5 Signs Your Job Is Killing You And How To Save Yourself

Stressed at work?Unfortunately, money makes the world go around and almost everything in this world requires it. And, as money doesn’t grow on trees, everybody needs a job to be able to eat, afford a place to live, buy stuff and move around.

So, to that effect, we get jobs, sometimes you love them, sometimes they’re just fine and on some occasions they suck and they slowly and silently kill you.


Extreme as that may seem, many of us have at least once been on that last one situation.

If you haven’t, congratulations! Maybe you’ve got a vocational job or just enjoy working where you are. Good for you!

But if you’re like many people, who have their dreams, aspirations and hobbies, and their jobs are just a way to get money to fund those, you need to be aware that, your job, convenient as it may be in your life, may be draining your vital energy.

Sometimes you don’t realize, or don’t want to, because you’re kind of in a comfort zone that, even if it’s bad for you, gives you just what you need in a daily basis, so you end up coping with it.

On the long run though, this can take a toll on you any minute, so let’s find out which are the signs that tell you your job might be killing you.

1. You Don’t Want To Go To Work

When the alarm clock sounds, every single morning, you just can’t believe it.

You got that feeling that soon you’ll be there again. At that place you don’t want to be in.

Everything you do from the moment you wake up is loaded with that anxiety, that heavy burden that won’t go away and fills up your mind with compulsive negative thoughts.

Have you felt it?

This is the first red flag that states: your job is killing you. Because that daily repetitive negative thoughts in your mind end up taking away the best of you and leaving just the remains of who you used to be.


2. You’re Yearning For The Weekend Every Single Day

Monday to Thursday you’re miserable… and then TGIF!

The only moment you feel a glimpse of happiness is when you realize that today is that day of the week. It’s Friday! And you’ve got two complete days to finally be you, do your thing, live.

You have spent the whole week counting down the hours, the minutes, even at some point the seconds, for those two days of freedom.

But you know what? Two days go by so fast, you don’t even notice it’s already Sunday, and the countdown starts again.

This turns into a torture wheel. You feel trapped, since that little break didn’t do too much for your mental health, and you couldn’t even rest, since you wanted to make so many things…

And we’re just talking about those jobs which allow you to have a weekend, let alone the rest which wouldn’t even extend this courtesy.

Been there?


3. You’ve Got A Bad Mood That Doesn’t Go Away

Days go by, same routine, same old…

Nothing changes and you start to think it’s going to be forever, nothing seems to indicate your life is going to change and that makes you angry.

Being trapped like this, feeling like that is how your life is going to be for the next decades can drive you nuts. It’s torture!

Then, your attitude changes and you become more sensitive and little things are overwhelming.

Have you realized that? Have people told you you’ve changed?


A job cannot define you life

4. You Have A Feeling That You’re Losing Your Time

Time goes by very fast, and you suddenly notice it’s been a while since you felt into this endless self-destructive spiral.

At least you noticed, and that’s a good thing, because you can do something about it.

You start thinking about all the time lost into that job you hate, and all the things you put off because you were too tired, too angry, too focused on the bad side of everything.

And time never comes back, you can’t catch up, you just have what’s ahead of you now.

Do you have that feeling of lost years?


5. You’d Rather Be Doing Anything But Your Job

“Anything would be better than being here”.

Man, if I got a dollar for every time I’ve heard that expression in all the jobs I’ve been.

That’s desperation, your mind seeks to escape your current situation or else it will collapse.

You picture yourself in a different variety of situations, and they all feel better. You even recall other opportunities you let go, which sounded awful when you turned them down, but now they look like heaven.

Have you felt that before?


How Do You Save Yourself From This Situation?

If you meet at least one of these signs, you need to know you job is slowly killing you.

If all of them sound too familiar to you, things must be starting to get serious.

But you also need to know that you can change that.

Do you want to change it?

Are you ready to kick drama out of your life and start living it?

It’s all in your head and it requires taking action.

There’s two different ways in which you can approach the problem, and they depend on which kind of person you are, what is your personal situation and how serious it’s really gotten.

But the main thing for this to work is your complete certainty that you do not want your life to remain as it is now, so you’re going to change your life for good.


Choose your right way!


The Progressive Way

If you’re like those kind of people who are afraid of extreme changes, you will have to adopt this method.

