Affiliate Marketing: How To For Beginners

Affiliate MarketingDo you want to make money doing what you love?

Would you like to earn revenue while you are sleeping or on holidays with your loved ones?

If the answer is YES, maybe you didn’t know it yet, but you’ve been looking for affiliate marketing.

Why? Because it’s the best and easiest way to generate passive income.

No experience needed!

No previous online marketing knowledge required!

This is how more than 90% of the people who are striving to build their own business online get started for free.

So, let me explain you exactly how they do it so that you can follow their steps and get your financial freedom! 😉

If this is all new to you, don’t worry, you can join for free the #1 Affiliate Marketing Training Platform so that you get all the resources and help you may need (more on this at the end of this article, let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

What’s Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work?

Basically, Affiliate Marketing consists on promoting other’s products online and get a commission when there’s a sale.

As easy as that.

You don’t even need to have your own product. You just lead people to the place (a company’s site usually) where they can find the product they’re looking for and that means revenue for you if they make a purchase.

But it gets even better! You’ll see 😉

They don’t even need to buy that specific product, as long as people arrive to the company’s page through you (you’ll be using affiliate links, which we’ll talk about later), anything they buy there will get you a commission.

Imagine you promote videogames and somebody gets to the site of the company you’re affiliated with (Amazon for instance), and they get also a PS4, or a new TV. You’re going to get commission for those items too.

How Affiliate Marketing works

Sounds awesome, huh?!

This is one of the best ways companies have to promote their products, since they rely on bloggers, youtubers and other Internet creators, and leverage their traffic to get people to visit their online stores, thus increasing their sales.

They give up a little part of their revenue for the sale (that “little part” being your commission), but in return get lots of new customers which otherwise wouldn’t.

So both the merchant (who sells the products/services, e.g. Amazon) and the affiliate marketer (who promotes them, e.g. you) get their cut, and of course the buyer gets the desired product, so we could consider affiliate marketing creates a win-win-win situation 😉


What Do You Need To Become An Affiliate Marketer?

First of all you need to change your mindset completely.

You’re going to create your own online business based on your passions, hobbies, or any of those things you so much love to talk about.

Forget about losing your precious time working for others, in jobs you don’t like, for a salary that doesn’t even fit your needs.Change your life!

Putting off your life is over.

I’m serious.

Are you ready for that?

Being an affiliate marketer doesn’t mean your not going to work anymore (SPOILER ALERT: this is not one of those get-rich-overnight schemes).

What it means is you’ll be working for your own benefit, on your own terms and on something you love to do, so that you will create a stable and thriving business online which will grow with you and provide you with that financial freedom you’ve always wanted.

And to do that, you just need to follow these 4 easy steps:

  • Choose an interest. Anything you like and feel comfortable talking about (cats, guitar lessons, cooking, photography…). That would be your niche.
  • Set up a niche website. The core of your business. Where all the action will take place.
  • Create relevant content that engages and generates traffic. You’ll be writing reviews, product/service comparisons and all kind of related articles.
  • Lead traffic to the merchant’s site through affiliate links. That’s when the revenue will happen.

How does it look to you? Pretty easy, right?

I can assure you that literally anybody with Internet access can do this. Really, anybody!

Do you have a computer and Internet connection? You’re all set, then!

Let’s break the process down so that you don’t miss a step and do it properly.


How To Choose The Right Niche?

It’s important for you to know that there’s no wrong niche.

There may be niches more profitable than others. That will depend on the commission the affiliate programs pay or the price of the products you’ll be promoting (the more expensive they are, the higher the commision), but do not focus on this just yet.

First, you need to think of that interest, hobby, activity or product you’re really passionate about and you wouldn’t mind writing about every day.

It has to be something you are very comfortable with, since you’re going to turn it into your thriving long haul business.

Got it?

It can be anything, and the more specific, the easier it will be to gain awareness and trust on the Internet.

Your niche is basically going to be your audience, that group of people who search on the Internet looking for the information you are going to lay out for them.

For instance, let’s say you’re into moutain-biking. You love to meet your friends and go for a long ride every Sunday morning. Well, that can perfectly be your niche.

You like it, you know the bike’s brands, the riding equipment that suits you best, the coolest trails of your whole state…

OK. So, let’s turn your passion into money! 😉

Build your niche website!


What Is A Niche Website?

A niche website is a site/blog which focuses on a determined small part or segment of the market.

