Hey, welcome!

IsraelMy name is Israel, and I’m “The Husband”.

Check out that badass profile pic with the leather jacket and the glasses, that’s me (the shades are just to make justice to the logo of the site and also for dramatic effect ;))

I’ve created The Husband’s Corner with the firm intention of sharing with you everything I know about creating your online business that allows you work from anywhere in the world as long as you have WIFI and a laptop.

My Story

I’m not going to bore you with my whole story here… I was born, grew up, went to college, got a job (several actually) I didn’t quite like very much, got married (“husband”, remember?), got a mortgage… nothing really remarkable or spectacular, just the average predictable life 90% of people have.

I’m not saying that kind of life is bad. I could do worse. But that just wasn’t really what I had in mind for myself. I’ve always been a dreamer and somehow I got side-tracked into a routine that was killing me.

It was only when I wasn’t working and that I was happy. I traveled all that I could, trying to escape my routine, but I always ended up going back to it. I wanted that freedom feeling 24/7/365!

I wanted something that allowed me to live fully, not just during the weekends, holidays, vacations, spring breaks, Christmas… Always!

I wanted to do what I loved. My dream was to travel the world for a living, to see everything, the cultures, the people, the experiences… We live in an amazing Planet and I wanted to see it all, feel it all and, of course, take pictures and record it all.

So, I decided it was about time to change that and make the most of it. So I searched out there for a way to make that happen.

And I found the way! I knew there was a way…

The Husband’s Corner

And that’s how the idea of The Husband’s Corner started to shape up.

It is meant to be a place will all the necessary info for those who, like me, love the nomad style and want to turn every single day of their lives into an adventure.

I know there are many people, like you, out there, who struggle everyday with a life they are not comfortable with. And they are told: “it is what it is”. No, my friend, I’m telling you, it’s not like that.

And I know that many people dream about traveling the world, taking pictures of everything, capturing the beauty of this amazing world and earning money doing it, beacuse that’s what makes them feel fulfilled.

And I’m telling you, not just National Geographic photographers can do that. Not anymore! You can do it.

The purpose of this site is to encourage and help you, whoever you are, wherever you are in the world, TAKE ACTION and GET THAT LIFE YOU DESERVE.

I really love helping people whenever I can.

Do you know when you give a present to somebody and you see them open it with that face full of happiness because that’s exactly what they wanted?

That feeling… I wanna have it everyday, knowing that I’m helping others be happy and give a meaning to their lives by doing what they love all the time.

So, if you stick around, I’m going to explain you how you can be financially free, travel the world and enjoy your life to the fullest by turning your passion into your lifestyle.

Only those willing to work for it will make it.

Are you up for it?

Do you have the guts to go get that dream life you have always imagined in your mind? (cause I’m telling you, not everybody has what it takes).

If that’s your case, don’t lose any more time, and do it now.


I hope you really enjoy and make the most of The Husband’s Corner cause that’s the whole point!


It’s a pleasure to meet you.