The first thing you need to know is that everything starts in yourself.

You need a change in your mindset. This is the starting point.

Nobody said it was going to be easy. Winning the lottery is another way to escape, but as it doesn’t depend on us, and the odds of that happening are petty low, we’re going to focus on the options we can work with, and this one requires some effort from your side.

We usually focus on the negative, think too much, don’t learn from our mistakes… And these facts make everything around us worse than it really is, since the problem is on us.

So, to solve this problem there are two perspectives you need to take care of:

Start living the Now

You are too focused on the bad that’s been happening to you during the last years. And that’s been magnifying all the bad things, and shrinking the good things, with the outcome being a depressing situation.

So, first, you need to stop bringing the past up and focus on the present moment.

This other article will help you do that.

When you achieve this first objective, you will see how your reactions to what happens around you change and you see things from another angle.

This will improve your current situation a lot. I’m not saying that all of a sudden you’re going to love your job, but you will see everything around it differently, since you have made a inner progress and now your job is not running your life anymore, you do.

Focus on what you love to do

Now that you’re living the present, and your job is just a tool to get what you really want, you can start doing what you really love to do: think about those places you want to travel to, those hobbies you never had the chance to dedicate your time to since you were too tired and sad.

You can do all those things now and enjoy them. This will make you happy and you’ll get that feeling that you’re enjoying life again.

You can even start your own business online out of your passion. And that means, if you put your heart and soul on that, you’ll be able to quit your job someday and be finacially free.

So if you’ve been wondering how to leave a job you hate, this is the safe way.


The Extreme Way

Alright, although I’d encourage you to follow The Progressive Way, it’s entirely up to you how you do this, so I’m going to give you the other choice here.

There’s another way to solve the problem with your job killing you and ruining your life at once.

This way involves guts in a way you’ve never thought.

Did the idea of leaving everything behind and just walk away ever cross your mind?

Now is the moment when this scenario comes into place.

You don’t have time to lose, you are just so fed up with everything that The Progressive Way is not even an option to consider…

OK. If your family and money situation allow it…

I suggest you think about what would make you happy right now…

That dream you’ve ever had chasing you in your sleep, about living in that city you once went on vacation to and fell in love with…

That idea of traveling for the rest of your life with no fixed address, just soaking up everything the world has to offer…

Well, if you’re up for it, if this is the only way for you to be happy and free, just go for it and take The Extreme Way.

Choose life!

So, my friend, what is it going to be?

Both ways are cool.

Some people will choose the conservative one, others are more radical, but the only thing I ask you both is do not stay how you are if you’re not happy.

Life’s too short to wait for something to happen, and to not be at peace with yourselves.

Whichever way you choose, try to first reach a inner state of stillness and peace, it will help you handle what’s to come in a better and balanced way.

I hope this article helps you overcome a difficult situation.

Please, feel free to comment what’s on your mind.

Have you been in a situation like this one?

How did you get out of it?


  • MitchStrome

    I absolutely love this post. This is something that I think most of on here who have a type job can relate to. We all want something much more in life and going into work can feel like an absolute burden.
    I love the logo at the top of the page and the colour scheme works great! keep this up

    • Israel

      Hi Mitch!

      Thanks for the kind words!

      Yeah, I also think life should be more than that tedious routine! And it is, actually 😉

      Cheers man!

  • Ryan Kornegay

    This is the first site that I have came across that was for husbands. Having a bad job is definitely something that can affect you in a negative way. I like the answer that you left at the end of your page.

    “Some people will choose the conservative one, others are more radical, but the only thing I ask you both is do not stay how you are if you’re not happy.”

    This is one of the things that matters the most. You spend so much time at your job that if you are doing something that you don’t like it can be overwhelming and could drive you to bad habits. Thank you.

    • Israel

      Hey Ryan!

      You’re right, you get stuck on routine and forget about the rest, and that’s precisely what matters, since your job is just a way of making a living, but if it’s stoping you from really living your life, it’s time to do something.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • meherbani

    Your site is incredible! I absolutely love the name of it, too. The husband’s corner is definitive and catchy. My husband took a good look at it and when he reached your link for reaching an inner state of inner peace he called me over, and said, “see, I’m not the only one” He is a big fan of Eckhart Tolle and the Power of Now. He’s been wanting me to read it for years, so I guess it’s my turn. Thanks for your post! I’ll be back to learn some more from the “husband’s corner”!