There are endless niches you can choose from: watches, jewlery, musical instruments, gaming, clothing, travel, cooking, gardening, pet care, sports…

But remember, the narrower the niche, the better: iwatches, man’s jewlery, guitars for beginners, car games, baby clothes for summer, road-trip on a RV, fat-free recipes, indoor plant care, dog food and toys, mountain-biking (to continue with our first example).

Today, it’s very easy to set up this kind of sites, it takes less than 5 minutes to have your website up and running. That’s actually how long it took me to create this one you’re reading on.

You’ll find that there’s a ton of website platforms where you can do this. What I recommend is to get yourself a WordPress-based site, like SiteRubix. They’re easy to run and very functional.

You can check out right now if the domain name you want for your niche website is available:

You pick a name, choose a theme and you’re ready to go!

Plus if you do it with SiteRubix, you sign up for free and they give you:

  • 2 websites of your own, including the hosting and technical support 24/7
  • Free and instant Access to The Best Online Marketing Community (check out here my full review about it), where you’ll find all the training and support you need to master Affiliate Marketing, from how to set up your website to the best way of making money with it.

This will be your place of creation from now on, where all the action will take place.

And Action means Content. Pages, posts, pictures, videos, comments…


How To Write Content That Engages?

Once you have your website set up and running, it’s time to start filling it with content.

It is precisely that content which will attract people to your site and will turn your passion into revenue.

By content, I mean the articles, reviews, thoughts, stories that you’re going to write down on your niche website, which will lead people to follow your recommendations and get (through your affiliate links) those products or services they were interested in (thus your commision for your recommendation).

So, how should content on a niche website be?

  • Relevant: if your site niche is for example “mountain-biking”, make sure you write only about bikes, routes, accessories, training routines… Your goal is to become an authority on that niche, so that people trust you and follow your recommendations.
  • Quality: write interesting and original content. Do not copy from others, be yourself and create your own brand around it. People will appreciate it.
  • Naturally writen: lay out your ideas and thoughts like you’re explaining them to a friend. Use a natural language so that your readers see you as a person who is helping them.
  • Engaging: put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Create a bond with them. Ask them to interact with you by commenting and sharing their thoughts.
  • Focused on helping: people will arrive to your site looking for information or advice on a specific matter. Be the one who helps them best.

If you put all your effort and commitment and focus on creating something helpful for people, you will absolutely succeed on Affiliate Marketing.

But make sure you follow this important advice: focus on helping and the money will come. Do not do it the other way around.

You don’t want your web to look like a bunch of articles full of affiliate links all spread out randomly so that people click on them and you get money. Google and the other search engines will penalize you if you do that, and you’ll get frustrated since your content won’t rank, and you won’t get any traffic.

Engage and get traffic!

How To Get Relevant Traffic In Your Website?

Your main objective will be bringing people (traffic) to your site.

The more people noticing and reading your articles, the higher the chances of building a bigger audience which subscribes to your content.

Having a big audience who finds your content relevant and helpful is what ultimately will bring you revenue.

So, let me show you the main ways to get traffic to your site:

  • Keywords: when you write something you’re looking for on a Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing…) and wait for the results, you’re typing keywords. The Search Engine Robots look for those keywords on the net, to get the results for you, so knowing the most used keywords on your niche for a determined topic will help you rank better and get more people to reach your site.
  • Search Engines: Submit your sitemap to Google and Bing. And make sure you make the most of Google Webmaster Tools, where you have all kind of resources to make easier for the robots to find your website.
  • Social Media: create your page on Facebook, and share your content. Do the same on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest… The more social networks you’re in, the better. Socially interact with people, give them advice, join relevant groups and discussions and suggest people to go to your website for more information.
  • Specialized Forums: look for those websites who provide discussion forums for determined products, activities or topics and join them and engage with the members helping them with their questions. The perfect place to get your most faithful subscribers.
  • Paid adds: Facebook adds is a great platform to put your content out there and get new and relevant traffic to your website. For a little price you can make up campaigns and target a very specific group of population, so that you get the best results.

Now you’ve built your audience and you’re generating traffic it’s time to monetize your website with the help of affiliate programs.


How To Choose An Affiliate Program?

There are many affiliate programs on the Internet. Every niche has thousands of them, since everybody wants people to help them make sales.

