1-Minute Japanese Technique – The Best Way To Stop Procrastinating

Are you always putting off things?

Do you constantly set goals or resolutions and never really achieve them?

Are there things you would like to incorporate to your daily routine, but you never find the moment to start doing them?

Maybe it’s because you have too much on your plate right now or that those things require a great effort and concentration on your side and you won’t ever really feel like doing them.

Either way, there’s a very easy and effective 1-minute japanese technique that will help you do all those activities that won’t just automatically flow.

So, if you were looking for The Best Way To Stop Procrastinating, just give this one a try and you would be surprised how much it can help you.

Why Do We Procrastinate?

There are many different reasons why we keep putting away certain things that need to be done every single day of our lives.

Maybe the problem is that you’re too busy and you just won’t find the right time, but most of the times, the main problem is we’re too lazy.

Laziness is something that happens to even the most working and commited person every once in a while.

House cleaning, studying, working out, reading a book…

Whatever task you may find tiresome or unapealing, even though you feel you should do it more often, you keep putting it off with the “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’m just waiting for the perfect moment” kind of excuses.

It’s not just you. Belive me, it happens to everyone. Our daily routine can easily get us side-tracked and make us forget or postpone those activities.

Our mind just puts other things first and avoids thinking about them, because when we do, we get frustrated and our self-confidence drops, since we feel we’re not capable of doing them, and that becomes a neverending vicious circle.


How To Overcome Laziness and Stop Procrastinating

Maybe you’ve already tried doing it, but haven’t succeeded, since it takes time to successfully introduce new routines in your daily life.

Well, today I’m going to give you a way Japanese have been using for a long time and that turns out to work really good to overcome laziness and start taking action.

This technique works so well on increasing your productivity that it’s always used on many businesses and corporations all over the world.

It’s all based on the practice of Kaizen (japanese for “change for better“), a technique which includes the “one-minute principle” for continuous self-improvement.

The idea behind this technique is as simple as doing something for one minute, every day at the same time.

You find it hard to start a work-out routine, start by doing some exercise during one minute every day. Don’t want to clean your room, do it just for one minute every single day. Read a book, learn a new language… start off by giving one minute of your daily time to those tasks.

It’s hard to do something new or tiresome for half an hour if you’re not used to, and integrating that into your daily rountine becomes a painful obligation, so it won’t take long till you just end up dropping it.

But, try doing something for just 60 seconds every day… Anybody can do it. As unpleasant that activity may appear, it becomes something easy to do, since you’ll just dedicate one minute to it.

At first, you may find it weird and uneffective, since you are not used to these kind of philosophy, but you’ll see how it works way better than putting a sudden huge pressure on you like you usually do.

Practicing this ancient Japanese technique, you’ll realize how a task becomes easier to do, and how you slowly give it more time, since you have already realized you can actually do it.

Kaizen will make you more self-confident and that will enhance your performance on activities you never thought you could do well. It will help you get things done and feel better with yourself.

Practice makes perfect, and this is the best example.

That task you never thought you’d be capable of doing, just give it 1 minute a day. And you’ll see how soon that minute turns into 5, then 10, then 20 and you have already made a routine out of it and it’s a part of your day without requiring any effort on your side.

What is one minute of your day? We all have 60 seconds.

When you start doing it, just take it as an experiment, but during that minute, focus all your energy on that especific task. Every day. At the same moment. Leave everything you’re doing and just do that.

I’m telling you, you’ll be surprised of how effective Kaizen is when you give it a try.

So, now you don’t have any excuses to not do stuff.

You know which is The Best Way To Stop Procrastinating, so if you really want something done and it’s costing you, the 1-minute Japanese Technique is your best shot.

Have you already tried this technique?

Please comment how it works out for you so that other can see its effectiveness and give it a try to improve their lifes.

Thanks for stopping by! 😉

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