    • Israel


      Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you and your husband liked it! 🙂

      I really recommend you reading it, it’s quite mind-opening and takes you to a place you’ve never been before to find your inner peace, and it feels good!

      Cheers and all the best to both of you!

  • Leroy

    Very good article. I am retired but I struggled with many of the signs you describe before I reached retirement. For a matter of fact, about five years prior to retirement I was so unhappy I considered changing jobs. Luckily I survived the last few years but it was very stressful.

    I often think back and wish I had changed jobs just for piece of mind and my health. But instead, I did like you suggested and changed my attitude and concentrated on the positive and it helped me survive my last few years before retirement.

    • Israel

      Hi Leroy!

      That’s the key, my friend. We’re so overwhelmed by our daily routine that it’s difficult to find the positive side of it. But when you do, life changes completely and you feel like you’re in charge it, and not the other way around.

      I’m glad your free at last and enjoying retirement.

      Thanks for commenting! Cheers!

  • Liz

    Ah yes work….I have been in all the scenarios you depict here and there definitely was a feeling of slowly dying and wasting my time. However, although I am not in the situation now, I can say that I think we take our problems with us where ever we go. So, I think before anyone makes any drastic movements to get out of their job, it is wise to look at what else might be making you unhappy. I have changed jobs a few times now, and I have noticed that certain emotions around what ever it is I am doing at the time seem to stick by regardless of the change of enviroment me unless I face them squarely and clear them out. Sometimes it is what is on the inside rather than what is exterior to us.

    • Israel

      Hi Liz!

      You’re absolutely right. An extremely negative situation requires an inner change first. You need to be at peace with yourself and really find the balance and then you can see things clearly and know what the next step has to be.

      That’s why I always suggest people to take the progressive way to start living in the Now, and then you’re able to do anything that’s best for you 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback on this!

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • mila

    You post is so helpful.I find myself in your post when I find out that I have all the signs you were talking about. I think I might quit my job and find another way to live a more meaningful life. Thank you a lot for helping me out.

    • Israel

      Hi Mila.

      It’s very sad when you find yourself in a tituation like this, I say it by my own experience, but you need to know that there’s a way to escape from it.

      Just focus on yourself and what you love to do and start living your life fully and you’ll see how things change for good 🙂

      I wish you all the best!

  • benjamn

    I’m a little depressed now than before I saw this. Yes , there is truth to all that, but.. a little depressing. I would probably run from this site at the first glimpse. An upbeat conclusion or a reason would be satisfactory. The site is being a tad bit – or a lot elusive . Give some point as to what you think might help- and then you might get attention.

    • Israel

      Hi Benjamn!

      I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not trying to get attention, I’m trying to help people out since I was on this situation before and I got out of it, so I wanted to explain those having this same issue how to escape from it like I did.

      Reality hurts, and being stuck on a job you hate can drive you to a negative state of mind, and it can be hard to change it if you don’t realize first.

      So, if you’re depressed after reading this, maybe it means you related to the signs I mentioned or maybe you were just having a bad day, either way I hope to eventually be of help to you.

      If you’re in this situation, I really encourage you to focus on the present moment and work in your inner peace, so that you can reach a optimal state of mind that will help you deal with it.

      All the best, my friend.

      Cheers and enjoy!

  • Dave

    Great site from a Husband’s perspective. I spent over a decade in a job I didn’t enjoy and that was just because the thought of a job interview scared the crap out of me .so there I remained in an industry for far too many years doing a job that I didn’t enjoy, again for far too many years. I hated Sunday evenings because of the inevitable coming up on Monday. Why do we do this to ourselves?
    Things are so different for me now, I can’t wait to get started on my business on Monday mornings and I love every single day of the week now too.

    • Israel

      Hi Dave!

      Yeah, Sunday evenings are the worst moment, right? When you’re about to leave that peace you’ve achieved during the weekend, and have to go into the tedious daily routine doing something you don’t like.

      I’m happy you changed that lifestyle by one where you set the rules 😉

      Cheers and thanks for sharing your eperience!

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