You just need to go to Google and write: “your niche + affiliate program”. You’ll be amazed of the many opportunities you have to monetize your site. For instance, for the example we set at the beginning: “mountain bike + affiliate programs”, you get more than 1.590.000 results. 😉

They all usually work the same way:

  • You sign up for the program (for free).
  • They give you an Affiliate ID, which will helps them track your links and calculate your commissions after a sale.
  • You got access to their Affiliate website, where you can look for the products you want to promote and get the affiliate links for each one of them.
  • You place those affiliate links on your articles, so that your readers can click on them and purchase the items they were looking for.

It’s that easy.

Affiliate money!You get the picture, right?

The more people reading your articles, the higher the chances they click on your affiliate links and you get a commission.

That’s why quality content matters, since it builds a quality audience which converts your links into revenue. Because when people trust you, they follow your recommendations.

If you do not want to search the net for affiliate programs, you can always start with The Biggest Affiliate Program on the Internet: Amazon.

The good thing is that they have every kind of product you can imagine, so it’s very likely that you’ll find your niche there. For instance, if you search for “mountain bike” on, you get more than 52.000 products you can start to promote on your site.

That’s a lot of content! 😉


Now You Know…

In a nutshell, this is how Affiliate Marketing works.

#1 – SET UP YOUR WEBSITE around your passion.



#4 – MAKE MONEY when people click on your affiliate links and buy stuff.

Piece of cake! 😉

As I told you earlier, anybody with an Internet connection can do this. And it is the easiest and fastest way to make honest money online, by doing what you love and helping people on the way.

You can forget about scams that promise you to get rich overnight.


What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Platform?

How would you feel having the support of thousands of people who have already been in your situation before, and today are proud owners of online business and have reached financial freedom thanks to affiliate marketing?

Sounds great, right?

Well, there’s an online community which gathers all the knowledge, training, resources and support from all these people, which today counts with a total of more than 800.000Take action! members and 12 years experience on the market.

If you’re really interested in mastering affiliate marketing and getting your financial freedom once and for all, you need to check out my full review on The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners.

So, how does Affiliate Marketing sound to you?

If you want to start making money from home or wherever you are and be your own boss, that’s the easiest way, my friend.

Start making money out of your passion and live the life you always wanted.

And please, when do it, come back to tell everyone how you’re doing, so others can do the same.

Thanks for stopping by! 😉



  • Minhaj

    Hi Israel

    Thanks for this thorough introduction into affiliate marketing. It certainly is a business model that could reward people financially if done right. I like how you make people realise this will require hard work and dedication and isn’t a get rich quick scheme.I think one of the hardest parts of affiliate marketing is writing content. I can do keyword research without trouble but when it comes to content and knowing that Google loves long-form content it kind of gets frustrating at times.
    What do you find hardest about affiliate marketing?

    • Israel

      Hi Minhaj!

      Yeah, you said that, it’s important to know that this way of making money online requires hard work and dedication. At least at first, since you need to put the basis of a thriving business and that means hours of learning and writing content.

      You’re right, Google loves long posts and it can sometimes be hard to find inspiration, but you should keep in mind that you need to write your articles like you are talking to a friend, make it simple and understandable.

      One trick is to write a central long post where you concentrate your affiliate links, and then several other not-so-long posts related and linking to that main post, so that you send traffic there 😉

      I think one of the hardest things about affiliate marketing is that at the very beginning you can get a little frustrated since money doesn’t happen overnight, and you see many people at the community talking about their full-time incomes through their niche websites.

      But once you get over it and learn that this is a step-by-step process, you start seeing your site getting more traffic, people clicking on your links and suddenly the first sale. And from then, everything works!

      So, put work on it, a give it time, don’t get too anxious, if you follow the training, everything will eventually make sense!

      Good luck and thanks for commenting 😉

      • Hi. You talked about using key words. Is that only for use on websites or can I use it on Facebook or Instagram? Thank you for your help.

        • Israel

          Hi Nr. Johnson!
          Actually you can and should use keywords anywhere online.
          Facebook and Instagram pages also rank on Google, so if you target specific keywords when you post on those social media, you will also rank for them. And the more engagement you achieve, the higher the ranking.
          Besides, you can combine those keywords on your posts with hashtags so that people can find your information more easily.

          • Do I just create a hashtag or are there specific ones I should use depending on the content of my post?
            In other words, is there a hashtag list?

