?

Or maybe it is because, well, it’s always been like that… you finish high school, you go to college, you get your degree, look for a 9-to-5 job, have 2.4 children and a mortgage, 2-week vacation and that’s pretty much it?

If you’re old-fashioned and you actually like that… Nothing else to be said, be my guest, enjoy the ride!

But, if you’re doing it just because it’s how everybody rolls and society is pushing you to go that way, just don’t. Please, don’t.

Let me show you Why You Should Not Go To College if you really don’t feel like it, and how you can actually Live Your Life In Your Own Terms and forget about how others do it.

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1-Minute Japanese Technique – The Best Way To Stop Procrastinating

Are you always putting off things?

Do you constantly set goals or resolutions and never really achieve them?

Are there things you would like to incorporate to your daily routine, but you never find the moment to start doing them?

Maybe it’s because you have too much on your plate right now or that those things require a great effort and concentration on your side and you won’t ever really feel like doing them.

Either way, there’s a very easy and effective 1-minute japanese technique that will help you do all those activities that won’t just automatically flow.

So, if you were looking for The Best Way To Stop Procrastinating, just give this one a try and you would be surprised how much it can help you.

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The Cemetery of Happiness – The Importance of Little Things in Life

There once was a man who embarked on a self-discovery journey.

He started travelling the world looking for answers to his existencial questions about life.

One day, walking through the mountains, he spotted a little village in the distance.

Just a few meters before getting there, he noticed a little hill on the right hand side of the narrow, winding pathway he was walking through.

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Done Better Than Perfect – How To Stop Procrastinating And Start Living

Start living!Maybe you’ve heard or read this sentence somewhere: “Done is Better Than Perfect“…

What about about this other one: “Move fast and break things“…?

They both are powerful and inspiring business mottos in which Facebook‘s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg based his company’s strategy at the very first stages of it.

But, the thing is that they can perfectly be applied to many other aspects of life, since they involve the concept of taking action and being innovative and successful.

If you’re having problems getting things done and reaching your goals since you’re always putting things off, let me give you a couple of hints on How To Stop Procrastinating and Start Living.

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The 7 Deadly Sins Of The Photographer – How To Avoid Them

Photographer's deadly sinsIf you have studied in a catholic school, you go to church with your family or you have a curious mind, you must be aware of the 7 deadly sins.

Or maybe you just learnt them from that cool 90’s Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman movie (Seven).

Anyway, you know what I’m talking about here: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. But don’t worry, I’m not trying to preach anything here.

The idea is just to adapt these vices to the photography field, so that you can control your deepest desires, not letting them get in the way of your passion and you can be a better photographer and stay motivated.

Do you want to know how to avoid The 7 Deadly Sins Of The Photographer?

Let’s jump right into this then 😉

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New Year’s Resolutions? Screw them! Make A True Lasting Change In Your Life!

Make Lasting Changes!It’s that time of the year again.

A year has ended, a new year has just started so… what now?

Classic! New Year’s Resolutions come into play.

It’s like a ritual, right? Let’s all think about some things we want to change about ourselves starting the 1st of January.

Maybe you want to quit smoking, do more exercise, eat healthier, read more books, save more, get out of debt, get better grades, get a promotion at work, quit your job and get a better one, spend more time with the family, travel more, lower your stress levels…

How many times have you done this? How many times have you succeeded?

You know what? I’ve decided that I’m not going to make new year’s resolutions this time. Because I really want my life to change and those so called “resolutions”, the way we face them, are weak and end up with disappointment and frustration every single time.

So, I’m taking a very different approach so that I achieve a REAL LASTING CHANGE in my life that requires no more new year’s resolutions, since I’ll be exactly where I want physically, emotionally and financially.

How does it sound to you? And I’m telling you, if I can do it, you can too.

Wanna give it a try together? 😉

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What Can I Do With My Life?

What's the answer?If you’re like me and have always been worried about giving some meaning to your existence, you must have asked yourself at some point: What can I do with my life?

That existential question can be very annoying if it stucks in your head, right?

The feeling of needing that something that makes your life complete is a breaking point that can either drown you into the most dark abyss of depression if you don’t eventually find the answer or it can set the spark you needed to actually do something meaningful with your life.

I’m just going to walk you through how I see it from my own point of view, so that you have all the answers to choose the second way.

And then, together we’re going to come up with a wide range of options that you have to make that choice successful and live your life fully making the most of it.

I hope this sounds as good in your head as it does in mine 😉

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5 Signs Your Job Is Killing You And How To Save Yourself

Stressed at work?Unfortunately, money makes the world go around and almost everything in this world requires it. And, as money doesn’t grow on trees, everybody needs a job to be able to eat, afford a place to live, buy stuff and move around.

So, to that effect, we get jobs, sometimes you love them, sometimes they’re just fine and on some occasions they suck and they slowly and silently kill you.


Extreme as that may seem, many of us have at least once been on that last one situation.

If you haven’t, congratulations! Maybe you’ve got a vocational job or just enjoy working where you are. Good for you!

But if you’re like many people, who have their dreams, aspirations and hobbies, and their jobs are just a way to get money to fund those, you need to be aware that, your job, convenient as it may be in your life, may be draining your vital energy.

Sometimes you don’t realize, or don’t want to, because you’re kind of in a comfort zone that, even if it’s bad for you, gives you just what you need in a daily basis, so you end up coping with it.

On the long run though, this can take a toll on you any minute, so let’s find out which are the signs that tell you your job might be killing you.

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