          • Israel

            Hashtags give you the opportunity to engage and expand the reach of your articles on social media.
            When you’re posting content on Facebook, focus on 1 or 2 keywords that are relevant to your niche and topic of your article, and then use them as hashtags. Just think about what would somebody interested on what you’re saying be looking for 😉
            On Instagram, you also have many pages which use their own hashtag and that share and mention pictures they like on the topic they cover, so it’s important that you follow them and use their hashtag when you share an image that you think can be relevant. You can get a lot of awareness if they share your content. You can make your own hashtag list and even create your own hashtag related with your brand and encourage people to use it.
            And remember this is a trial-and-error process, you need to find out what works best for you.
            I hope to have been of help 🙂

          • You’ve been very helpful, Israel ? Thank you!

          • Israel

            Anytime, my friend 😉

  • shrey

    I had seen a couple of sites that promised to pay money for completing online surveys. However, failing to make any real money through them I decided that I want to make a full-time income online through some source. The method affiliate marketing you mention here seems great and I’m definitely going to try it.

    • Israel

      Hey Shrey!

      I also did some research myself on those survey sites you mention, but the payout is too low compared to the amount of time you need to invest on completing a whole survey. On my opinion, it’s not worth it.

      If you really want to create your own business for the long haul, so that it gives you stability and financial freedom, I really recommend Affiliate Marketing. Plus, you’ll be doing what you love, and helping people at the same time, so what else can you ask for? 😉

      I wish you the best of luck in your project!

      And remember to enjoy the process, that’s also key for it to work.

      Cheers and thanks for commenting!

  • Weston

    Hey, Israel!

    Awesome information! You answered all my questions about affiliate marketing. Sounds like a great way to make money. I’d love to make passive income through affiliate marketing!

    I love the fact that I don’t need to come up with my own products and still have my own business. And I really like that I can choose to make a website about whatever I’m interested in.

    Thank you!


    • Israel

      Hi Weston!

      Thanks for commenting! I’m happy to be helpful 😉

      Yeah, that’s the best thing of affiliate marketing, you create your business around what you love, help people with their questions and doubts and then promote related products but with others taking care of the sale.

      It’s the best way to start online!

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • James Harvey

    This is great I dream of making a legitimate income on the internet one day. Like I use to day dream in college of the vast ways I could achieve financial freedom through the web. This right here may be a dream come true and if it pays off. I owe all the thanks to you and this article. I’m all in!

    • Israel

      Hi James!

      I’m glad you’re up for it!

      Just go get your financial freedom right now! And come back and tell us how it went 😉

      Thanks for commenting.

      Cheers and good luck!

  • Phil

    Hi there,
    I have enjoyed reading your awesome review on how to start affiliate marketing. You have covered every aspect of this easy to do business and you have explained it thoroughly how easy this business is to learn.
    The best part of this business is we will be blogging about something that we are passionate about and how great is that.
    With the training and coaching that’s available , its relatively easy to be successful.
    All that’s required is a bit of commitment and consistency and we are good to go.
    Well done again on a great review,
    Best wishes,
    Cheers………Phil Browne

    • Israel

      Hey Phil!

      Thanks for the nice words. I’m happy it’s clear how everybody can do it with a bit of effort!

      And as you say, you’ll be truning your passion into your source of revenue, and that’s really awesome!

      All the best to you too 😉

  • natalie

    Hi Israel

    This is the most non-scary review of affiliate marketing I’ve ever read! It actually sounds like something that could work…I like your honesty about that it’s not a get-rich quick scheme. I’ve almost been caught by a few of those, and now I’m very wary!

    Is it best to keep your day job and see how it goes over time, or just start full time right away? I guess what I want to know is how long on average does it take for a person to make a fulltime income with affiliate marketing?

    • Israel

      Hi Natalie!

      Yeah, the first thing people need to know is that succeeding on affiliate marketing takes commitment and effort, but at least you’re putting that effort on something that you love and that is yours.

      Whether you wanna go all in or keep your day job until it takes off, is really up to you. I guess I’m more of a cautious person and I’d suggest to keep your job until it slowly gives you total financial freedom, but I guess that’s a personal choice and it will depend what your current money situation alows you 😉

      I really couldn’t say an average time that it would take you to make a full time income, since it’s very subjective, I’ve seen many cases of very commited people who followed all the steps and made it a full income business in less than a year, and also extreme cases of 6 months, but it really depends on how bad you want it, and how much effort are you willing to put on it.

      I hope to have cleared out your doubts here 😉

      Make sure you choose something you really love and enjoy the process of making it your business, that will speed up the process of making it successful.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Good luck!

  • Andy

    Wow. Thank you Israel. This is the best expansion of affiliate marketing I’ve ever read. Really helped to clear a few things up for me. I feel like affiliate marketing is what I’ve been looking for for years. I love the idea of earning money while I’m sleeping! Thanks again Israel, now off to apply some of your ideas.

    • Israel

      Hey Andy!

      I’m glad it helped you!

      Cheers and good luck turning your passion into a thriving business 😉

  • Deborah

    This is the most interesting and thorough article I’ve ever read on affiliate marketing. The fact that you’re not promising overnight success makes this a truly appealing option. What is the level breakdown and how much does it cost? How long is it free for? How long of a time before I can see any return on my investment? I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    • Israel

      Hi Deborah!

      Actually you can join the Best Affiliate Marketing Community for free, and stay for free for as long as you want.

      The idea here is to get your affiliate business started with the support of a great training and thousands of people who have been there before and know the steps to success.

      I suggest you set up your business following their guidance and when it starts to give you revenue, you can always consider the possibility of upgrading to Premium member if you want to take your business to a whole new level and become an affiliate marketing expert, which will of course mean boosting your revenue as well.

      The time it will take you to start making money from your passion is really up to the amount of effort and hours you put on it. The more you work on it and the faster you follow all the steps, the sooner you’ll start to see results.

      You can check out here how people are actually succeeding because they fmade the most of the training and the support of the other members 😉

      Thanks for commenting. I hope I helped you clear out the doubts.

      All the best!

  • Jeremy

    Thanks for the helpful information! I became interested in possibly doing affiliate marketing and got started. I’m still in the beginning stages, and while I know I probably won’t make a ton of money right away, I enjoy writing my blog posts and am hopeful that as I build my content and website that the earnings will come. I hope others read your article and take away something from it! Thanks again!

    • Israel

      Hey Jeremy!

      The most important things is that you are enjoying wirting your content! That’s what affiliate marketing is all about, doing what you love 😉

      If you keep up the good work I’m sure money will come! Hard work always pays off.

      Cheers and all the best!

  • Shelly

    The topic of Affiliate Marketing was introduced to me many months ago. I kept seeing it all over Facebook, the people talking about posting links. I checked in on it a bit but ultimately decided I didn’t understand it. That whole negative path ended a few weeks ago. I have been actively starting my own Affiliate Marketing career. Your website is great! A great tool for anyone looking to get started, and they don’t understand the process like I didn’t. Your information is very thorough and easy to understand which is wonderful. Love that you are taking your time to reach out to people to show them the true opportunity out there for Affiliate Marketing!

    • Israel

      Hi Shelly!

      I’m really glad you find it helpful! Thank you! 🙂

      As you say, there is a true great opportunity out there with Affiliate Marketing for anyone who wants to quit a life where their schedules and salaries are dictated by others.

      Internet is giving us the chance to do what we love and live our lifes in our own terms, so what are we waiting for?

      Thanks for sharing your story! I hope it inspires others do the same.

      Cheers and best of luck in your new life! 😉

  • afipasefikatrust

    Hey Israel thanks for explaining how internet marketing works especially with the affiliate programs, ive heard about them over the many years but never really sat down to see what it was all about and Im glad you went into details about it. My husband would love this and I love the title of your page. Now I fully understand what its all about. Thanku and awesome stuff

    • Israel

      I’m really glad you like it! 😉

      Yeah, affiliate marketing is actually a good opportunity. There’s a lot of info out there, too much maybe, I’m just trying to outline the basics here, so that people can start.

      Now you know what that’s all about, just go get your new life 😉

      Thanks for commenting!

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • leonard

    I absolutely love the sound of affiliate marketing. I’ve been stuck in a dead end job for a couple of years now and am really thinking of doing something that will turn my life around.

    Life is too short to live it on other people’s terms. I need more time with my family and friends. Will look into it. Thanks for this very important info.

    • Israel

      Hi Leonard!

      You said that! Life’s too short! You gotta do what you love!

      And Affiliate Marketing is a great way to start doing that. Just go for it, work hard and enjoy the process, and you will make it happen.

      Cheers and good luck living your life on your own terms!

  • Ralph

    I have had an office job for quite some time now and it’s safe to say that I really don’t enjoy it much. I have thought about starting an online business, but just didn’t know where to start. Although there is a lot of info to take in, I’m sure once I take some time to really learn it, I could master it. How supportive are the member in this wealthy affiliate program? Are they helpful when it comes to newbies? I am definitely interested in learning more.

    • Israel

      Hey Ralph!

      You said it yourself. You’re not enoying your job, which takes up more than half your day.

      I had that same feeling some time ago, and decided to change my way of life.

      I couldn’t have ended up in a better place. Now that’s been a while since I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, it’s really safe to me to say that this community is the best for newbies. Everything in the training is explained assuming you know nothing about it, so that you can make the most of it.

      And the support, well, thousands of people are online all day so any time of the day there’ll be somebody around who you can ask anything to. The blogs, the 24/7 live chat, the live webinars, the classrooms,… the help is endless there.

      From there, it’s up to how much you want your new life to happen and how much effort you’re willing to put on it, cause one thing’s for sure, you could not blame it on the lack of training or help 😉

      I hope this helps make up your mind and go for it!

      Cheers and good luck!

  • Mike Jay

    Hey Israel,

    Really good job breaking down the process of getting started for a beginner. I’ve only been in for a little over a week and I am still working to get a grip on how it all works.

    One little note: I have found that everyone, believe it or not, does not hate their 9-5 job. But affiliate marketing through WA is great for people who love their jobs, too! Maybe find some ways to bring job lovers into your niche as well by embracing the good things about having a solid 9-5 and helping them see how the same things exist with an online business plus their earning potential is only limited by their own work ethic and imagination.

    I wish you the best!


    • Israel

      Hey Mike!

      Of course, having a 9-5 job is not bad. Actually, it’s something to be thankful for these days, after the financial crisis the world has been through.

      What I mean is that in most of the cases, having a 9-5 job means you are working for others and getting a compensation for that work. They are the ones making the big bucks, while you get the crumbs. It’s fair, since they assume the risk, they hire you, they train you… But the thing is that most of the times you’re just doing it because it gives you financial stability and that’s what you look for.

      But what about if you can do what you love, and be your own boss. You can still work 9-5 if that’s the routine you’re comfortable with, but using affiliate marketing means all the benefits of your hard work go 100% in your pocket. That’s the kind of life I’m talking about.

      I mean, if you look for financial freedom, but in your own terms. You work when, where and however you want. And you’re doing what you love. That’s the possibility that affiliate marketing gives you.

      Do you want to keep your 9-5 job and make some extra income on your spare time? Nice! That’s another way of doing it. If that’s enough for you, go for it! But if you want complete freedom, just put all the effort and take the leap!

      Thanks for commenting, Mike!

      All the best, my friend!

  • HappyB

    Thanks Israel,
    A really detailed explanation of what Affiliate Marketing is all about .
    I personally appreciate your honesty regarding how quickly you can make an income.
    Your enthusiasm certainly shouts out from the article.
    My concerns has always been the level of technical skills needed in building and maintaining sites.
    I found your explanation of the process of marketing very re-assuring. It makes Affiliate Marketing seem a very viable business to build up parallel with a 9-5 job.
    Is that possible, bearing in mind the time needed to develop the blogs / articles?
    Thanks again for a re-assuring view.

    • Israel

      Hey HappyB!

      Thanks for your kind words. I think honesty is key if you want to help people, and that’s what this site is all about 🙂

      You don’t need to worry about having previous skills or online knowledge. If you follow the step-by-step program, you’ll be learning everything you need and creating your business at the same time. It’s suitable for anybody. An expert will advance faster than a beginner, but you’ll get to the same point: a thriving online business based on your passion.

      Regarding the creation of content, do not get stressed with that. Just let it flow. Dedicate some time every day, maybe weekends or your spare time, and you’ll progressively be building your site and earning money with it.

      The more time and effort you put on it, the sooner you’ll be able to quit your job if that’s your goal 😉

      Go for it! And always enjoy the process!

      Cheers and all the best, my friend! 😉

  • gregS

    Hi Israel
    Affiliate Marketing is definitely the way to get started online, with your own website. You list all the steps and things necessary to become successful.
    After you create your own products, a few years down the track, you can start earning more income streams.
    I agree, that that being online is the best way ‘to be free and enjoy what you do’.

    • Israel

      Hey Greg!

      That’s what affiliate marketing is all about: do what you love and get your financial freedom on your own terms 😉

      Thanks for commenting!


  • Yunier Gonzalez

    This was a very informative article for affiliate marketing for beginners. It feels like it was just yesterday when it emerged now its one of the best ways to make money online. the fact, that you can create an online business with barely any start up cost is amazing. You have an online business which can be worth a lot of money in the future if you wish to sell it.

    • Israel

      Hey Yunier!

      That’s the beauty of Affiliate Marketing, low cost, high rewards. And you’re doing what you really love and making a living out of it. Nice, huh?

      I hope you’re already on your way to financial freedom, my friend.

      Cheers and good luck!

  • Eartha

    This is a great overview of how to get started with affiliate marketing. It is one of my favorite ways to make money online. I think if someone is seeking a way to create lifestyle freedom, this is the way to go. The best part is that you can create a niche website on a topic you genuinely enjoy. That means you are creating an online business that is fun and generates income at the same time.

    • Israel

      Hi Eartha!

      Yeah, right? Doing what you love and earning money with it, while you’re helping people on the way…

      What else could you ask for? 😉

      Thanks for commenting!


  • Jojo

    This is a great article for anybody who would like to earn money online but does not know how. You have written a complete and detailed “how to get started” post on affiliate marketing.
    In principle it is not difficult, however what will stop most people from succeeding is simply the effort involved. There is a lot of work before you will see results, plenty of frustrations as well but if you stick to it, are patient and continue to work towards your goal, you will succeed.

    • Israel

      Hi Jojo!

      You’re absolutely right. Many people quit because it takes time and effort to reach your goals. Some of them see this as a get-rich-quick scheme and leave it when they don’t see the big bucks falling in a couple of months.

      But the best things in life are not easy, you need to fight for them, and when you get there, the reward is amazing and you realize it was really worth the effort, since you’ve created a stable and thriving income stream for life.

      Thanks for your comment!

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • Debbie

    You’re absolutely right. Many people quit because it takes time and effort to reach your goals. At first, I thought that this was a get-rich-quick scheme and after going through the starter training, I was overwhelmed with so much information and I don’t retain a lot of information easily. I want to quit because I am afraid that I won’t see the big bucks falling in a couple of months.
    But the best things in life are not easy, you need to fight for them, and when you get there, the reward is amazing and you realize it was really worth the effort, since you’ve created a stable and thriving income stream for life.

    I’ve had a terrible time with the person with whom I clicked on his ad and got involved with Wealthy Affiliate. He had absolutely no patience with me whatsoever, refused to answer any of my questions and would just tell me that my question was covered in the training and then post a link to his message. He was absolutely awful to me. I plan to reach out to kind members of WA for assistance from here forward. He even accused me of having “mental issues”!!
    I tried to respond to that accusation, but he blocked me!!

    But I will not let that deter me from my purpose here at WA.

    Thanks and good luck,


    • Israel

      Hi Debbie!

      I’m sorry you had to deal with that kind of person, Debbie, but you know, people like that won’t last much in the Wealthy Affiliate community. In the end, those who really help others are the ones staying, since that’s the whole purpose of WA.

      Don’t let those particular individuals stop you from reaching your dreams. Sometimes, it’s even good for our goals to come across them, since they make you tougher and encourage you to not be like them.

      I’m here if you need anything, anytime, ok? 😉

      Go for it and do not let anybody or anything to interpose between you and the life you deserve.

      Cheers and enjoy WA!

  • taya

    I love how simple your page is and how easy it is to understand, i can tell that you are very passionate about your topic and know it very well. It is important to know your information and you did just that. Keep it up it looks great. Your page actually taught me more about becoming an affiliate and i plan to use this information from your page to help along my journey. Thank you.

  • marty

    Hi Israel

    It looks pretty interesting as you do not have to have so much knowledge with internet marketing so far. And I like an idea to build a webpage based on my hobbies or interests.
    As I am retired already and have a lot of free time, it may a good idea to start blogging and earn some extra money.

    Thanks for a tip

    Regards, Marty

    • Israel

      Hi Marty!

      Yeah! Internet is awesome and it’s changing the way we do things.

      With a laptop and WIFI you can work anywhere. And blogging is the best way to do it 🙂

      I wish you the best on your new adventure! 😉

      Cheers, my friend!

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